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What do you know about maps and globes?

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1 What do you know about maps and globes?
On the blank paper at your desk complete a brainstorm with your group (each person must use a different color)

2 Contour maps show the changes in elevation on the Earth’s surface.
Topographic Maps 11/18 Contour maps show the changes in elevation on the Earth’s surface.

3 DON’T WRITE THIS SLIDE On the following slides some words will be in red. Copy the whole slide first and then build the vocabulary words in red.

4 What does the topography of an area include?
It includes the areas elevation, relief, and landforms. The major types of landforms are plains, mountains, and plateaus. Mountains usually exist as a part of a mountain range.

5 How do maps show topography?
Mapmakers use contour lines to show elevation, relief and slope on topographic maps Lines close together show really steep spots and lines far apart show slow slopes.

6 Beach in New York

7 Death Valley

8 Contour lines connect points of equal elevation, and are evenly labeled with the elevation above sea level

9 Contour lines have four important characteristics:
1. All points along the same contour line are at the same elevation.

10 2. all contour lines eventually connect with themselves.

11 3. contour lines never cross each other.

12 4. Contour lines never split or branch.

13 Now try this! Reading topographic maps activities….
Remember to look at the four rules of contour lines!


15 Look at p306 1. Find the 1800 foot contour line.
2. What is the elevation of state park head quarters? Between 1200 and 1400 ft.

16 Now try this with your group
Worksheet B topography

17 Complete the brainstorm
Add what you learned today about maps

18 November 19

19 Review… what is a topographic map?


21 Now review Complete the topographic maps practice and review sheet

22 November 20

23 Hand topography Make a fist with one hand (not the one you write with).   Your knuckles are representing hill tops.  Just like hills and mountains, your fist has a topography of it's own.  Now with a marker in the other hand, start at the top of your knuckles and start drawing  contour lines.  The hill tops will be smaller circles and gradually start to slope as the contour lines make their way down from your knuckles to your wrist. Make sure you are following the rules of topographic maps!


25 Your very own topographic map!

26 Now make a key showing the countour interval

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