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2 Tebowing Tim Tebow’s trademark move, taking a knee while striking a thoughtful pose, has football fans and commentators all agog. Is it an appropriate show of faith for the gridiron or is he grandstanding? Would it be okay for a Muslim quarterback to bow toward Mecca?

3 Club wear or concert hall? Classical pianist Yuja Wang caused a stir when she performed at the Hollywood bowl in a short, tight dress. Should the dress fit the music? Does classical music require conservative attire? Will a modern look attract a younger demographic to classical music?

4 Crocodile tears? So-called body language experts have questioned Casey Anthony’s courtroom demeanor. Was her solemn, stoic look rehearsed? Was she faking tears? If she hadn’t cried, would it also have been interpreted as a sign of guilt?

5 Stare down Did Newsweek purposely select a picture of Michele Bachman in which she looked “crazed”? A. Does the photo prove the media has a liberal bias? B. Does the photo prove the media is sexist?

6 White House watches the raid on Bin Laden’s home What do the nonverbal cues in this photo reveal? Four of the men have their arms folded Hillary Clinton has her hand over her mouth Obama is also seated on the periphery, not at the head of the table

7 Sara Palin’s wink Does her winking signify an “insider’s secret” with the viewer? Does her winking add to her folksy charm? Is her winking a form of flirtation? Is she trying to woo voters? Does her winking make her seem shallow or lacking in “gravitas”?

8 Kooky? The media and stand—up comedians have portrayed Vice President Joe Biden as “wacky.” Is he the zany clown that media make him out to be?

9 the fist bump Some alleged this fist-bump was a secret Muslim handshake— further proof that Obama was a “secret” Muslim. Some saw it as an African-American gesture. Youth voters saw this as a modern, hip gesture.

10 the “guns” Should the First Lady exercise her right to “bare arms” in her official White House photo? Should she show off her arms in public? Or should she go for a more modest, “lady- like” appearance?

11 cry baby When male politicians cry are they demonstrating their emotional sensitivity, or are they being wussies? When female politicians cry, is it because women are “soft” and overly emotional?

12 guys who cry, part deux Public crying can be strategic. Beck’s tears may be “crocodile tears,” designed to show : a. Sincerity: he truly believes what he says b. Iconoclastic: he’s not afraid to break social rules c. Drama: getting weepy helps the show’s ratings.

13 Someone likes pantsuits Does Hillary Clinton’s preference for pantsuits suggest that: She is a feminist? She is manly? She is a lesbian?

14 awkward handshake Hugo Chavez tires to give Barack Obama a book while shaking hands. Obama doesn’t make eye contact and avoids a proper shake The book was about foreign exploitation of Latin America.

15 Politics on the dance floor Bristol Palin’s dancing ability, or lack thereof, resulted in a brouhaha Is she talentless, or merely the brunt of liberal haters’ jokes? Did ABC rig the outcome? Did Tea Party supporters “fix” the votes?

16 hairy legs Mo’Nique caused a stir showed off her unshaven legs at the Golden Globes. Was it, as she claimed on The View, a “Black woman thing”? Was she keepin’ it real?

17 The other woman Jesse James cheated on America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, by having an affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

18 Political poseur? Lady Gaga is an outspoken champion of gay and lesbian rights Do her flamboyant costumes limit her ability to be taken seriously? Did she persuade anyone who wasn’t already one of her fans?

19 Snooki and the situation Is MTV’s Jersey Shores popular because it is a “guilty pleasure”? Why is watching morons have parties, sex, and fights so entertaining? Does the show celebrate public drunkenness?

20 the rant Kanye West crashed the stage at the VMA ceremony, stealing Taylor Swift’s moment in the spotlight

21 sexting Brett Favre was caught with his pants down after reportedly sexting photos of his private parts to Jenn Sterger, a sports reporter. Some folks who saw the photos were, ahem, underwhelmed size-wise.

22 sexting, part deux Congressman Anthony Wiener resigned after it was revealed he had sent numerous lewd photos of himself to more than half a dozen women. Was Weiner a “victim” of new social media?

23 the bong Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana, appeared in a video clip taking bong hits of salvia. Did the video tarnish her wholesome family image? Is she modeling bad behavior for young, impressionable fans?

24 nutcase Jared Loughner’s violent act stirred debates about vitriolic rhetoric. Pundits speculated about what drove him to violence. Is this photo proof that he’s a homicidal maniac?


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