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Theory on Non-Verbal Communication

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1 Theory on Non-Verbal Communication
For Lesson 16

2 Non Verbal Communication
Not just about what you say, which is important for interviews. Albert Mehrabian found: Non Verbal Communication

3 Body language is how our bodies communicate our attitudes.
Other people can read these signals and pick up on our emotions. There are 3 main types of body language Eye contact Body position Gesture and movement Body Language

4 Eye Contact This is important if you want someone to listen to you.
In a job interview you may need to look away from time to time (thinking about answering the question) It is important not to stare at the person When presenting you should make eye contact, move from person to person It is important that when you are asked a question, you look at them when you answer Eye Contact

5 How people are feeling can be shown in their body language
Crossing or folding arms is defensive Body Position

6 Gesture and movement Gestures can bring a conversation to life
Spread arms can express the size of an idea Closed fist for anger Open plan asking for calm Moving the whole body to express urgency Gesture and movement

7 More information Visit this website for more information
your-body-language-asset-or-enemy/ More information

8 Activity Watch this video:
dy-language-at-interview-How-to-send-the-right- signal.html Try the body language quiz Activity

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