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Plastics Product design Aaltonaut Teppo Vienamo 12.9.2014.

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1 Plastics Product design Aaltonaut Teppo Vienamo 12.9.2014

2 Product design project Product development consultancy/department “Client” with a problem Delivery and presentations Professional style

3 Program Course framing Assignment Problem solving (Maurice) Project work (Maria) Product development process (Teppo) Practicalities (Teppo)

4 Plastics product design Real process, from identifying a problem to production ready design Interdisciplinary teams Consulting product development company In-house product development team Mixture Client: Innostava Suomi


6 Task Design a plastics device, Embedded electronics Business model Production ready design Functioning model / models Max. fist size

7 Teams About 6 students Multidisciplinary Engineering, Design, Electronics, Programing, Business, Materials, 3D CAD, Model making, User experience, Management, ….

8 Teams

9 Maurice

10 Maria Teppo Vienamo

11 11 Plastics product design process Teppo Vienamo

12 iny_mce/plugins/filemanager/files/images/spir al2.jpg DrUmxAA-0ow/Tuel4- sLo1I/AAAAAAAAAIE/MziZ7Wnu 1F8/s1600/Spiral_model.JPG content/uploads/2012/09/tradi tional-waterfall-method-of- software-development.gif M/0003/fig8.gif

13 Why process models? Standardized procedures Meta thinking

14 Different processes Evolution - Revolution

15 Case T-Drill How I failed in a product development process Steps Tender Concept design Detailed design / FEM 3D prints Mold making Productiong Teppo Vienamo


17 17 Gate model Discovery Stage: A quick investigation of the project. Scoping: Basic project parameters are determined. Build business case: A much more detailed investigation leading to a business case, including project definition and justification, and a project plan. Development: The actual design and development of the new product. Testing & validation: Tests or trials in the marketplace, lab and plant to verify and validate the proposed new product, and its marketing and production. Launch: Commercialization—beginning of full production, marketing and selling.

18 The benefits of Stage-Gate well organized innovation provide competitive advantage Accelerate product development with the product life cycle study. Increase success chance of new products. Helps to guide the project to the right path or objective. Provides overview and outlook Cross functional Can be combined with other performance metrics - net present value.

19 Gates - Subtasks Idea Identify a need and generate a product idea Tender Make a project plan and a tender Concepts Preliminary business plan Generate 2 parallel product concepts of your idea for presentation Final Design Production ready detailed design and finalized rapid prototype for final presentation

20 Idea Identify a need or problem related to task usability, structure, design and or fabrication. Generate a product idea done by writing Deliverable Device or problem idea Arguments for selection Text to learning environment 3 min presentation Teppo Vienamo

21 Tender Detailed plan of needed steps Deliverable Teams work plan Tasks and responsibilities division Plan for theory studies Alternative knowledge gathering Labor division Scheduling in coordination with course time table Each members tasks for each week One document including text and Gant schedule of timetable Teppo Vienamo

22 Concepts two alternative design plans appearance and use of the product. limitations of selected manufacturing processes and attachment methods. preliminary choice of materials product graphics should be included. The mock Exploded view picture tells the structure of product and the ideas of the joints. explaining the words. Document to Text and complementing images to the learning environment Presentation at the mid-term seminar Teppo Vienamo

23 Final design Gallery walk Poster presentation Visualization of the designed object. Key features highlighted by images and / or text described Example device and intended use user benefits (in relation to earlier versions) manufacturing plan selling the design to a manufacturer or an investor. References to the end user set of values or image of the world creates the atmosphere of the presentation. Teppo Vienamo

24 Practicalities Teppo Vienamo

25 Practicalities Teachers Schedule Course structure and tasks Learning objectives Tasks Team work

26 Teachers Teppo Vienamo Design, plastics production methods, (plastics) Model making Kimmo Silvonen Electronics Olli Rusanen Business Pirjo Pietikäinen Polymers

27 Schedule Teppo Vienamo

28 Learning objectives Product design process in a project Design, engineering and business Possibilities and limitations of embedded electronics Business aspects customer segments / needs, value for customers, service elements to physical product business model to competitive pressure Basic plastics materials and manufacturing processes

29 Evaluation criteria Project working 1/3 Spirit and activity Final design and preliminary documents 2/3 Business plan and consumer perspective Embedded electronics Structure, materials and manufacturability Originality of design

30 Evaluators Self 15 % Peer 35 % Teachers 50 % Teppo Vienamo

31 Cyllabus Teppo Vienamo

32 Aaltonaut Calendar Teppo Vienamo

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