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Condor Teachers Can Do Their B.E.S.T. August 29, 2012.

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1 Condor Teachers Can Do Their B.E.S.T. August 29, 2012


3 Response to Intervention Coordinator, Keeyana Riley

4 Curie’s Mission It is the mission of Curie Metropolitan High School to offer a rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on technology and the arts. Curie High School promotes future success by establishing a culture of college and career readiness and by encouraging students to enroll in post- secondary institutions. Curie High School is committed to providing authentic learning experiences that will provide a foundation for life-long learning. Students will be prepared to become leaders and engaged citizens in a global society, enabling them to contribute positively and responsibly to their community.

5 CIWP: Four Priorities Support college and career readiness Monitor and provide intervention to support on-track to graduate rates Instruction: Promote EPAS growth through targeted Instruction Increase attendance and decrease misconduct within the 4-6 range

6 ATTENDANCE It is important that students be accurately recorded as Absent or Present, so please take attendance at the beginning of class. If students are not on your roster when you take attendance, immediately send them to the program office!

7 Attendance Coordinator, Marcos Rico

8 Administrative Team Phillip Perry, Principal Cherokee King, Administrative Assistant Assistant Principals Rochelle Bryant Laura Cottrell Ana Espinoza Jose Rodriguez

9 Welcome to Curie High School Gabriela Vazquez, Guidance Counselor Aid Jesus Sancen, Teacher Assistant Miguel Juarez, Voc.Tech. Assistant Cherokee King, Administrative Assistant Josephine Aghedo, Special Ed. Jessica Colvin, P.E. Latasha Clark, Special Ed. Bradley Gill, Business Ellen Gordon, Math Mohammed Farraj, Special Ed. Maria Lopez – Cardona, Counseling James McDonagh, P.E. Marcos Rico, Attendance Facilitator Anna Rodriguez-Cotter, Counseling Joan Smyth, Special Ed. Oscar Torres, Math

10 REGULAR SCHEDULE PERIODSTARTENDLENGTHSTAFF SWIPE IN/OUT 17:30 AM8:22 AM527:30 AM 28:26 AM9:18 AM528:26 AM 3/LUNCH9:22 AM10:14 AM52 4/LUNCH10:18 AM11:10 AM52 5/LUNCH11:14 AM12:06 PM52 6/LUNCH12:10 PM1:02 PM52 7/LUNCH1:06 PM1:58 PM52 8/LUNCH2:02 PM2:54 PM522:54 PM 2:58 PM3:50 PM523:50 PM SEMINAR SCHEDULE (Fridays) PERIODSTARTENDLENGTHSTAFF SWIPE IN/OUT 17:30 AM8:08 AM387:30 AM 28:12 AM8:50 AM388:12 AM SEMINAR8:54 AM9:47 AM53 3/LUNCH9:51 AM10:29 AM38 4/LUNCH10:33AM11:11 PM38 5/LUNCH11:15 AM11:53AM38 6/LUNCH11:57 AM12:35PM38 7/LUNCH12:39 PM1:17 PM38 8/LUNCH1:21PM1:59 PM381:59 PM 92:03 PM2:41PM382:41 PM CURIE METROPOLITAN HIGH SCHOOL BELL SCHEDULES 2012-2013 Full Day Schedule

11 Introduction Video


13 What are REACH Performance Tasks? Focus on a targeted set of key standards or skills (1-2 at most) Designed to be completed in roughly one class period. Each task includes four components: (1) Standards, (2) Task Description (including directions), (3) Task Materials, and (4) Scoring Rubric.

14 When are REACH performance tasks administered? Beginning of the year (BOY) End of the Year (EOY)

15 Who is required to administer a REACH performance task?

16 Teachers only administer the performance task to ONE section of students. Teachers can select the ONE section in which they administer the task Teachers are to put scores in CIM for that ONE section All tasks are to be administered in one class period FYI: This Performance Task is part of your REACH evaluation.

17 What subjects are exempt in SY 13? Con Ed World Geography Law in American Life Latin American History Human Geography

18 When will h igh s chool REACH p erformance t asks for n on-core c ourses be a vailable? In 2013-2014, REACH performance tasks will be available for all high school courses.

19 Which standards are the REACH performance tasks aligned to? Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Aligned to state and/or national standards.

20 Who administers REACH performance tasks? Teachers Administration takes roughly one class period Teachers should follow the directions on the performance task itself for specific guidance. Teachers must collect all student work at the end of each class period Students should not work on the tasks outside of class - THEY MUST BE DONE IN THE CLASSROOM

21 Will English Language Learners be required to take REACH performance tasks? Yes, ELLs will take REACH Performance Tasks. Spanish speakers are assessed in either Spanish or English, depending on their program placement.

22 Where can I find the REACH performance assessments? Includes Spanish Translations Performance Task Templates

23 Introductory Video

24 Assessment Schedule

25 Teacher Evaluation Plan and Handbook of Procedure Appendix G- Applies to teachers who received an Unsatisfactory evaluation in the 2011-2012 school year or teachers currently in the remediation process Start of script Remediation Process For Unsatisfactory Tenured Teachers From Article 39-5 of the Agreement Whenever, in the opinion of the principal, after personal observation in the classroom on at least two (2)different school days, unless the tenured teacher has no classroom duties, the service of a tenured teacher is considered unsatisfactory, the principal of the school shall notify the tenured teacher in writing, using the Form E3, Evaluation of Unsatisfactory Service of a Tenured Teacher. This notice, which is given to the tenured teacher in a conference at a place ensuring privacy, state the reasons for the unsatisfactory rating and advises the tenured teacher that the tenured teacher is required to participate in a remediation plan. Within three (3) school days after the issuance of Form E3, the principal shall select a qualified potential consulting teacher from the appropriate district roster, supplied by the Union. The principal, consulting teacher, and teacher under remediation shall meet within seven (7) school days to develop a remediation plan to correct the area(s) identified as unsatisfactory. This plan may include the participation of other personnel to assist in correcting areas identified as unsatisfactory. This remediation plan shall become effective no later than thirty (30) calendar days after a notice of unsatisfactory service is issued to the teacher.

26 Teacher Evaluation Plan and Handbook of Procedure (cont.) The consulting teacher shall be selected from a roster submitted by the Chicago Teachers Union. The qualified consulting teacher shall be one who has received a superior or excellent rating on his or her most recent evaluation, has a minimum of five years’ teaching experience and has knowledge relevant to the teaching area/assignment of the teacher under remediation. The participation of the consulting teacher shall be voluntary. The consulting teacher shall provide advice to the teacher under remediation on how to improve teaching area/assignment skills and how to successfully complete the remediation plan. The consulting teacher does not participate in the evaluation of the teacher under remediation, but shall participate in conferences with the principal or other appropriate qualified administrators. The remediation plan shall consist of 90 days. At the end of the remediation period, an evaluation shall be conducted by the principal or other appropriate qualified administrator. After the 90-day remediation period (105 ILCS 5/24A-5), the principal, in consultation with the consulting teacher, shall determine if sufficient improvement has taken place to justify a satisfactory or better rating. If sufficient improvement has not taken place, the teacher shall be dismissed in accordance with (105 ILCS 5/24A-5), of the School Code of Illinois. If the teacher completed the remediation period with a satisfactory or better rating, the teacher shall be subject to the one-year intensive review schedule of monthly evaluations for the first six months and quarterly evaluations for the next six months (105 ILCS 5/24A-5). Thereafter, the teacher shall be reinstated to a schedule of annual (satisfactory rating) or biennial (superior or excellent rating) evaluations.

27 Teacher Evaluation Plan and Handbook of Procedure (cont.) Failure to strictly comply with the timeline for the required evaluations because of events such as summer months, illness, or certain leaves granted teachers under a remediation plan, shall not invalidate the results of the remediation plan. For Unsatisfactory Probationary Appointed Teachers From Article 39-2.5 of the Agreement A probationary appointed teacher’s contract is subject to termination before the end of the school year for unsatisfactory performance provided as follows: The principal notifies the probationary appointed teacher in writing stating the reasons for the unsatisfactory notice and offers suggestions for improvement. After the issuance of an unsatisfactory notice, the principal shall visit the probationary appointed teacher, observe the probationary appointed teacher in a teaching situation and confer with the probationary appointed teacher in a place ensuring privacy to offer assistance for improving the probationary appointed teacher’s service. If the principal determines that the work of the probationary appointed teacher remains unsatisfactory, after at least fifteen school days following the issuance of the unsatisfactory notice, the principal shall submit all documents to Human Resources Employee Relations to conduct the conference provided for in Article 39-2.4.

28 Teacher Evaluation Plan and Handbook of Procedure (cont.) For Unsatisfactory Temporarily Assigned Teachers Whenever, in the opinion of the principal, the service of a temporary assigned teacher is considered unsatisfactory, the principal of the school notifies the teacher, in writing, using the Unsatisfactory Temporarily Assigned Teacher Notice form. This notice, which is given to the teacher in a conference at a place ensuring privacy, states the reasons for the unsatisfactory rating and offers suggestions and assistance to the teacher for improving the teacher’s services. Following the issuance of the Unsatisfactory Assigned Teacher Notice, the principal visits the teacher once and holds a post conference with said teacher at a place ensuring privacy. Following the conference, written suggestions are made to the teacher for improving the teacher’s services. The principal shall give the teacher a written memo which will verify that the teacher was visited and that a conference as described above was held. Upon completion of the fifteen (15) school day period after the issuance of the Unsatisfactory Temporarily Assigned Teacher Notice, if the services of the teacher continue to be unsatisfactory, the principal shall present the Final Unsatisfactory Notice to the teacher in a conference at a place ensuring privacy. Human Resources Employee Relations then calls a conference in which the following persons are included: the teacher, a representative from the Chicago Teachers Union or a representative of the teacher’s choice, and a representative from the Human Resources Employee Relations. At this conference, the unsatisfactory rating is discussed. A recommendation is then made to the Chief Executive Officer regarding what action to take. End of script

29 Please return to the auditorium promptly at 12:22pm.


31 Check Under Your Seats Come up and claim your prize if you are a lucky ticket holder!

32 TNT/ GEAR UP Mary Charles &

33 Policy and Procedure Please refer to your packet See department chairs with questions or concerns about the emergency procedures

34 Furniture, Equipment & Classrooms Remember protocol when removing furniture and equipment: Obtain permission first You must obtain permission from administration prior to changing classrooms: Administration, staff and students need to be able to find all classes

35 Code of Conduct The following are expected and linked to your evaluation: Restorative Process Classroom Management Monitoring and Managing Behavior

36 Teacher Managed behaviorAttendance Managed BehaviorDean Managed behavior Attendance reports (tardies/cuts) in note section of daily attendance page of Gradebook –teachers should utilize this section Cutting classes Repetitive minor offenses (accompanied by behavior log) Attendance logs- continue call logsTardiness to schoolFighting Excessive talkingChronic absencesvandalism Off taskI.D.?Verbal / physical threat Cell phones (need policy from Principal) what should teachers do?*Teachers need clarification* Gang representation Missing homeworkDrug violation Not prepared for classarson Inappropriate languageHallway disruption DishonestyHarassment (sexual/ bullying) Dresscode (minor violations like a child needing to pull up his pants) assault Cheating and plagiarismweapons Who Manages What Behavior?

37 Common Core Overview Curie teachers who attended Summer Institute, please stand.

38 Rubicon is Coming! Temporary lesson plan submission is available on the Curie Website Jose Rodriguez, Assistant Principal

39 EPAS Success!

40 ACT Scores Excel Workbook

41 Announcements

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