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Russian Carnival Масленица.

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1 Russian Carnival Масленица

2 Why is it called Maslenitsa?
Maslenitsa translates to butter in Russian. This festival is known as: “Butter Week” Pancake toppings include butter, but also caviar, jam and sour cream Given to friends and family as a sign of warmth.

3 History Pagan and Christian origins
In Slavic Mythology, it’s the Sun Festival Celebrates the end of winter Celebrated during the last week of Great Lent History

4 Why Pancake Week??? In Orthodox Christianity, meat is prohibited during this last week. Milk, cheese, & other dairy products allowed. Last chance to have dairy products and festivities before Lent. Pancakes, or Bliny (in Russian), symbolize the sun

5 Pancakes, and More Pancakes


7 The Festivities Snowball fights, Sledding, Riding on Swings, Sleigh rides, puppets, singing, theatre, fireworks, fist fighting (honoring military) and bear fights Mascot = Lady Meslenitsa She is a brightly dressed straw effigy Burned at the end of the celebration Symbolizes the end of winter, and the ashes are buried to symbolize fertility

8 Lady Maslenitsa…

9 Continued

10 Traditional Maslenitsa

11 A Family Holiday

12 Bear Fighting

13 Examples of Masks Worn

14 Sled Rides

15 Bonfires

16 Visiting Relatives

17 Performing Theatre

18 No Working Allowed!

19 Train Rides

20 Folk Singing


22 Russian Carnival Created by George Fuzayl ‘14

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