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KAGAN Day 3Training Welcome.

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1 KAGAN Day 3Training Welcome

2 Teacher Says “Red Robin”
Response “Yum!”

3 Fist Bump Praises Turkey: Partner A is the body (Closed Fist)
Partner B are the feathers (Open Hand) Reindeer: Partner A are the antlers (Two Open Hands) Partner B is the head (Closed Fist) Snail: Partner A is the body (Closed Fist) Partner B are the antenna (Two Fingers) Snowman: Partner A is the Head and Bottom (Two Fists) Partner B is the Body (One Fist) Jelly Fish: Partner A and B Fist bump and float away saying (BLOOP, BLOOP, BLOOP)

4 Classbuilding Teambuilding
Know, accept and like each other Feel a sense of belonging Teambuilding Feel sense of team identity, support, belonging

5 Give One – Get One Everyone will need a pencil to write with
As a group fill in the Give One column by coming to a consensus When the Give One Column is done stand up as a group When all groups are standing teacher gives a signal to Hand Up and Pair Up Greet (Person with longest hair shares and the other person writes what they shared in the Get One Column) Reverse Roles Praise and Part to find a new person If paper is filled stand on the perimeter of the room to act as a sage if anyone left needs help

6 Give One – Get One Teambuilding
When time is called return to groups Person 1 shares an idea Continuous Round Robin (verbal) until the teacher says stop

7 Reflection: Timed Round Robin (#3)
Think Time: “Which of the following academic functions would this structure work best for?” Knowledge Building: Facts and Information Procedure Learning: Skills and Procedures Processing Information: Make Meaning, Display Understanding, Digest Content Thinking Skills: Compare/Contrast, Brainstorm, Evaluate, Cause/Effect Presenting Information: Book Reports/Projects

8 Do you know your Seven Keys?
Think Time: What are the Seven Key Concepts for KAGAN? Signal: Write what you think they are and a short explanation of each Stop Signal: Rally Robin Say what you believe is one of the seven keys and a one sentence description of it. Snowman

9 TEAMS A:17 Homogeneous Forming Teams Heterogeneous High High Medium
Low Medium Low Every 6 Weeks Homogeneous Heterogeneous Student-Selected Random

10 Classbuilding Fun = 1 time a week Content = as needed
Know, accept and like each other Feel a sense of belonging

11 Teambuilding At least 2 times a week E Z for All
Feel sense of team identity, support, belonging

12 Managing Noise: Quiet Signal
Management Managing Noise: Quiet Signal Room Arrangement & Seating Managing Materials Giving Directions

13 Social Skills Roles and Gambits Modeling Reinforcement
Reflection and Planning Practice

14 PIES Cooperative Learning Follow the steps
Make sure PIES is in every structure

15 Structures A structure… Organizes classroom instruction.
Implements PIES.

16 When the music starts move stand up, push your chair in, put your hand up and move slowly around the room When the music stops high five the closest person, greet them, and put your hands to your side Timed Pair Share 30 seconds The person wearing the most jewelry will go first Person A shares for 30 seconds what they know about the 7 Key Concepts Person B when time is up says “You really remembered a lot of information”

17 PIES Mean? Students Feel? Does one Doing Well Help others?
What does it Stand for? Mean? Students Feel? P Positive Interdependence Does one Doing Well Help others? Are they on the same side? Does task completion depend on everyone? Do they need each other? I Individual Accountability Must everyone perform in front of someone? Can students hide? E Equal Participation Is participation approximately equal? Do students feel they have equal status? S Simultaneous Interaction What percent are talking or writing in the moment?

18 Academic Functions Turn to page B:3 in your binder
Look at your assigned Academic Function On your own write your own definition of what that academic function helps students acquire Turn in your books to Chapter 6 page 24 Use that page to list 3 structures that cover this academic function Person 1 Knowledge Building Person 2 Procedure Learning Person 3 Processing Information Person 4 Thinking Skills If there is a person 5 Presenting Information

19 One Stray Timed Round Table
When signal is given person 2 in each group will stand up Each group will beckon for a new person number 2 to come to their group Person 2 shares their Academic Function for 30 seconds When signal is given person 4 in each group will stand up Each group will beckon for a new person number 4 to come to their group Person 4 shares their Academic Function for 30 seconds Person 1 shares for 30 seconds Person 3 shares for 30 seconds

20 Processing One Stray Binder B:48
New Teams are formed Music will play and by the time it is done the following should be completed New Team Members should be at new table Everyone should be in the binder Section B page 48 Social Skills: Acceptance Ideas: Fact Checking (Any Content) Management Tip: Make sure they go to a group they have not been in before DI Hints: Color Code Students so that they end in a group they have not been in before

21 Teambuilding Roundtable
Turn in your binder to B:72 Person Number 3 take out this page for the whole group Close Binders Person number 1 will go first and ask if the group likes something that they like “Example: Do you all like ice cream?” If everyone does person number one writes it in the center. If only two people like ice cream write it in the number 2 quadrant Continue to go around by passing the paper to the next person until you hear stop Ideas: Pets, Places to Visit, Objects, Animals

22 Round Table When the signal is given person number 1 will look at the things that the team has in common and write down three of those words as a suggestion for a team name The team will pass around and fill in some team name suggestions until the teacher says stop The team will then work as a group to do the following: Come to a consensus on the best team name A Team handshake or Action Team Sound or Cheer

23 What is the purpose of Teambuilding?
At least 2 times a week Feel sense of team identity, support, belonging

24 Silly Sport and Goofy Games
Pretzel Unpretzel

25 Team Competition Person Number 4 will need a dry erase marker and a white board Person Number 4 will start the competition and then pass to the next person I will say a number Example “36” Acceptable No reverse facts Person number 4 will record a way to make that number and then pass it to 1 Person number 1 repeats with a new way to make that number and so on When I stay stop whichever group has the most ways to make that number is the winner

26 The Numbers are: 40 100

27 Social Skills Binder E:2
Teacher A : Discipline Problems/ Sitting in Rows Teacher C Win Win Discipline All Students

28 Rationale for Social Skills Why are there fewer disruptions?
Go with BASIC NEEDS Students want to talk and move Traditional: Sit Down Be Quiet Cooperative Learning Provides Movements: Class Builders Energizers Social interactions Basic needs are met Engagement Time Engaged students don’t have time to be disruptive!

29 Binder Section E page 5 What Bothers you?
Fill in the page by yourself for two minutes Timed Pair Share

30 Social Skills Development (E3)
Roles and Gambits Roles are the jobs Gambits are what the students “Say” or “Do” Modeling Teacher and Student or Student to Student or Team Reinforcement: Catch them being good Reflections and Planning Stop during structures to point out what is being done that you like Structures and Structuring Pick Structures with social skill in mind Can add a Social Skill to any structure

31 Inside Outside Circle Teammates who are “A” will stand up behind their chairs When signal is given form an inner circle facing outward Teammates who are “B” will stand up behind their chairs When signal is given they will form an outer circle facing a person in the inner circle Teacher stands in the middle Both circles will face the center to listen for directions

32 Inside Outside Circle Teacher will either ask a question or have pre-made question cards Students will turn to each other, greet each other, and answer question Format can be Quiz Quiz Trade, Timed Share, or Rally Robin Student when done face center so the teacher knows all students are listening Teacher gives direction on how many people to move Process starts again

33 d Classbuilding: What are some fun things you like to do? (Rally Robin) Knowledge Building: Quiz-Quiz Trade Thinking Skills: What are some of the serious issues facing education today? (Timed Pair Share)

34 Processing Inside Outside Circle Binder B:34
Ideas: Vocabulary (Any Content) Social Skills: Listening Taking Turns Management: Make sure students face in when done DI Hints: Form smaller circles to differentiate the questions

35 Jot Thoughts Use when brainstorming!
Take a 3x5 card and fold it into fourths Tear the paper on the folded lines You should have 4 pieces of paper Think Time: Think about facts that you know about Summer. What might it be like if it was summer all year round and the effects it might have on the earth? Anyone can start. Say an idea, write it down, and place it in the middle of the table Continue until all the pieces of paper are gone If done early categorize your thoughts

36 Jot Thought Example: Great Places to go on vacation
Class Example: What are things you find in your refrigerator? Knowledge Building: What are some of the challenges that today’s youth will face in the future?

37 Rally Variations Binder B:55
Rally Robin List activities you can do in the cold or snow Rally Table Think of adverbs. Make a list Rally coach Simultaneous Rally Table Think about spiders. Begin to list as many things you can about spiders

38 Round Table Variations B:71
Single Round Table: 1 Paper 1 Pencil What is a characteristic of a reptile? Continuous Round Table 1 Paper 1 Pencil Write and solve a multiplication fact you know Simultaneous Round Table Start a story out by saying “One day on my way to school…” Ideas

39 Model And Practice Person 1: Timed RoundRobin
Person 2: Simultaneous RallyTable Person 3: AllWrite RoundRobin Person 4: Simultaneous RoundTable

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