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 Would you be surprised to know that calls come into the PCard Office from Cardholders, Reconcilers, Approvers and Liaisons that do not know who their.

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2  Would you be surprised to know that calls come into the PCard Office from Cardholders, Reconcilers, Approvers and Liaisons that do not know who their dept. PCard Liaison is? › It happens – yes, even some Liaisons seem to be unaware

3  What is the single transaction limit on my PCard?  Do I have any enhancements on my PCard? › Dept. PCard (when transfers occur – the individual needs to be aware of all limits and enhancements associated with the PCard)  Why is my PCard Declining? › This is something that the PCard Office can assist in determining cause

4  Liaison Information › Located in PCard Policy 2.1.3 Liaison › Acts as Departmental Contact for PCard Administration › Is the designated signer on all documentation including but not limited to; change forms, delete forms, transfer forms and new applications  In addition departmental program changes  Except on their own PCard, Access or Role

5  Applications and agreements › Forward to PCard Office › PCard Notification of Application submitted  Pass Phrase/Password on Application › Original Application Required › Maintains copies of cardholder applications, agreements, # of cards, files…

6  Department contact for Lost or Stolen PCards and notifies the PCard Office › 1 st point of contact › Assists in Cardholder/Responsible Cardholder notification for verification of transaction validity › JPMC 1.800.270.7760 after normal business hours, weekends, or when unable to reach PCard Administration  Pass Phrase  Last 4 digits of SS# = Last 4 digits of EMLP ID

7  Assists with cardholder process in resolving merchant issues/steps for dispute via JPMC PaymentNet  Fraud is Fraud and not disputable  What is a disputable transaction? › Reference PCard Policy 10.0  What is a Fraudulent transaction? › Reference PCard Policy 11.0  11.1 Individual PCards  11.2 Department PCards

8  Disseminates information from PCard Administration to cardholder › Discussions within Departmental meetings › PCard Newsletter › Listserv notifications  Handles staff questions relating to PCard Program  Monitors Card Activity in Department

9  Store infrequently used PCards in a secure location › Reduced Limit = Reduced Risk › Determine actual need for the PCard  Options available  Suspension & Transfers › Individual PCards Temp. suspension during absence of Cardholder  i.e. Sabbatical leave, extended vacations, extended illness, etc.

10  Suspension & Transfers › Department PCard  Holds Department PCard until Transfer paperwork has been processed  Holds Department PCard until RCH returns from extended vacation, extended absences, etc.  Reduced limits = Reduced Risk

11  Physical Card Collection, Forms, Notifications, etc. › Cardholders › Dept. PCard RCH › Reconcilers › Approvers › Liaisons

12  Timely notification to the PCard Office › Reduction of Risk to the University

13  Notification of Cardholder traveling out of the country on University Business › JPMC notations › Possible holds on PCards › Importance of Liaison

14  Advises the Department Head of problematic cardholders  Advises the Department Head of Misuse of a PCard › Reference PCard Policy 14.8 › References University Misuse of Assets Policy

15  Not turning in receipts  Self Disclosure issues  Violations › 14.1 Pyramiding › 14.2 Not Approved › 14.3 Not Reconciled › 14.4 Single Established PCard Limit Violation › 14.5 Unauthorized Sharing of a PCard

16  Violations › 14.6 Purchase Rewards › 14.7 FSO Compliance › 14.8 University of Arizona’s Misuse of Assets Policy

17  Original applications must be received in PCard Office › Faxed copies can begin the process › Original application must be received prior to release of the PCard  Be realistic in limits requested on application › Single transaction Amount › Monthly transaction Amount › Number of daily transactions › Number of monthly transactions

18  Policy Training/Exam for applicant › 4 weeks or cancellation of application  Enhancements at time of original applications › PCard Plus * online exam (reconcilers & approvers)  Legal Name in UAccess/ISW signature verification

19  Non-Home Department Card Issuance › Reference: Policy 2.3.6  Effective July 31, 2009: Issuance of a PCard from another Department other than the Employees listed Department in UAccess/ISW will require submission of documentation from both Departments including acknowledgement of responsibilities associated with the PCard Transactions

20  Multi-Card Issuance › Reference 2.3.7 › Similar in nature to Non-Home Department card issuance

21  Please contact to us arrange a department refresher cardholder training › Karen Brookbanks 520.621.3288 › Dureen Berg 520.621.3099

22  Ensure your cardholders know who you are and how to contact you, as well as how to reach the PCard Main number and JPMC Customer Service › Call the Main PCard number will general questions 520.626.9091 › PaymentNet Password resets › Status on applications

23  PCard Administration is available to come out to your department and meet with you and your Reconcilers, Approvers, or Cardholders  Please don’t hesitate to contact the PCard Office

24  A certificate of Liaison Refresher Training attendance will be sent out to you via email and a copy retained in your Department’s Master file in the PCard Office  Thank you

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