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Open Education Alan Amory Science & Technology Education.

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2 Open Education Alan Amory Science & Technology Education

3 Neo-liberalism Open Society

4 Knowledge as Commodity “Knowledge in the form of an informational commodity indispensable to productive power is already, and will continue to be, a major - perhaps the major - stake in the worldwide competition for power. It is conceivable that the nation-states will one day fight for control of information, just as they battled in the past for control over territory, and afterwards for control of access to and exploitation of raw materials and cheap labor”. Lyotard (1979)

5 Commodification Phase 1 1950196019701980199020002010 Jean-François Lyotard Noble’s “Digital Diploma Mills” Research Relaxed Anti-trust Regulations Tax IncentivesReform Patent Law Resource Reallocation

6 Research Commodification 1950196019701980199020002010 Weingart Research Bibliometrics Science policy & research management h-index Databases Scholar best coverage for social science Hirsch Walters WoS Scopus Google Scholar Franceschet WoS & Scholar similar for computer science Tober Scopus & Scholar better for medical sciences

7 Commodification Phase 2 1950196019701980199020002010 Noble’s “Digital Diploma Mills” Jean-François Lyotard Research commodification Instruction Commercial Commodity Labour Administrative Power Roberts NQA

8 Globalization 1950196019701980199020002010 Educational Commodification Arundhati Roy Friedman Globalization Branding Hegemony Hidden Fist Naomi Klein GATT- TRIPS Copyright & IP

9 Learning Objects 1950196019701980199020002010 Globalization Reusable Learning Objects Wayne Hodgins LEGOIEEE SCORM Java Nirvana Oracle Learning Application Jacobsen Educational Commodification

10 Learning Objects – Objections 1950196019701980199020002010 Globalization Reusable Learning Objects Friensen Educational Commodification Ideologically driven Neutral content – Pedagogically irrelevant Standards have little to do with learning

11 Learning Management Systems 1950196019701980199020002010 Globalization First Generation Ismail Educational Commodification Did not foster learning Focused on management and measurement of training Market value of US$23 billion by 2004 Standard-driven Requires organization-wide support policies Based on a common e-learning language Second Generation

12 Neo-liberalization

13 Open society

14 OpenClass

15 Free/Libre Open Source Software Some examples Multiple browsers E-portfolio Open Source Portfolio Concept mapping Cmap Podcasting Image editing Gimp Cloud storage DropBox

16 Open RLO ARIADNE ITLS Education Services Australia European Schoolnet Institute for Information Industry ISKME KERIS LACLO MEITAL LORNET MERLOT OER Africa Open University

17 Open Education Resources

18 Open Web 2.0 Technologies

19 Open Courses Massive Open Online Courses Knowledge is networked Learning is about pruning or growing connections Scaling social dimension of learning Coming to know Control shiftsAbout complexity Cormier, D. and Siemens, G. 2010. Through the open door: Open courses as research, learning, and engagement. Educause Review, 45(4), 30-39.

20 Journal Publication Consortium Open Access Open Content Decreased Costs Copyright & IP FLOSS Acceptance Open Publication Science and Technology Education Journal – SATE-j March 2010

21 New Model Education Content, Technology & Production Propriety – Closed e.g. Blackboard Propriety – Open e.g. OpenClass FLOSS e.g. Moodle

22 You choose!

23 Neo-liberalism Open Society This work is licensed under the CreativeCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

24 Learning Objects – Objections 1950196019701980199020002010 Globalization Reusable Learning Objects Wiley Educational Commodification Recall Information acquisition Behaviourism/Cognitive Instructional

25 Open – Copyright Digital Creative Commons Founded 2000 Automatic Copyright Why Relinquish Rights? CC Licenses Attribution Non- commercial No Derivative Works Share Alike

26 Open – Access Digital Archive Across Technology & Time Catalyst Software Hardware Intellectual Poverty Open Access Protect IP Freedom of Access Preservation Born Digital

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