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Weapons/Gear Accountability Utilizing Radio Waves (RFID)

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2 Weapons/Gear Accountability Utilizing Radio Waves (RFID)

3 ARMS Armory Management System Accountability Chain-of-Custody Compliance

4 Supports Unlimited Armory Locations Network connecting armories - Internet - Satellite - Cellular Tomcat Web Server Jboss Application Server Database My SQL or MS SQL Server Optional LDAP interface to Active Directory SMTP server for automated s RAID1 and UPS recommended Central ARMS Server Central PC ClientsRemote PC Clients Armory Technical Schematic

5 Identify and Track Security Officers - Identify Authorized Personnel By ID Card, by scanning bar code or through passive RFID detection, or, by Selecting from Drop-Down List on Weapons/Gear Transfer Screen - Keep Track of Weapons Certifications - Keep Track of Weapons Assigned-to - Determine Weapons Required for Post - Transfer Custody when Issued / Returned

6 Tag Weapons, Gear and Ammo with RFID Tags

7 RFID Doorway and Issue-Window Detection Zones - Identify Officer Being Issued or Returning Weapons/Gear - Display Photos of Items 'assigned-to' and 'required-for-post' on Flat/Touch Screen Monitor - Highlight Photo in Red for any weapon where Certification has expired or Officer has been marked 'do-not-arm' - Determine Issue or Return by Motion Sensors - Update Database with each Transfer of Weapons/Gear - Maintain Chain-of-Custody

8 Validate Certifications, Post/Assignment and Transfers/Returns

9 Show Photos of Items Being Issued or Returned

10 Capture Electronic Signature to Validate Custody

11 Inventory Weapons after Issues and Returns - Inventory Weapons/Gear/Ammo After Shift Issuance’s - Validate locations of all weapons/gear at all times for 100% accountability - Find Items

12 Establish Database of Weapons / Gear

13 Manage and Track Inspections

14 Manage and Track Cleanings

15 Manage and Track Test Firings

16 Manage and Track Service / Maintenance

17 Detailed Chain-of-Custody From Original Acquisition through Final Disposition

18 Complete Report / Reporting Capabilities

19 ARMS Armory Management System Chain – of – Custody Accountability Weapons Certification Validation Post-Requirements Validation Weapons Event Tracking Weapons Location / Custody Tracking Transaction History / Audit Trail Complete Reporting

20 Enterprise-Class Database Management System ARMS is developed utilizing J2EE/J2SE framework, a top-tier and proven enterprise-class software architecture. A single database instance can model unlimited item types and scales to unlimited locations, users and records. Developed with open-source tools and can be deployed via the Internet, or on local Server(s), without requiring Third Party software or license fees. Also supports Microsoft OS's, SQL-SVR and LDAP, or can be implemented utilizing Solaris OS and/or Oracle DB. Integrated with Bar coding, UHF RFID and Active RFID technologies, for optimized item management and tracking.

21 Virtual Doxx Corporation RFID (7343)

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