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Physics Discipline The Rules How to survive in the PHYSICS desert.

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2 Physics Discipline

3 The Rules How to survive in the PHYSICS desert

4 Class Period Components Entering Study Dismissal

5 ENTERIN G Professional behavior in classroom. Shake hands, greet, look in the eye Hoods and hats off Go directly to you seat Get materials out for class Sharpen pencils prior to class start (clickers) Backpacks/Purses off desk, under chair, not in aisles Sit up straight (laptop screen analogy) On your mark. Get set. Go!

6 STUDY TIME Bellwork No gum or food in classroom or lab No paper wading -fold quietly- dispose later No throwing of anything for any reason No spitting in or out of room - swallow or bring and use tissue paper Raise hand for bathroom break permission No heads on desk without permission No talking when teacher or student authorized to talk

7 DISMISS AL The teacher dismisses you, NOT the bell. Make sure you have written down the assignments in your planner/notes Do not put materials away until you are told to do so Clean up your area - leave NOTHING behind Tuck in your chair - leave my room the way you found it or even cleaner!

8 KEEP IN MIND… This is my room… It is like inviting you into my house. Many things in this room are my property. How you treat my room is how you are treating me.


10 ATTITUDEATTITUDE Don’t give “The Look”

11 ATTITUDEATTITUDE When you are corrected… Don’t waste more class time. If we have a problem, we can talk it out maturely and politely AFTER class.

12 S.L.A.N.T.

13 Laptop Screen needs proper “tilt” to see. Not too laid back Not closed (asleep)

14 SS Sit up straight Smile Stay seated

15 LL Listen Learn

16 AA Ask (raise hand) Answer Away

17 NN Nod Notes

18 TT Track  Texting  Talking

19 The Teacher raises his fist. Students raise one fist and stop talking. R u with me?  


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