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Ashwin Mahesh IIM Bangalore Mobility in Bangalore: The journey so far, and the road ahead.

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1 Ashwin Mahesh IIM Bangalore Mobility in Bangalore: The journey so far, and the road ahead

2 A program of continuous improvement A new space for many more stakeholders Enabling knowledge-based changes

3 A growing urban area 8 million people in BBMP, with continuing migration linked to new jobs and opportunities. About 150,000 people move into the city each year.

4 Set within an even larger region of growth! Another 2-3 million in larger metropolitan region. Growth rates outside BBMP are even higher, in some directions. Plenty of unorganised development, which needs to be streamlined.

5 Central Government - Urban Development - Housing - Foreign investment - Environment - Transport

6 State Government - Urban Development - Transport - Traffic Police - Emergency - Planning - Utilities - Housing (regulation, schemes) - BMTC - Metro (with Centre)

7 Municipality - Road, footpaths, drains - Utilities - Building bye laws - Point of contact for citizens

8 So, where do we begin?

9 a regional view identify who should do what must begin now must have the force of law must deliver value to citizens must measure progress regularly

10 MPC for Bangalore / BMRG Bill ØRoads, Traffic and Transportation ØPublic Safety and Security ØUrban Poverty Alleviation ØHeritage ØWater and Sanitation ØThe Urban Environment ØEducation ØPublic Health ØPower ØHousing ØTourism ØFinancing Bangalore

11 PlanBengaluru Transportation -Strengthen public transport services and infrastructure -Apply technology to improve management, as well as planning -Maximise use of existing infrastructure; new projects can wait -Create an independent focus on NMT – pedestrians, bicyclists -Tighten zoning, building-bye laws, and design of public spaces

12 The journey so far

13 Tele-density from mobile tower network

14 GPS units on city buses, other vehicles

15 Police traffic cameras at junctions

16 Integrated view of live traffic conditions

17 Accessible through SMS

18 Violation reports through SMS

19 Blackberry-powered enforcement

20 Plenty of real-world learning and fun!

21 Asset management Cameras, signals, modems monitored 24x7 Downtime leads to automatic SMS alert to crews Resolution time monitored for performance Escalation matrix for unresolved issues

22 Mapping accident hot-spots

23 Bangalore Transport Information System

24 India’s first Traffic Management Centre

25 Direction-based bus services along with significant fleet expansion

26 Communication Design

27 Revenue and kilometers

28 Coming …. Branded feeders

29 Junction redesign

30 Junction elimination instead of road widening

31 Ducting utilities on 14 arterial roads

32 A dedicated budget for footpaths

33 Metro-Zone footpaths – 30km this year

34 The road untraveled

35 Design!

36 Indifference to pedestrians

37 A standard design for all infrastructure

38 Work-zone management, please?

39 Very slow construction

40 Can we create public squares?

41 Transit Centres – Location, Design


43 Lack of continuous data collection

44 Bicycling – beyond enthusiasm?

45 Can we put a proper price on use of public spaces?

46 What’s the best use of our funds?

47 1.Higher property taxes 2.Development rights in ‘zone of benefit’ 3.Congestion pricing on private modes 4.Fuel taxes on private transport vehicles 5.Carbon credits, in some cases Indirect revenue sources

48 Town planning – miles to go

49 … jobs here homes here … Housing disconnected from jobs

50 Need a ‘regional’ view of mobility Bangalore Commuter Rail,

51 Techno-managerial interventions are ongoing Participation by institutional and other stakeholders is rising Policy framework and support is weak Integration with urban development is missing Summary

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