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Vocabulary PowerPoint 2.0 By Michael Huynh. Murmured-verb Definition- Mumbled quietly or make low continuous sound We murmured softly as a teacher walked.

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1 Vocabulary PowerPoint 2.0 By Michael Huynh

2 Murmured-verb Definition- Mumbled quietly or make low continuous sound We murmured softly as a teacher walked by, trying to listen to our conversation. Synonyms- mumbled or whispered Antonyms- shout or yell Sharing the secret TO LIFE!!

3 Relent-verb Definition-to give up As I was constantly being interrogated, I relent and told them that I was the one in the girl’s locker room. Synonyms- confess or give in Antonyms- hide or refuse

4 Terse- adjective Definition-to be brief or to the point Our teachers our strict and terse on how homework is done. (sadly) Synonyms- exact or curt Antonyms- boring or long

5 Diminish-verb Definition- Become less or smaller Doing so much physical activity at once can diminish your energy. Synonyms- shrink or disintegrate Antonyms- grow or expand

6 Destination-noun Definition- a goal Our destination for Summer, was to travel to Myrtle Beach for at least ten days. Synonyms- goal or a destined place Antonyms- obstacle or abandoned

7 Mercantile-adjective Definition-Concerning business or marketing The mercantile businessmen worried about their company’s profits in the future. Synonyms- concern or worry Antonyms- careless or hasty

8 Tactic- noun Definition- a strategic plan to get something done My coach had a really good defense and offense tactics to win the game. Synonyms- strategy or approach Antonyms- no plan or careless They are planning for the invasion…

9 Scowled- verb Definition-frowned with disapproval I scowled upon the man as he showed me the price of their latest, and most expensive car. Synonyms-disapprove or refuse Antonyms- agree or approve

10 Wavered-verb Definition- picture in your mind As class got boring, I started wavering images of no school and summertime on top of a rainbow coconut turtle cake… Synonyms- imagine or think Antonyms- talk or relent

11 Malevolent-adjective Definition- evil or hateful Adolf Hitler was a Malevolent mad man who ruled most of Europe with an iron fist. Synonyms- draconian or evil Antonyms- happy or joyful The malevolent cat dictator plans a full scale attack!!

12 Splotched-verb Definition-marked down sloppily At the end of class, I quickly splotched my homework down in my agenda before I go to my next block class. Synonyms- scribble or scrawl Antonyms- neatly or orderly

13 Phew!! Soooo yeah, Got through those words, Here is the count! Verbs- 7 Adjectives- 3 Nouns- 2 Cat pics- 5 Whoops! I mean 6 Dog pics- like, -4 Memes-INFINITY



16 Aesthetic-adjective Definition- relating to beauty or the appreciation to beauty The painting was aesthetic and pleasing to my father. Surprising, in the fact, that my father would go to an art show in the first place! Synonyms- beautiful or striking Antonyms- ugly or hideous

17 Anachronism- noun Definition- something out if it’s proper of chronological Why in the world are colonial soldiers playing Angry Birds (trademark) on their Iphone? They should be fired for their anachronism! This is the worst trip to Williamsburg ever! Synonyms- chronological or proper Antonyms- messed up or disorders

18 Beleaguered- adjective Definition- beset with trouble or problems As we grow in life, we encounter beleaguered and enormous obstacles that we have to face head-on. (in Morgan Freeman voice) Synonyms- troublesome or difficult Antonyms- easy or effortless

19 Caprice- noun Definition- an impulsive change of mind My friend is so caprice when it comes to picking out movies. It takes 15 minutes just to pick one movie! Synonyms- indecisive or faltering Antonyms- conclusive or terse

20 Ebullient- adjective Definition- zestfully enthusiastic I grow more and more ebullient as the day for the Hershey Park trip comes closer and closer. Synonyms- ecstatic or overjoyed Antonyms- gloomy or depressing

21 Echelon-noun Definition- a level of responsibility or authority in a hierarchy The leader has the echelon to decide on waging war, move his\her’s village, or even abandon his village entirely! Synonyms- responsibility or authority (athoritah!) Antonyms- recklessness or clumsiness

22 Few! Finally, you have completed this vocab PowerPoint. The final count! Verbs- still 7 Adjectives- 6 Nouns- 5 Cat pics- OVER 9000!!! Dog pics- about -349 Memes- OVER 9001


24 Credits Animation- Michael Huynh Pics- (not Google NEVER) Words- English teacher : Ms. Sullivan-Smith Sentences- Michael Huynh S and A’s-Michael Huynh Special Thanks to The internet My parents Cats of all kinds And to all people who study by this!

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