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Jumpstart 11/13 Pick up your folder, the Articles of Confederation notes, and a highlighter. Please be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings. You.

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1 Jumpstart 11/13 Pick up your folder, the Articles of Confederation notes, and a highlighter. Please be in your seat and quiet when the bell rings. You will also need a pencil.

2 Podcast Videos 8Uk PAP 8Uk W7XY OL W7XY

3 Video Summary By its formal adoption in 1781, the Articles of Confederation were already a political disaster. Many people refer to the Articles as the original constitution, but this is incorrect. It created a weak central government and strong state governments with states as independent, sovereign nations. Among its weaknesses were only one branch of government, 13 different currencies, no power to tax, and Shay’s Rebellion. This is why they decided to replace the Articles.

4 1.You MUST have your journal, folder, and a pen/pencil today. 2.On Level: A.Get out the bag containing today’s Video Stepping StonesVideo Stepping Stones B.Lay them face up on your desks C.Preview them with your partner so that you know what to listen for when we begin Welcome to the 2 nd Continental Congress! Summer 1776

5 Jump Start... Let’s imagine... Our class has been stranded on a small island without any adults or hope of being rescued! With a small group (4-5), you will form an organized government that will run the island. Answer the following questions in your journal: 1.Who will be the leader of the island? How will you choose the leader? 2.Do you need to defend your land? If so, how will you get the $$ to pay the soldiers? 3.How will you make sure everyone is treated fairly? 4.How will disputes(arguments) be settled? 5.Will you make laws? How will you do this?

6 It’s Summer of 1776... We’re in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania We’ve formed an army. We’ve chosen a leader. We’ve declared our Independence. Now comes the complicated part. Many Americans have a deep distrust of government. They don’t want a repeat of powerful governors and unfair laws. Members of the 2 nd Continental Congress had the task of creating this new government.... In the middle of the Revolutionary War.

7 Articles of Confederation In 1777, the first form of American government was created: the Articles of Confederation. This government created a very loose alliance of 13 independent states. From the start, there were many flaws (weaknesses) of the Articles of Confederation government.

8 Articles of Confederation After the war, each state created their own government Each made a republic- citizens chose representatives Also discussed how to form the national government – Saw how they had to unite to win the war

9 Articles of Confederation Adopted by Congress in 1781 – 1st National Constitution/Government State governments were stronger than the national government Feared putting too much power in a small group’s hands – Reflects the experiences they had under a monarchy

10 Strengths of the Articles of Confederation Congress had the power to: – Declare war and peace – Print money – Negotiate treaties The Treaty of Paris 1783 was negotiated and signed The Land (1785) & Northwest (1787) Ordinances were passed

11 Settling Western Lands Passed laws on how to divide and govern the land: – The Land Ordinance of 1785- divided the land using a grid system to establish 6 mile blocks – The Northwest Ordinance 1787- described how to govern the land 5,000 free males who own 50 acres can start an elected assembly Population of 60,000 could apply for statehood

12 Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation Congress DID NOT have the power to: – Raise taxes Could not pay off war debt – Regulate foreign or state trade – Enforce laws Laws had to be approved by 9 of the 13 states – Difficult to get such a large majority Changes to the Articles had to be approved by ALL 13 states

13 Jumpstart 11/14 Pick up your folder, Unit 3 vocabulary list #1, and the “Hand/Fist” handout for today. You will need RED, BLUE, BROWN, YELLOW and GREEN colored pencils for today. Please make sure you have those. If you are missing one or more colors, you can get those from the basket at the back of the room. The pencil sharpener is there as well!

14 REMINDER – Journal Check! Your journal check is Monday! Remember, to get a 100 (or as close as possible): – All items must be in the order listed in the Table of Contents. – All items must be in the brads of the folder. – Any additional items (not listed on the Table of Contents) should not be thrown away, but kept in the folder pockets. They may be needed for next six weeks’ folder check.

15 Articles of Confederation = America’s 1 st National Constitution “A loose alliance of 13 independent states” Afraid of giving too much power to the Central/National Government (memories of the King) – it gave too much power to the STATES. Why are the Articles of Confederation Weak?

16 2014

17 Title Your Sheet: Articles of Confederation = America’s 1st National Government “A loose alliance of 13 independent states”

18 PINKY FINGER (WEAKEST) 1.Above the pinky finger-Write “weak central government.” 2.Inside the pinky finger-Write “ No president to carry out laws & no courts to settle arguments = only 1 branch! Yellow 3. Color it Yellow to represent the weakest or smallest finger.

19 Under the Articles of Confederation... The Federal (Central) Government was WEAK

20 Could I please have $10,000? Central Government

21 RING FINGER (You need $$$ to get married) 1.Above the ring finger-Write “no money” 2.In the ring finger-Write “ Government could not levy (pass) taxes.” Green 3. Color it Green to represent money.

22 MIDDLE FINGER (It’s in the Middle) 1.Above the middle finger-Write “border disputes” 2.In the middle finger-Write “Border disputes over western lands.” Brown 3. Color it Brown to represent land.

23 Congress did not have the power to settle border disputes between the new states

24 INDEX FINGER (POINTER) (Shaking your finger when you disagree) 1.Above the index finger-Write “quarreling states” 2.In the index finger-Write “States argue over tariffs. All have different currencies. Who decides?” Red 3. Color it Red for Anger. Remember: No court system under the Articles!

25 STATE Government FEDERAL Government Articles of Confederation = gave way more power to the states

26 THUMB (thumbs down) 1.Above the thumb-Write “no respect” 2.In the thumb-Write “Foreign nations did not respect the new US. 13 States = 13 sets of rules” Blue 3. Color it Blue for Sadness.

27 What if we wanted to CHANGE something/AMEND the Articles? How would we do it? AMENDMENT = CHANGE ALL 13 states have to agree… VERY Difficult to get a total majority

28 Inside the watch, write “Required all 13 states to make changes (amend) – nearly impossible!” Required all 13 states To make changes (amend) Nearly impossible!

29 Hold your hand up. With your finger (careful on the middle one... ) show me which finger is represented by each of the following cartoons. Ready?






35 Now we will focus on the wrist & fist Land Ordinance - 1785Northwest Ordinance 1787

36 On the LEFT side (by the wrist) write: Land Ordinance – 1785 “How to DIVIDE it - Geographically” Divide into townships = 6 square miles; 36 lots Lot 16 = for Public Education Government sold lots to bring in $$


38 On the RIGHT side (by the wrist) write: Northwest Ordinance – 1787 “How to GOVERN it - Politically” 60,000 people= could apply for statehood New states entered on “equal footing” with other states Guaranteed freedom of religion & trial by jury Slavery Forbidden Set pattern for orderly growth of US.

39 1.Write Shay’s Rebellion in the fist. Write underneath: “Revolt by Farmers” 2.Shay’s Rebellion scared the founding fathers and made us realize... This Constitution is too weak!! Time to do something different! Shay’s Rebellion Revolt by Farmers

40 9-Q Shay’s Rebellion – Shmoop 3 min UObE Stop at 4:30

41 1.Do you think we should have a king? Why or why not? Who should be the leader? 2.Do we want each state to have its own government? 3.Should we have one set of rules for us all? 4.What individual rights do you think every citizen should have? 5.Should the government be able to tax?

42 6.Who gets to vote? 7.Will every state have the same money system? 8.Will we trade with other countries? 9.If we want to change something, how would we do it?

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