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Les Misérables Reading Lessons.

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1 Les Misérables Reading Lessons

2 Part One, Book Two “The Fall”

3 Chapter 1: “The Evening After a Long Day’s Walk
While you read, look for: Text evidence that characterizes Myriel as a good and compassionate man (go beyond the obvious such as a character saying, “He is a good man”). Text evidence that illustrates JVJ’s wretchedness (again, go beyond the obvious).

4 7. What does JVJ mean when he exclaims. “’I am not even a dog!’”
Chapter 1

5 9. JVJ’s shaking his fist at the church is quite symbolic
9. JVJ’s shaking his fist at the church is quite symbolic. What does it mean? Chapter 1

6 11. The opening scene describes JVJ’s return to society with stark realism. Discuss three details that contribute to this realism. How does this realism affect JVJ’s character development? (realism: representing the world in an objective and non-idealized manner; the “nitty-gritty”)

7 Chapter 3: “The Heroism of Passive Obedience”
2. Describe the bishop’s character using text evidence for support.

8 3. The bishop calls JVJ “monsieur
3. The bishop calls JVJ “monsieur.” What is the significance of the this title? Explain the metaphor that Hugo uses to represent this significance. “Monsieur to a convict is a glass of water to a man dying of thirst at sea.” (pg. 45)

9 Chapter 5: “Jean Valjean”
Recount JVJ’s life, from childhood to his conviction: Parents: Then lived with: Took on role of: Crime: Result: How many years did JVJ spend in prison? Why was his sentence lengthened? What effect did the galleys have on JVJ?

10 Chapter 9: “What He Does”
1. As JVJ stands beside the bishop’s bed, he encounters two spectacles that attempt to alter his decision. What are they, and do they succeed?

11 Chapter 10: “The Bishop at Work”
4. What do the following words, spoken by the bishop, represent? “Jean Valjean, my brother, you belong no longer to evil, but to good. It is your soul that I am buying for you. I withdraw it from the dark thoughts and from the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God!”

12 Chapter 11 “Petit Gervais”
1. When JVJ awakes from his transfixed state and realizes that he has stolen Petit Gervais’ money, what does he do? How does this signify that JVJ has changed? 2. Light is an important symbol in Les Misérables. How is light used in this chapter, and what does it represent?

13 Book Three “ 2. Who are the four students and what is their prank?
W2R4: 1. How much time has passed since Myriel gave JVJ the candlesticks? 2. Who are the four students and what is their prank? 3. Why is Fantine secretly heartbroken by this prank? 4. What can we learn about Fantine's personality at this point?

14 Book Four: W2R4: Hugo compares children to angels—why?

15 Chapter 1: “One Mother Meets Another”
Explain Fantine’s arrangement with the Thenardiers. Is this a good situation for Fantine and Cosette? Why? Hugo compares children to angels—why?

16 “First Sketch of Two Equivocal Faces”
1. Explain the meaning to the following metaphor: “The captured mouse was a very puny one, but the cat exulted even over a lean mouse.” (93) 2. To which social class do the Thenardiers belong?

17 Chapter 3 “The Lark” How do the Thenardiers treat Cosette, and why does Fantine allow it? Why is the lark an appropriate metaphor for Cosette?

18 Book Five: “The Descent”
W2R4: What is JVJ’s new identity? How does he successfully assume a new name? In this new identity, how does he follow the bishop’s orders?

19 Chapter 1 “The Story of an Improvement in Jet-Work” pp. 99-100
2. What is JVJ’s new identity? How does he successfully assume a new name?

20 Chapter 2 “Madeleine” pp. 100-101
1. As Father Madeleine, how does JVJ follow the bishop’s orders?

21 Chapter 3 “Moneys Deposited with Lafitte” pp.102-104
1. Why does Father Madeleine break into people’s houses? 2. The silver candlesticks appear again. Where are they, and what do they represent?

22 Chapter 4 “Monsieur Madeleine in Mourning” pp. 104-105
1. How does the bishop’s death affect Father Madeleine, both emotionally and socially? 2. How does Father Madeleine attempt to make aamends for stealing from Petit Gervais?

23 Chapter 5 “Faint Lightning Flashes on the Horizon” pp. 105-108
1. Father Madeleine, now named Monsieur Madeleine, eventually earns trust and support of everyone in M– sur M--. How do the people demonstrate this total acceptance? 2. What one man distrust M Madeleine? How doe M. Madeleine react to this man?

24 Chapter 6 “Old Fauchelevent” pp. 109-111
Who is Father Fauchelevent, and what is his opinion of M. Madeleine?

25 Chapter 7 “ Fauchelevent Becomes a Gardner at Paris” pp. 111-112
1. What further kindness does M. Madeleine show Father Fauchelevent? 2. How does Javert react to M. Madeleine following the cart incident? Why does he act this way?

26 Book 6 “Javert” pp W2R4: Javert visits M. Madeleine. How does this interaction define Javert’s character?

27 Chapter 2 “How Jean Can Become a Champ” pp. 134-140
1. Why does M. Madeleine receive Javert coldly? 2. Why does Javert visit M. Madeleine? How does this interaction define Javert’s character?

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