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Your Debt Help line (YDH).

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1 Your Debt Help line (YDH)

2 YDH Background YDH is a National call centre offering a FREE initial debt counselling assessment. Amongst the first registered Debt counsellors in SA (NCRDC37) in June 2007 The only DC call centre offering free debt assessment to 9 provinces over telephone. Experienced in Call centre for over 15yrs Provides referral support for NCR enquiries regarding debt counselling.

3 YDH Core competencies Debt Rehabilitation program Debt restructuring.
Liaison with the credit bureaus. Negotiate with credit providers. Reschedule debt through affordable installments. Supports customers with future Financial management skills. Issuance of a clearance certificate after the program.

4 YDH Core competencies Financial Well-being education
Bugdet (What, Why & How) Managing your salary Power of Saving & Investing Maximize profits & Wealth creation Dangers of borrowing Pre-retirement counselling

5 Debt situation in SA Today ”You are NOT alone”
There are more than 4.25 million SA consumers with Adverse credit. Of which 2 million consumers have judgments or Administration orders.* Over 2 million SA consumers are 3+months in arrears with payments to credit providers ( banks , c/card , store card ,vehicle payments). Nearly 3 million employees with negative monthly cash flows. Approx 1.85 million garnishee deductions ‘A high proportion of SA consumers are OVER INDEBTED’ * NCR report Sept 07 qtr 3

6 Employee problem? Are you Regularly receiving calls from collections agencies Some times borrowing money from friends & colleagues Have you more than 3 cash loans & policies Absenteeism Have you recently allowed your insurance policies to lapse Have resorted to Gambling to pay for living expenses Are you being sued for any financial reasons Consumers face difficult situations and being over indebted can sometimes lead to Depression and being de-motivated.

7 Someone who is over indebted sometimes can
Low productivity Absenteeism Employee/job turnover Increased cost of administration caused by instituted garnishee orders Inability of employees to save enough for their retirement , staying longer at their more than what is required.

8 Debt Review YDH Provides a FREE assessment to enable you to determine if you can go on the counselling programme Once you under debt review process:- No registered creditor declared may institute legal action against you. This is with effect of the date of notification. You should immediately be able to pay for living costs and experience positive monthly cash flows. Once the debt is repaid, the credit bureaus and creditors delete all history of the process and cannot prejudice you based on this knowledge. Debt counseling is regulated by the National Credit Regulator who will act upon any valid complaints against debt counselors Free Financial planning and start creating wealth

9 How to manage your financial wellbeing
Disciplined spending priorities Manage your monthly budget Understand the power of savings Know the dangers of borrowing Better financial planning

10 YDH SUPPORT PROGRAM Dedicated Monte-casino Toll-free care line
On-site financial counselling Financial lifeskills training After care provision

11 Your Debt helpline “You’re not alone”
Thank you!! (DEBT HELP) Your Debt helpline “You’re not alone”

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