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Gospel Sign Language Vocabularies Four Thursdays worth of gospel vocabularies to go over in ASL.

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1 Gospel Sign Language Vocabularies Four Thursdays worth of gospel vocabularies to go over in ASL.







8 ADVENT Advent is signed in one of three ways depending on what you mean: – 1. 2nd COME – 2. ARRIVE – 3. COME (sign as in come to you “yourself”)

9 ADVOCATE Similar to “Support” – But if it is a person, you sign “support” then “person” – If it is a verb, sign “support”

10 AGENCY Spread out your fingers and use the opposite to pick each finger.


12 ALTAR Sign “kneel” and “podium”


14 ANGEL Use both flat hands at the shoulder and pretend you rush out shoulder and design its wings.

15 ANOINT At the fist of your hand facing palms down, use the other hand with thumbs extend out and motion with counter-clockwise circle. Like the fist a head and the other thumb extend out as bottle of oil.

16 APOSTASY Forefinger point directly to opposite person and the other forefinger point the same way, but then one moves away. Like the sign for “same”, but a forefinger moves away from not moving finger.

17 APOSTLE Two signs – Sign “Follow” “person” – Flat hands facing sideways, and use the other hand with “a” onto the flat hand starting from top to bottom. Like a commandment in “C”.





22 ATTEND Similar to “go” in sign, but do it twice.

23 BAD

24 BAPTIZED Use both hands in fist with both thumbs extend out. Each thumbs facing up to the sky and move into the “imaginary-water” like you were baptizing or “dunking” a person. Another description from With both "a" hands in front of the body, palms facing each other, dip the hands to the right and then back to the original position. Hint: represents someone being dipped in the

25 BEG Flat hand palm face down and the other in clawed motion, but upside down. Almost like “want” in signs, but only one hand above the flat hand.



28 BELONG Same as “connect” in ASL

29 BETHLEHEM Sign “blue” and then “city”. When you sign “City” make sure it’s in body motion shifting from left to right (if you are right handed).

30 BIBLE There’s two different signs: “Jesus book” “b” across the hand


32 BLASPHEMY saying bad things about God and sacred things

33 BLESS (ORDAIN) Start with the thumbs of both "a" hands at the lips. Move both hands forward and downward while changing them to palm- down flat hands.


35 BROTHER Second version of "brother" using BOY + SAME: First version of "brother" using BOY + RIGHT.



38 CALVARY Right hand, sign “C” across left extended arm and transform the “C” into “Hills”

39 CATHOLIC Forefinger and middle finger together, with that pretend to draw a cross on the forehead.

40 CELEBRATION Both hands out, show forefingers in crooked manner or pretend you are holding something with both hands. Then rotate both as if you were turning the party toy in circles. Left hand should be rotate counter-clockwise and right clockwise.


42 CHARITY Similar to “love” in ASL, but with the letter “C”s on both hands.

43 CHOIR “music” “group”

44 CHRISTIAN “Christ” “person”

45 CHRISTMAS Hint: Think of showing the inside edge of a wreath. CHRISTMAS: Think of showing an initialized form of the sign "TREE." (No, this sign doesn't mean "Christmas Tree." To indicate a Christmas tree, sign CHRISTMAS + TREETREE OR



48 COMFORT Almost in “build” but all fingers out. As in trying to keep your hand off of surfaces of your hands back and forth.


50 COMMANDMENTS This sign can be initialized with an "R" to mean rule, a "P" to mean principle, or a "C" to mean constitution or commandment (as in the ten commandments). A combination of a "C" that changes to an "E" is used to indicate "Code of Ethics."

51 CONFESS Both hands touch the chest with the flat open hand. They are then swung up and out, ending with both palms facing up in front of the body. Hint: To get something off your chest.

52 CONFIRMATION Start with the tip of your finger at the lips and move out and away from lips. As you move out, change your hand flat to the other flat hand. As if you were giving a blessing on the head of the person.

53 CONGREGATION Same sign as “gather together”

54 CONVERT Use both hands with “C” and touch both thumbs together. Shift the “C” down almost like in “change”.


56 COVENANT (AGREE) The index finger of the right "d" hand, palm back, touches the forehead and then the two index fingers, both in the "d' position, palms down are brought together so they are side by side, pointing away from the body. Hint: The sign for Agree.

57 COVET Same sign as “desire” or “wish”

58 CREATE Similar to “make” in ASL.


60 CROWN Body language by placing a crown on your head.


62 DAMNATION Sign similar to “hell” but with the letter “D”.

63 DEATH or DEAD Hold both flat hands to the front with the left palm down and the right palm up. Move both hands in an arc to the left while reversing the palms orientation.

64 DELIVERANCE Same as “save” but in letter “d”. Almost like “divorce”, but more open.

65 DENIAL Sign “not accept” or sign both hands in “not” form, such as thumbs extend out of under the chin. Both out at the same time.

66 DESIRE Same as “wish” or “hungry”

67 DEVIL Touch the temple with the thumb of the right "3" hand with palm facing forward. Bend and unbend the index and middle fingers a few times.

68 DISCIPLE Place both "d" hands to front, left slightly ahead of right. Move them forward, right hand following left. Follow with the person indicator. Hint: Same sign as for follow but with the initialized "d" hands.

69 DIVINE Similar to the sign “clean” but with the letter “D” in washing motion from fingertip to heel of hand.

70 DOCTRINE Position both "d" hands at the front and sides of the forehead, then move them forward and back a few times. Hint: Similar to the sign for Teach with the initialization for Doctrine.

71 DOUBT The right "v" hand faces the nose. The index and middle fingers bend as a cynical expression is assumed. The downturned "s" hands swing alternately up and down.

72 EARN (DESERVE) Start with the hand in air while your other flat hand stays, then do the same sign as the images below.



75 EGYPT With the right palm forward, using a "x" hand, place it on the forehead.

76 EMMANUEL Move the flat right hand in a backward- downward arc toward self with the palm facing left. Both "a" hands come together in front of the body with palms touching. The right index finger touches the right shoulder then moves in a semi circle and touches the left shoulder. Hint: the signs for God, With and Us.

77 ENDURE Same as “continue”

78 ENEMY Sign in as “opposite” and then “person”

79 EPISCOPAL Hold the left arm in front of the chest with the palm down and the hand closed. Touch the underside of the left forearm with the right index finger at the wrist; then dip the right index hand before touching the left elbow. Hint: Suggests the enlarged sleeve of a priests robe.

80 EPISTLE Same sign as “letter” in ASL.

81 ETERNAL Use forefinger and start from right scalp extend out and swirl forward.

82 EVE Sign the letter “E” with your right hand and place it at the right side of your chin.


84 EXCOMMUNICATE Sign “church” and then use left flat hand palms face down and the right hand over the left with its thumbs out to flip out. Kind of like flipping your watch out. Sign almost as in “remove”

85 EXALT Both bent hands with fingertips facing each other are raised from forehead height to above the head.

86 EXODUS Two different signs I found on and ry/asl_exodus.php ry/asl_exodus.php – The right index finger starts between the fingers of the left flat hand with palm facing down. It then moves out from the fingers in a sharp motion. – Sign “Egypt” and then “leave” (in a higher motion to heaven).

87 FAITH Two different signs: OR

88 FAITHFUL Move the right index finger from touching the right side of the forehead downward while changing into an "f" hand on the index side of the left "f" hand and bouncing forward a few times.


90 FASTING The right "f" fingers move across the lips from left to right.

91 FATHER (God himself) Same sign as “father” but with both hands together. Hands on top of one another.

92 FEAR Sources from the web as well, various signs. This one is common one: The other signs, “fear God” are pretending to shield to heaven, as if you try to block you face.

93 FEAST The right and left hand alternately move toward the mouth. – Similar to this photos, but in a humble way. (It’s the actual sign for food, in a dramatic expressions)

94 FELLOWSHIP Both "a" hands with thumbs out circle around each other. OR do the same way as above, but wiggle all of your fingers around each other in circle motion. Your fingers are like little people going around each other.

95 FLESH (BODY) Use both hands flat your palms facing you and start from top below shoulder and move hands out down to your tummy.

96 FLESH (MEAT) Similar sign for “meat”, then shake your sign.

97 FLOOD The right "w" hand touches the chin. Both open hands with palms facing down rise from hips to shoulders while puffing out the cheeks.

98 FORBID With a sharp movement, hit the left open hand, palm facing right with the right “L" hand two times.


100 FORSAKE Wipe the palm side of the right open hand across the forehead from left to right then throw both hands to the right. Hint: It is like forgetting something and throwing it aside.

101 FREE

102 FREEWILL (THINK-SELF) Sign “free” and then “willing” but with one hand.

103 FUNERAL Both "v" hands with fingers pointing up, right hand following left, move them forward with a soft bouncing motion. Hint: Represents people moving forward in a line.

104 GENTILE(S) This concept refers to someone who is not a member of one's own religion. Typically in the new testament it has been used to refer to "non-Jewish" people. Hindus and Mormons also use this concept to some extent to refer to people not of their faith



107 GIVE

108 GLORY Both open hands come up in front of the face and touch. The right hand is drawn back with fingers wiggling. OR

109 GOD




113 GRIEF Use both hands in fist and pretend to tear over your heart like a paper in half.

114 GUILT (CONSCIENCE) Use your right arm and sign “g” over your left chest, just over your heart.

115 HALLELUJAH Clap the hands; then hold up both closed hands with the thumb tips and index fingertips touching. Make small circular movements.

116 HEART OR Outline the shape of a heart on the chest with both index or middle fingers.

117 HEAVEN OR Both hands with fingertips facing each other, circle around each other once and then move away from each other over the head.

118 HEBREW Place the right open fingers and thumb on the chin with the palm facing self. Draw the hand down below the chin and form an "and" hand. Hint: Symbolizes the beards worn by Jewish men.

119 HELL With the right hand signed “h”, start at the left shoulder and move down and across.

120 HELP

121 HOLY Make a right "h" hand; then move the right flat palm across the left flat palm from heel, to fingertips. OR



124 HUMBLE Point the left flat hand to the right with palm down. Touch the lips with the index finger of the right "b" hand and move it down and forward under the left hand.


126 HYMN Sign “music” and then “book”

127 HYPOCRITE The left hand is placed over the back of the right hand and pushes it down and a bit in toward the body.

128 IN

129 INNOCENT Use both fore and middle fingers together both hands at lips and extend out.

130 INSPIRE Start at the stomach with both hands, almost as if you’re holding the shirt. Then slide up to your chest. As you slide spread your fingers out


132 ISAIAH Move the right "I" hand palm facing left, from in front of the chest forward in an arc under the down turned left open hand, held in front of the chest. Both open flat hands with palms facing each other move from shoulders to hips. Hint: Same sign as for Prophet but with the "I" initialization.

133 ISRAEL The right "I" hand brushes down the left side of the chin and then the right side of the chin.

134 JEHOVAH The word "Jehovah" is signed "JH" in the same area that you would sign "god" - around the forehead or above.

135 JERUSALEM Make a "j" with the right hand. Make the point of a triangle with both flat hands in front of the chest. Repeat a few times while moving the hands to the right. Hint: sign “J” then to “city”




139 JUDAISM Sign “jewish” and then “Belief” or “Believe”


141 Kill Left flat hands palm facing down sideways and use right hand with forefinger pointed, slit across the left palm.

142 Kindness

143 King

144 Kingdom Move the right "k" hand from the left shoulder to the right waist; then circle the right flat hand, palm facing down, in front of the body in a counterclockwise direction.

145 Kneel Sign “stand” and then bend your joint of fore and middle finger down of your left palm. Like a person kneeling down on his knees.

146 Language (Tongue) Sign both hands with “L”s and start together in front of you and scribble across hands going away from each other.

147 Latter-Day-Saint Finger-spell “LDS”

148 Law

149 Lecture (Give Lesson)

150 Lie

151 Life

152 Light

153 Live

154 Lord

155 Love

156 Manage (Rule)

157 Manna Both index fingers alternately flick down in front of face. The fingertips of the left hand are drawn down over the back of the right hand several times. sign feast, sky, sprinkle around top to down, jewish and then open mouth to feast.

158 Marriage

159 Mary Similar to “virgin” as the image below, but with the letter “M”.

160 Meeting

161 Member

162 Mercy :

163 Millennium After making the "1" hand, the fingertips of the right hand touch the middle of the palm of the left hand. The right "s" hand moves from on top of the left "s" hand, around the left hand, ending back on top of the left "s" hand. Hint: Signs for 1,000 and Year.

164 Miracle

165 Mission

166 Missionary

167 Mock

168 Mormon Sign “m” but move to jaw in almost as “experience” in movement.

169 Moses The right thumb and index finger begin on the right forehead and moves out and away ending with the thumb and index finger touching.

170 Music (Hymn)

171 Nazareth Sign "n" followed by the sign for city. Make the point of a triangle with both flat hands in front of the chest. This is repeated a few times while moving the hands to the right.

172 New Testament OR

173 Oath

174 Obey "Obey" Obey God

175 Offering SUGGEST / OFFER / RECOMMEND: The palm-up flat hands move in an arc forward and up and then down a bit. Think of "laying an offer on the table."

176 Old Testament

177 Parable Same sign as “story”

178 Patient (Endure) Put your thumbnail on your chin and drag it downward about 2 inches.

179 Paul Fingerspell his name.

180 Peace

181 Persecute

182 Peter

183 Pharisee

184 Poor

185 Power (Authority)

186 Praise (Applause)

187 Pray

188 Preach

189 Prepare

190 Priest

191 Promise

192 Proof

193 Prophet

194 Protestant

195 Punish

196 Pure

197 Quaker

198 Rebel (Disobey)

199 Redeem

200 Religion

201 Remember

202 Repent

203 Respect

204 Responsible (Obligation)

205 Reverent

206 Righteous

207 Rome

208 Sacrifice

209 Sad

210 Savior

211 School

212 Scriptures

213 Seminary

214 Serve

215 Shed (Blood)

216 Sheep

217 Shepherd

218 Show (Reveal)

219 Sin

220 Sky

221 Son

222 Sorry

223 Soul

224 Speak

225 Speech

226 Spirit

227 Star

228 Suffer

229 Suggest (Offer)

230 Sunday (Sabbath)

231 Supreme

232 Symbol

233 Teach

234 Temple

235 Temptation

236 Testify

237 Thankfulness

238 Thanks

239 Thee (Thou)

240 Thy

241 Tithing

242 Tongues

243 Translate

244 Trust

245 Truth

246 Unity

247 Universe

248 Verily

249 Verse

250 Virgin

251 Vision

252 Will (Want)

253 Wise

254 Wish

255 Witness

256 Wonderful

257 Word

258 World

259 Worship

260 Worthy

261 Wrong

262 Last Day Party Lets sign up on what each of you will bring. We do have kitchen in the Institute.

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