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Amerigo Vespucci Report Presentation By : Alyssa Johansen.

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1 Amerigo Vespucci Report Presentation By : Alyssa Johansen

2 Before the Voyages  Amerigo Vespucci was born on March 9, 1451 in Florence, Italy  Even though he was born in Italy, he became and accustomed citizen of Spain around 1504  Amerigo’s parents were Sir Nastagio and Lisabetta Mini  His father worked as a notary and his family was friends of The Medicis  He was educated by his paternal uncle named Guido Antonio Vespucci  When Amerigo was 20 his uncle gave him his fist job and sent for him a diplomatic mission in Paris  This started his amazement with exploring

3 Vespucci’s 1 st Voyage He started this voyage on May 10, 1497 It was sponsored by Spain Spain wanted to know what land it had gained from the Treaty of Tordessius

4 Vespucci’s 2 nd Voyage Amerigo’s second voyage was sponsored by Portugal Amerigo took notes of the constellations and moon cycles to make measurements of meridians, latitude, and longitude

5 The Naming of America Amerigo Vespucci wrote letters to the Medicis so they could know what was going on Some of the letters were published and a mapmaker read them thinking that Amerigo Vespucci discovered the new world and translated many many different Latin ways to say the name and came up with America. People who knew Columbus discovered the new world were mad and wanted to change it but America stuck.

6 Commitments Vespucci had some amazing commitments to the world He improve the geography, astronomy, and discovered the Amazon River. He was able to live peacefully with cannibals and natives. He only attacked if they attacked first. He didn’t go for the 3 Gs he went out of curiosity He was never the lead of a expedition, but he was important. America was named after the right guy

7 After the voyage On his 2 nd voyage Vespucci caught a disease called Marilia and died of sickness in Florence, Italy on February 22, 1512 at age 57 He was a great man and was a very kind and considerate explorer.

8 Bibliography Vespucio Vespucio merigo_Vespucci_die#slide=1&article=What_ date_did_Amerigo_Vespucci_die merigo_Vespucci_die#slide=1&article=What_ date_did_Amerigo_Vespucci_die

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