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1.1. International Conference “50 Years of Education and Awareness Raising for Shaping the Future of the Oceans and Coasts” Sharing lessons learned and.

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1 1.1. International Conference “50 Years of Education and Awareness Raising for Shaping the Future of the Oceans and Coasts” Sharing lessons learned and proposing long-term projections Saint Petersburg, Russia, 27—30 April 2010 Ocean-Coast’ issues (or Sea-Land interaction) as an Educational & Research Procedure. The Hellenic case. JOHN KIOUSOPOULOS Spatial Analysis Lab. Technological Educational Institute of Athens.

2 2.2. HELLAS Lakes Surface in km² Trichonida95,840 Volvi70,353 Vegoritida54,311 Vistonida45,030 Koronia (Lagada)42,823 Mikri Prespa*42,541 Megali Prespa39,040 Kerkini37,688 Kastoria28,655 Ioannina19,470 Iliki19,118 Amvrakia14,477 Lyssimachia13,085 Petron12,294 Paralimni10,930 Rivers Length in km Aliakmonas297 Acheloos220 Pinios (Thessalia)205 Evros204* Nestos130* Strymonas118* Thiamis (Kalamas)115 Alfios110 Arachthos110 Population : 11.000.000 Area : 132.000 sq. km 3.000, at least, years of marine history ~ 18 % of world fleet capacity Mediterranean Sea Aegean, Ionio, Mirtoo, Thrakico, Ikario, Cretico, Lyvico, Karpathio More than 15.000 km of coastline ~ 6.000 islands/islets, 120 inhabited

3 3.3. HELLAS, HIGH EDUCATION - RESEARCH 23 Universities 15 Technological Educational Institutes ˜460 Postgraduates Programs ˜ 20 Research Centers ? Associations, Agencies etc. (private, non private), ? ? Individuals Researchers ? ? ? National & International Research Programs

4 4.4. HELLAS, ACTIVITIES STRONGLY RELATED TO IOC ISSUES 4 Graduate Programs University of the Aegean, Department of Marine Sciences University of Thessaly, Department of Icthyology & Aquatic Environment TEI of Thessaloniki, Department of Fisheries Technology & Aquaculture TEI of Messolonghi, Department of Aquaculture & Fisheries 4 Postgraduates Programs University of Patras, Department of Geology, Environmental and Marine Geochemistry Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Civil Engineering, Coastal and Port Projects University of Crete, Department of Biology, Management of Terrestrial and Marine Resources Technical University of Crete, Department of Environmental Engineering, Water Resources and Coastal Zone Management 1 Research Center Hellenic Centre for Marine Research 1 Independent Association Aegean Institute of the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law 1 International Body UNEP, MAP Coordinating Unit (MEDU). 1 Military Agency Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service MYTILINI ATHENS

5 5.5. 1997, in the city of Mytilini, island of Lesvos School of Environmental Sciences Objectives of the graduate program : Educate students in the marine environment Enable them to understand physical, chemical, biological and geological processes, fisheries, aquaculture and marine technology Emphasis is placed on man made effects on the marine environment especially on the coastal zone Has established a number of educational practices aiming at the improvement of the quality of studies, such as the summer practice DEPT. OF MARINE SCIENCE

6 6.6. Educational and research activities : Marine Environment, especially physical, chemical, biological and geological processes Ichthyology Technology, Ichthyology and Aquaculture Exploitation and Management Marine applications : Ecological and environmental studies about marine area Use of modern methodologies such as: Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Robotics with field application marine area Submarine installation and coastal constructions DEPT. OF MARINE SCIENCE

7 7.7. Scientists in marine science should have the following characteristics: Integrated perception of marine processes and the ability of recording treatment and management of quality issues in the marine environment Capacity of rational management of marine resources, natural and organic Possibility of systematic ecosystems approach and perception of the interactions of the marine environment in the barren and the atmosphere Capacity to apply modern technology to study the marine environment and the exploitation of resources Sufficiency in the preparation or supervision or control of environmental impacts studies Capacity of teaching a science course in secondary education Knowledge engineering, economics and law of the sea area DEPT. OF MARINE SCIENCE

8 8.8. The Department of Icthyology & Aquatic Environment adopts modern methods of education and focuses on issues related to fisheries, aquaculture, the sustainable management of aquatic environment, aquafeed production and technology, conservation, marketing, the sanitation of downgrading soils, the recycling of organic wastes. The Department of Fisheries Technology & Aquaculture has mission to advance through research and teaching, development and dissemination of knowledge in technology and science, which is related to the field of technology in fishery and aquaculture. The Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries provides a wide spectrum of knowledge on Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences in order to project them in the fields of aquaculture, fishing and fish processing. OTHER GRADUATE PROGRAMS

9 9.9. POSTGRADUATES PROGRAMS ‘’Environmental and Marine Geochemistry’’ is advanced knowledge in all sectors of geological sciences with regard to: (a) recording and evaluation of environmental repercussions, because of the different geological activities and the anthropogenic intervention, (b) environmental management and the development of suitable methodology for the confrontation of various unfavorable repercussions. Objectives of ‘’Coastal and Port Projects’’ are (a) the probing deeply in the theoretical and applied knowledge of Hydraulic Mechanics of Civil Engineer, (b) the specialisation in particular fields, (c) the advance of scientific research according to the specifications and the conditions that have been established internationally in the scope of Science of Civil Engineer. ‘‘Management of Terrestrial and Marine Resources’’ is advanced knowledge and research in the field of Marine, Coastal and Terrestrial Biological Resources, Applied Ecology, Management of Ecosystems, Fishery, Aquacultures, Biological Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Management of Insular Ecosystems. Objectives of ‘’Water Resources and Coastal Zone Management’’ are (a) the probing deeply in the knowledge and practice of environmental mechanics, (b) provide research about integrated ’Water Resources and Coastal Zone Management.

10 10. Aims carry out scientific and technological research and experimental development, dissemination and implementation of produced results, especially in the fields of study and protection of the hydrosphere, its organisms, its interface with the atmosphere, the coast and the sea bottom, the physical, chemical, biological and geological conditions that prevail and regulate the above mentioned systems with: The production of products and supply of services The support of decision-making concerning the general public, the economy and culture Their economical exploitation either by the HCMR and/or by its employees or by third parties HCMR have five researches institutes: Oceanography Marine Biological Resources Aquaculture Marine Biology and Genetics Inland Waters HELLENIC CENTRE FOR MARINE RESEARCH - HCMR

11 11. For the accomplishment of its aims the HCMR: Plans and carries out scientific and technological programs, projects and elaborates relevant research studies Promotes the development of relations and cooperation with international organizations, AEI (Institutes of Higher Education) and relevant national and international Research Institutes as well as legal and physical parties Promotes scientific expertise on the aforementioned Contributes towards educating, informing and general awareness of the public Provides scientific and technological information through the appropriate website Provides products and offers services relevant to its research interests Represents Greece in international organizations with relevant activities HELLENIC CENTRE FOR MARINE RESEARCH - HCMR

12 12. Aegean Institute Of The Law Of The Sea And Maritime Law Objectives : The realization of research projects The publication of scientific reports and announcements The organization of lectures, seminars and conferences The collaboration with Greek and international academic institutions and scholars The issuance of opinions and consultations Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service Mission : The collection, elaboration and utilization of the elements and information concerning the Greek and adjacent waters in the fields of Hydrography, Oceanography, Cartography and Navigation with the aim to: Support the operational requirements of the Hellenic Navy and the Hellenic Forces in general Contribution to the safety of Navigation Promotion on Hydrography, Oceanography, Cartography and other Marine sciences Support, in case of request, of public services and private sector INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION & MILITARY AGENCY

13 13. CONCLUSION, FUTURE Hellenic case … … it seems to be a sum of a rather separate actions As the goal is … … “strengthening the capacity of educational institutions to lead programs focused on ocean’s protection and research and on sustainable development issues” I suppose that education & research on the oceans should provide a even more integrated approach, by : incorporating much more ‘LAND’ (COASTAL AREAS & ISLANDS) adopting SPATIAL PLANNING PROCESS (MARINE SPATIAL PLANNING) absorbing / collaborating with additional disciplinaries / stakeholders

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