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Theory on Non- Verbal Communication For Lesson 16.

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1 Theory on Non- Verbal Communication For Lesson 16

2 Non Verbal Communica tion  Not just about what you say, which is important for interviews.  Albert Mehrabian found:

3 Body Language  Body language is how our bodies communicate our attitudes.  Other people can read these signals and pick up on our emotions.  There are 3 main types of body language  Eye contact  Body position  Gesture and movement

4 Eye Contact  This is important if you want someone to listen to you.  In a job interview you may need to look away from time to time (thinking about answering the question)  It is important not to stare at the person  When presenting you should make eye contact, move from person to person  It is important that when you are asked a question, you look at them when you answer

5 Body Position  How people are feeling can be shown in their body language  Crossing or folding arms is defensive

6 Gesture and movement  Gestures can bring a conversation to life  Spread arms can express the size of an idea  Closed fist for anger  Open plan asking for calm  Moving the whole body to express urgency

7 More information  Visit this website for more information  your-body-language-asset-or-enemy/ your-body-language-asset-or-enemy/

8 Activity  Watch this video:  dy-language-at-interview-How-to-send-the-right- signal.html dy-language-at-interview-How-to-send-the-right- signal.html  Try the body language quiz 

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