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Nandi A Chendori Love’s

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1 Nandi A Chendori Love’s
Sample Digital Presentation 12/01/2009

2 Table of Contents Introduction Graphic Organizer Word Processor
Digital Presentation Web Tools for Learning Conclusion Dear Professors, here is a list of what you all can expect to review as you move through this presentation.

3 Introduction This portfolio is a collection of my reflection on my experience of integrating a variety of technology; computer applications and Internet usage. Although the general purpose for designing the lessons was to learn how to effectively enhance students’ learning by integrating technology, however, it benefited my knowledge about access to free technological learning aids and how to prepare to incorporate this information in classroom instruction. The contents are consisted of the most memorable experiences I had with building a Graphic Organizer, developing lesson plans for a Word Processing application and a Digital PowerPoint Presentation and making good use of Web Tools for learning. This document will reflect on the technology of each area respectively.

4 Graphic Organizer Reflection Camera Sound

5 Graphic Organizer Reflection
Lesson Plan Assignment Student Use Enhance Learning This type of technology enhances student learning by enabling the student to scale down a large volume of events into a timeline pictorial panoramic view of historical data. The events are organized orderly and properly to portray a visual look at the civil rights movements in a particular place and time; its a mobile museum of civil rights history. Students’ learning is enhanced through interacting with the timeline both visually and audibly. For example, they could see the photos, news articles, special documents and other collaborating information to help develop their knowledge about the subject being presented. Another example, it that, they could also hear recordings of famous speeches of civil rights activists , Christian and political leaders and other movers and shakers of that era. This is definitely engaging learning in a far more advance way than any book could ever accomplish. Grade Level – 9-12 Subject Area – African American History on the Civil Rights Movement Student Product – a pictorial /graphical view of some of the main events that took place during the 1960’s. This includes, documents, new articles and headlines, voice recordings and effects of the movement.

6 Word Processing Reflection Typewriter sound

7 Word Processing reflection
Lesson Plan Assignment _________________ Lesson Plan (1) Grade: 9-12 Subject Area: Word Processing – Picture the Preamble Lesson Plan (2) Subject Area: Word Processing – Desired Community Student Products: (1) Students were to use the Word Processor to enter and categorize data images, text, tables and format headings to include information on at least three important aspects of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. They were also to manipulate data through typing and articulating text in a one page reflection on their experience in preparing the document. (2) During development of this Word Processing document, students were to implement the same strategies in designing a document to present their ideas in response to pictures found on the Internet, and in magazines that represented communities. This was to help them determine the type of ideal neighborhood they would like to live in.

8 Word Processing Reflection continued
Students could easily benefit from the use of both Word Processing lessons in many ways. From the first lesson, students would be prepared to design documents at the college level; spending less time in computer labs applying the needed skills to be successful in a higher learning environment. Students would be prepared to write research reports, calculate college expense using tables and excel academically in arts and graphics courses. In addition, they are well prepared to enter and organize data effectively. From the second lesson, students would have job-ready skills that enables them to produce plain and eloquently designed documents. They would know how to insert graphics representing some function or another. They would also be able to create tables to organize data. Consequently, they are enabled to utilize these technical skills to accurately format a variety of documents ranging from academic assignments to business or work related reports.

9 Digital Presentation Reflection Camera Sound

10 Digital Presentation Reflection
Lesson Plan Assignment Geography and Computer Application Grade: 11-12 Description of Student Product This product is a combination of pictures, website information to produce a PowerPoint slideshow presentation of a comparison of a foreign country ‘s economy to that of the United states. The purpose of this project was not to compare economies, but to see how well the students would be able to find specific data using the Internet and following particular instructions.

11 Digital Presentation Reflection continued
Possible Challenges 1 More instructional time may be needed to assist students in using the application 2 Students may struggle with developing imaginative and analytical responses to the literature they review 3 Lack of available hard/software & technical resources to complete the task timely 4 Websites may be temporarily down OR slow transfer of data may be encountered 5 Returning students, absent during assignment issuance, would have to catch up which usually slows down classroom instruction

12 Web Tools for Learning Project
Reflection Voltage Sound

13 Lesson Plan Assignment
Web Tools for Learning Project Reflection Lesson Plan Assignment Description of Web Tools: (1) The use of enabled me to digitize photos taken in 2002, while participating in a study abroad program through my Alma Mater; Grand valley State University. Its consistent of several excursions from Stonehenge, to Bath, the River Themes and London double bus tours to Buckingham, Holyroodhouse and Hampton Court Palaces and Oxford, UK. (2) The use of Weebly .com website building tool is for the purpose of inspiring youths’ interest in doing one of three things; getting help with any course subject taught in the classroom, to make available, resources that are capable of managing the issues that many struggle with on a daily basis, and utilize the resources available online that speak to the many issues plaguing the Black community. There are also, links to academic resources such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Museum; The National Museum of US History, the White House branches of government and Sex Education . Access and use of these subjects could make a difference between life and death for survival of the African American community. Black youths are having babies on average at the age of 12 and the high rate of infant mortality further reduces the overall African American presence in the United States from 14.8 % in 1990 to 12.3 % in There is a desperate need for the information to get to them ; the Internet is one solution. Grades: 9-12 Web Tool (1) Subject Area: Digital Slideshow of History; Historical Sites Web Tool (2) Subject Area: Technology; Use of Websites to Inspire Youths

14 My Plans for Web Tools Support
In the future I plan to utilize web tools to enhance student learning by integrated the resources available online; Library of Congress, the White House and other metadata forums that subscribe to student knowledge. This would also include websites such as Mathworld and The Bee Hive that offer online tutorial services that fit the needs of learners of all ages. Further, I would integrate the “free” website builders, Movie Maker, and Digital slideshow applications to help students to gain, use and improve their creative skills. I plan to develop and implement technology integration strategies that are meaningful and very useful for a variety of learners. This will include and that will encourage and enable learners to achieve goals for computer integrated coursework.

15 Portfolio Conclusion

16 Reflection Conclusions
Truly, this was one of the most rewarding assignments ever taken online and related to advancements in Technology. I struggled a bit in the beginning, I was not sure of the “Educational Lab”, however, it was useful in enabling me to see results of sample products for integration of technology with student learning. Working through each assignment added to my current knowledge of Microsoft applications, and the use of the its advanced capabilities. In addition, other applications such as Inspirational 8, and various websites encouraged me to take advantage of the free information to inform and broaden students’ awareness of the help many of them have literally, right at their fingertips, so that they too, can utilize them. The most memorable advantage I’ve had with technology thus far, was to utilize one of the online photo digitizing resources to create a digital slideshow of photos I took while attending college abroad. Six years ago, I never thought about searching the web for technology that would allow me to put photos of my journey in a digital format; [insert link] The Web Tools assignment brought back memories of events that took place prior to my going abroad to study. As I searched through my journal looking for photos on historical sites, I was reminded about the precious memories of The World Trade Center bombings and the loss of my father, an uncle and former pastor’s wife. It was a trying time for me, that is what made the project so special and dear tome. I wish my father was alive so that he could see it. Since then I have adopted a soldier; SPC Powers and often remind people of how our troops have continued to put their lives on the line “for our freedom”;

17 A Very Close Call with an IED (Click Picture)

18 continued It is a good thing no one was hurt, that day. It amazes me in what can be accomplished with the merging of string data today. Another memorable observation of engaging technology was the perception of the interaction of human and machine and transfer of data across the web in the video, “Web 2.0 ; The Machines are Us/ing us” by Dr. Wesch.” Although I believe that integration of technology is very important, however, it should not be the main tool for student learning. Students need a balance of integrated technology, individual and group physical activities that stimulate higher order thinking in responses to information and a collaboration with cooperative and service learning. I think this would help students become positive adults that think of ways to help the less fortunate. What students engage with now is precedent to reduces the burdens of others, particularly the elderly. For this final project, I have attempted to incorporate all the advanced capabilities that I utilized for the previous assignments. My goal was to take a piece from each project and place it within this document. I wanted form, order, and sequential patterns that give structure to the format of this document. I also conclude that I need to improve my skills for embedding objects, and hyperlinks.

19 Snippets Rewiring Young Brains
Are , mp3s and the web affecting your child's brain? Dr. Gary Small is the director of UCLA's Memory and Aging Research Center. West Philadelphia opens the School of the Future. The future graduates of 2010 entered the high tech school incorporating 1:1 computing, RFID lockers, solar window shades and rainwater recycling. Partnering with Microsoft's experts the School of the Future shows how to make education work for the 21st century. Runtime Approx. 3 m 46 s (humor) Teacher and Learner in Different Worlds (2 m 38 s) "Helpdesk eng sub" "Learning to Change Changing to Learn"

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