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TeO2 single crystals for Acousto-optics and Optoelectronics.

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1 TeO2 single crystals for Acousto-optics and Optoelectronics

2 Company "Elent A/Elent Technics" has more than 20 years experience in the growth of acousto-optic and optoelectronic crystals. Company has its own production and technical capabilities to growth and working (grinding, orientation, polishing, coating etc.) of Paratellurite Single Crystals (ТеО 2 ). Based on the engineering know-how and a lot of researches and experiments we offer our customers all over the world high quality products manufactured according to the specific requirements. We offer quality and stability!

3 Chemical Lab is engaged in mixture preparing for the ТеО 2 crystals growth. Cleaning process includes developed by our specialists unique method of physicochemical mixture cleaning. Such cleaning allow us to get qualitative mixture with purity 6N for the crystals growth according to the various demands of our customers. Growth Lab is equipped with growth station of own design for crystals growth by Czochralski method. Single crystals growth process is completely automated. Optical Lab is equipped with all necessary equipment to carry out crystallographic orientation, cutting, grinding, polishing and optical coating. Orientation accuracy is 1', grinded surface parallelism up to 1mkm, polished surface parallelism up to 10 - 15 '', angle between polished surfaces up to 3'', polishing accuracy λ/10. Our own production facilities take total area of 2000 m 2 where chemical, growth and optical labs are placed. Our labs are equipped with all necessary production and inspection equipment.

4 Colorless synthetic single crystal Symmetry: Tetragonal, 422 (D 4 ) Lattice distances: a = 4.8122 Å; c = 7.6157 Å Molecular weight: 159.5 Density, g/cm 3 : 5.99 ± 0.03 Melting point: 733 ˚С Hardness: 3 – 4 Moh’s hardness scale Thermal expansion, ·10 -6 К -1 : α 11 = 17.7; α 22 = 17.7; α 33 = 5.5 Transmission: 0.35 – 5.0 μm ТеО 2 (paratellurite, tellurium dioxide) single crystals Main properties

5 we manufacture ourselves base mixture for single crystals growth with purity 99,9995% of main material and up; boules' diameter up to 90 mm, high up to 50 mm, high optical homogeneity in big material volume; single crystals are transparent and visually colorless, have no absorption bands in visible and IR spectral regions; are free from striaes, cracks, visible bubbles and their clusters, other foreign inclusions; very low scattering of optical radiation. ТеО 2 (paratellurite, tellurium dioxide) single crystals Characteristics

6 Test for sample Nr1. was carry out at: 1.064 mkm Pulse duration: 12 ns Repetition frequency: 1 Hz Spot diameter on the surface: 4 - 6 mm Fist damages appeared at power density 2 x 10 8 W/cm 2 Test for sample Nr2. was carry out at: 0.355 mkm Pulse duration: 10 ns Repetition frequency: 10 Hz Spot diameter on the surface: 5 mm Fist damages appeared at power density 2 x 10 8 W/cm 2 Breakdown on A and B surfaces occurred at power density 2.5 x 10 7 W/cm 2 Some results of TeO 2 samples testing on radiation resistance

7 Sample 1 - TeO 2 crystal grown specially for 355 – 405nm Sample 2 - Standard TeO 2 crystal grown for visible and NIR ranges Crystals’ transmission spectrum in visible and IR ranges

8 Crystals’ transmission spectrum in IR range 2,5 – 4,5 mkm TeO 2 crystal grown under special technology minimizing absorption on crystallized water in the range 2,7 – 3,2 mkm Standard TeO 2 crystal IR range (may contain absorption regions)

9 TeO 2 single crystals are perfect material for acousto-optic devices like Modulators, Deflectors, Tunable Filters, Spectral Analyzers and many other acousto- and optoelectronic devices. TeO 2 crystals application

10 We are always open for cooperation and collaboration with our present and future customers and partners ! Sincerely yours “Elent A / Elent Technics” Team Gogol Str. 15, Dnepropetrovsk, 49044 Ukraine Tel./Fax + 380-56-7901235, 7901236, 7901237

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