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Weapons/Gear Accountability Utilizing Radio Waves (RFID)

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2 Weapons/Gear Accountability Utilizing Radio Waves (RFID)

3 ARMS Armory Management System Accountability Chain-of-Custody Compliance

4 Supports Unlimited Armory Locations Network connecting armories - Internet - Satellite - Cellular Tomcat Web Server Jboss Application Server Database My SQL or MS SQL Server Optional LDAP interface to Active Directory SMTP server for automated emails RAID1 and UPS recommended Central ARMS Server Central PC ClientsRemote PC Clients Armory Technical Schematic

5 Identify and Track Security Officers - Identify Authorized Personnel By ID Card, by scanning bar code or through passive RFID detection, or, by Selecting from Drop-Down List on Weapons/Gear Transfer Screen - Keep Track of Weapons Certifications - Keep Track of Weapons Assigned-to - Determine Weapons Required for Post - Transfer Custody when Issued / Returned

6 Tag Weapons, Gear and Ammo with RFID Tags

7 RFID Doorway and Issue-Window Detection Zones - Identify Officer Being Issued or Returning Weapons/Gear - Display Photos of Items 'assigned-to' and 'required-for-post' on Flat/Touch Screen Monitor - Highlight Photo in Red for any weapon where Certification has expired or Officer has been marked 'do-not-arm' - Determine Issue or Return by Motion Sensors - Update Database with each Transfer of Weapons/Gear - Maintain Chain-of-Custody

8 Validate Certifications, Post/Assignment and Transfers/Returns

9 Show Photos of Items Being Issued or Returned

10 Capture Electronic Signature to Validate Custody

11 Inventory Weapons after Issues and Returns - Inventory Weapons/Gear/Ammo After Shift Issuance’s - Validate locations of all weapons/gear at all times for 100% accountability - Find Items

12 Establish Database of Weapons / Gear

13 Manage and Track Inspections

14 Manage and Track Cleanings

15 Manage and Track Test Firings

16 Manage and Track Service / Maintenance

17 Detailed Chain-of-Custody From Original Acquisition through Final Disposition

18 Complete Report / Reporting Capabilities

19 ARMS Armory Management System Chain – of – Custody Accountability Weapons Certification Validation Post-Requirements Validation Weapons Event Tracking Weapons Location / Custody Tracking Transaction History / Audit Trail Complete Reporting

20 Enterprise-Class Database Management System ARMS is developed utilizing J2EE/J2SE framework, a top-tier and proven enterprise-class software architecture. A single database instance can model unlimited item types and scales to unlimited locations, users and records. Developed with open-source tools and can be deployed via the Internet, or on local Server(s), without requiring Third Party software or license fees. Also supports Microsoft OS's, SQL-SVR and LDAP, or can be implemented utilizing Solaris OS and/or Oracle DB. Integrated with Bar coding, UHF RFID and Active RFID technologies, for optimized item management and tracking.

21 Virtual Doxx Corporation 800-974-RFID (7343)

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