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10 th Grade CAHSEE Timed Writing to Gain Higher Scores.

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1 10 th Grade CAHSEE Timed Writing to Gain Higher Scores

2 WHY Review Writing? Because ½ point on the writing = between 6-9 points on the multiple choice

3 In Other Words…. The Writing is Heavily Weighted!

4 How Can We Use This to Our Advantage? Prepare the kids for structured timed writing

5 Review the Elements of the Perfect Paragraph

6 What is a Perfect Paragraph?

7 The Perfect Paragraph Create a great topic sentence Support topic sentence with evidence Three support sentences work Use some transitional words to smooth things out: because, but, and Never put new info in the conclusion

8 Review the Elements of the Multi-paragraph Essay

9 What Are the Steps in a Five Paragraph Essay?

10 How do I make interesting essays? Vary the Sentence Length Simple Sentence: Subject & Verb or Subject, Verb, Object Compound Sentence: 2 clauses of equal weight joined by a coordinating conjunction (and, or) Complex Sentence: A clause and a phrase joined by a subordinating conjunction (but, because) Correlative conjunctions are used in pairs to create more sophisticated sentences ( not only, but also) (both, and) Compound/Complex Sentence: 2 clauses and a phrase joined by coordinating, subordinating, or correlative conjunctions

11 The Five Paragraph Essay: The Intro Decide what the question or prompt is asking FIRST PARAGRAPH: Introduce the topic Create a bold thesis statement Decide which evidence will support your thesis and mention in the intro Use a transition into the body

12 The Bold Thesis Statement Know the difference between a topic and a topic sentence Know the difference between a topic sentence and a bold thesis statement

13 How do I make a thesis statement bold? Know the difference between a topic, a topic sentence, and a bold thesis statement WAR is a topic “WAR is bad,” “War kills people” are both weak thesis statements & can be used as a topic sentence “WAR is a crime against humanity” is BOLD!

14 Pound Your Fist! When trying out different BOLD thesis statements, pound your fist Did you laugh? If you didn’t laugh, you probably have a bold thesis statement A BOLD thesis statement often makes a person uneasy…

15 How do I develop this skill? Get off the fence when writing essays Don’t be afraid to take a stand Do you have to believe what you are writing? NO! You will often be asked to take a side on a debate that you don’t believe in

16 The Body Paragraph 2,3,4 should illustrate the supporting evidence One paragraph per element of support is adequate for a short essay Use transitional words within paragraphs Use transitional sentences between paragraphs

17 The Conclusion Begin with a word that clues the reader that the end is near No new info in the conclusion Re-state, review, predict, make a bold statement, or use a quote that illustrates the theme of the essay

18 Add the Element of Time This will get rid of the fear of writing

19 Three 7-minute False Starts With this method, we get rid of the fear of writing in a timed setting This method gives the steps that will get the student through a 30 minute essay including how much time to spend on each step

20 How Does this Work?

21 Step 1 (7-10 minutes) Read the prompt carefully Do you understand what it is asking? Mentally work through your ideas to see if they fit the topic Put a graphic organizer in the upper right-hand corner Pay attention to tone

22 Step 2 ( 18-21 minutes) WRITE THE ESSAY!!!

23 Step 3 (2 minutes) Read over your essay and check for spelling and punctuation errors. Use the cross-out method to make corrections. No white out!

24 Tips to Increase the Score

25 Essay Tips Make it as long as you can within the time limits Address each part of a multiple part question Vary sentence length and structure Get into the subject QUICKLY!

26 More Essay Tips Don’t babble. Stop and think. Then return to your task Be specific Write NEATLY! ABSOLUTELY, no all caps or stylized writing! Punctuate correctly



29 Ready for Practice? Topic #1: Should this school put metal detectors at all gates? Begin…..

30 More Practice Topic #2: Should we keep the lockers or take them out? Begin…

31 More Practice Topic #3: Why do some students just take up a seat and expect a grade? Begin…

32 More Practice Topic# 1: How do we solve the trash problem on this campus? Begin…

33 More Practice Topic# 2: Is graffiti art or vandalism? Explain…. Begin…

34 More Practice Topic #3: How do we solve the tardy problem on this campus?

35 More Practice Topic #1: Do high school students have the right to protest? Begin…

36 More Practice Topic #2: Define civil disobedience, and apply it to your life. Begin…

37 More Practice Topic #3: When you go to college, do you want a school that is culturally diverse? Why or Why Not? Begin…

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