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The Myth of Ages. Go Mules! Standard Hellenic Belief? Heroes Ordinary Mortals.

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1 The Myth of Ages

2 Go Mules!

3 Standard Hellenic Belief? Heroes Ordinary Mortals

4 Hesiod’s Degenerating Cycle Golden Silver Bronze (Heroes) Iron

5 Biblical Version Daniel Nebuchadnezzar

6 Hindu Ages Satya/Krita Yuga Treta Yuga Dwapura Yuga Kali Yuga

7 Zoroastrian Ages Zarathustra Zoroaster

8 Ahura Mazdah- Lord Wisdom Dream Vision Tree of Life Gold, Silver, Steel, Iron Alloy

9 Golden Age Kronos as King Made By Titans or Olympians? Godlike Life No Aging Toil-free Crop Women? Pietro da Cortona

10 End of the Golden Age Hypnos & Thanatos Benevolent Guardian Spirits

11 Silver Age Abrupt Deterioration Made by Olympians 100 year childhood Brief adolescence & adulthood Toil for Food

12 End of Silver Age Crimes Impiety Zeus “Mortal Blessed Below” Lucas Cranach

13 Bronze Age Ares Hearts of Adamant Ash-trees Monstrous Bodies? Bronze Armor, Houses, Tools “No eaters of Corn” No honor after death

14 Age of Heroes Interruption! “Made” by Zeus et al. Righteous, noble

15 Death of the Heroes Theban Cycle Trojan Cycle

16 Hades

17 Isles of the Blessed

18 Egyptian Field of Offering, Field of Reeds

19 Iron Age Hesiod’s Age Another to come? Toil, Distress, God-given Troubles Mix of Good & Evil

20 End of Iron Age? Degenerate Race: children born with gray hair. No family resemblance - ? No spirit of hospitality No friendship No fraternal feelings...(still male-centered) No "honor thy father and mother"...(mother still the only woman around)

21 Signs of End Times Breakdown of virtues which hold family and society together. Might is right...Fist-law - Zeus as king? Honor for criminal & miscreant, No regard for truthful, worthy, righteous man. Lies & False Oaths of villain triumph over honest man. End Near???

22 Hesiod and Perses Lies False Oaths Loss of Brotherly Love Triumph of villainous Perses over honest Hesiod

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