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F.I.T. T ECH VI W EBINAR Portion Sizes/Mindless Eating.

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1 F.I.T. T ECH VI W EBINAR Portion Sizes/Mindless Eating



4 Over the years, portion sizes for American’s have increased greatly. Packages and cup sizes are sold in larger sizes Standard size for soft drinks went from 12 oz to 20 oz Leads to less control over weight So….what is a realistic portion?

5 V ISUALIZE Y OUR P ORTION S IZES Dairy and Cheese 1½ ounce cheese = 4 stacked dice or 2 cheese slices ½ cup of ice cream = ½ baseball Fats 1 teaspoon margarine or spreads = 1 dice Meat/Meat Alternatives 3 ounces meat, fish, or poultry = deck of cards 3 ounces grilled or baked fish = checkbook 2 tablespoons peanut butter = ping-pong ball Grain Products 1 cup of cereal flakes = fist 1 pancake = compact disc ½ cup of cooked rice, pasta, or potato = ½ baseball 1 slice of bread = cassette tape 1 piece of cornbread = bar of soap Vegetables and Fruit 1 cup of salad greens = baseball 1 baked potato = fist 1 medium fruit = baseball ½ cup of fresh fruit = ½ baseball ¼ cup of raisins = large egg

6 T IPS TO C ONTROL P ORTION S IZES Take the amount of food that is equal to one serving, (Read your Nutrition Label) and eat it off a plate instead of eating straight out of a large box or bag. Try using smaller dishes, bowls, and glasses. This way, you won’t be tempted to go over your portion size. Try to eat meals at regular intervals and don’t skip your meals so you can avoid eating larger amounts of food the next time that you eat. Use your knowledge from the previous webinar or visit for more information on the total daily amounts you should eat from each food group.

7 T IPS TO C ONTROL P ORTION S IZES When buying snacks, aim for single-serving, prepackaged items and foods that are lower-calorie options. If you buy larger bags or boxes of snacks, divide the items into single-serve packages. Make snacks count. Eating many high-calorie snacks throughout the day may lead to weight gain. Replace snacks like chips and soda with snacks such as low- fat or fat-free yogurt, smoothies, fruit, or whole- grain crackers. When you do have a treat like chips or ice cream, measure out 1/2 cup of ice cream or 1 ounce of chips, as indicated by the Nutrition Facts, eat it slowly, and enjoy!

8 T IPS TO C ONTROL P ORTION S IZES : E ATING O UT Think twice before buying the “value combo” Letting a larger portion of food for just a little extra money may seem like a good value, but you end up with more food and calories than you need. Better to let it go to “waste” than to “waist”. Be sure you are making the best choice for your wallet and your health. Share your meal. Order a half- portion, or order an appetizer as a main meal. Examples of healthier appetizers are minestrone soup and tomato or corn salsas.

9 T IPS TO C ONTROL P ORTION S IZES : E ATING O UT Stop eating when you begin to feel full. Take the rest of your meal home. Ask for the portion of your meal to be boxed up so you will not be tempted to finish what is on your plate. Avoid beverages such as “supersized” soft drinks. They contain a high number of calories. Try drinking water with a slice of lemon. If you want to drink soda, choose a calorie-free beverage or a small sugar-sweetened soft drink.

10 S OME OF THE 20 W ORST F OODS ( ACCORDING TO M EN ’ S H EALTH ) #20. Worst Fast Food Chicken Meal: Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips from McDonald's (5 pieces) with creamy ranch sauce 830 calories 55g fat (4.5g trans fat) 48g carbs

11 S OME OF THE 20 W ORST F OODS ( ACCORDING TO M EN ’ S H EALTH ) #19. Worst Drink: Jamba Juice Chocolate Moo'd Power Smoothie(30 fl oz) 900 calories10 g fat 183 g carbs (166 g sugar) Jamba This beverage contains more sugar than two pints of Ben and Jerry's Butter Pecan ice cream.

12 S OME OF THE 20 W ORST F OODS ( ACCORDING TO M EN ’ S H EALTH ) #14. Worst Sandwich: Quizno's Classic Italian 1370 calories 86 g fat 4490 mg sodium A large homemade sandwich would more likely provide about 500 calories.

13 S OME OF THE 20 W ORST F OODS ( ACCORDING TO M EN ’ S H EALTH ) #9. Worst Dessert: Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream 1,600 calories 78 g fat 215 g carbs Don't Overdo It: If you want dessert at Chili's, order one single-serving Sweet Shot; you'll cap your after-dinner intake at 310 calories.

14 S OME OF THE 20 W ORST F OODS ( ACCORDING TO M EN ’ S H EALTH ) #6. Worst Fish Entrée: On the Border Dos XX Fish Tacos with Rice and Beans 2,100 calories 130 g fat 169 g carbs 4,750 mg sodium Perhaps the most misleadingly named dish in America: A dozen crunchy tacos from Taco Bell will saddle you with fewer calories.

15 S OME OF THE 20 W ORST F OODS ( ACCORDING TO M EN ’ S H EALTH ) #2. Worst Starter: Chili's Awesome Blossom 2,710 calories 203 g fat 194 g carbs 6,360 mg sodium Hard to believe that a single onion can cause so much nutritional havoc, but batter and fry anything and serve it with a rich dipping sauce and your bound to do some damage.

16 S OME OF THE 20 W ORST F OODS ( ACCORDING TO M EN ’ S H EALTH ) #1. The Worst Food in America: Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing 2,900 calories 182 g fat 240 g carbs Even if you split this "starter" with three friends, you'll have downed a dinner's worth of calories before your entree arrives. Follow this up with a steak, sides, and a dessert and you could easily break the 3,500 calorie barrier.


18 M INDLESS E ATING : D O YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT OUR FOOD WHEN YOU EAT ? When Americans eat, their minds are not only on their food: it's the newspaper on the kitchen table, shows on TV, co-workers, traffic around us, etc. Our absent-minded way of eating is starting to make a difference in overall weight gain

19 T IPS ON M INDLESS E ATING Slow down! Eat Slowly so your brain can get the message that your stomach is full. Savor the food. Pay attention to all the details of the food, including the temperature, texture, seasoning. Chew your food well, and fully enjoy the smell and taste of your foods. Watch for the "eating pause." This cue indicates that your stomach has had enough food. Avoid eating in front of the TV or while doing other activities. Don't watch TV, surf the Internet, or read the paper when you eat so you won’t forget about the food you're eating

20 T IPS ON M INDLESS E ATING And Finally…. Be satisfied with your food! Listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry so you will be satisfied and eat mindfully.

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