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Total Cherwell Incidents: 30,276. Total Telephone Calls: 23,498.

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1 Total Cherwell Incidents: 30,276

2 Total Telephone Calls: 23,498

3 How Open Tickets are Being Calculated Total Jul – Oct Development: 941Total Jul – Oct Help Desk: 397 September StatusSeptember Count Assigned49 Closed6 In Progress51 InDevelopmentReview485 New2 Pending19 Reopened59 RequestReview15 Resolved2913 Sent to Development10 Grand Total3609

4 Total Number of November Cherwell Incidents: 1,604 Sent to Development Not Sent to Development

5 November Total: 1,604 November Subcategories Greater Than 30 Eligibility EDBC518 CSED188 Data Collection169 Eligibility Det Grp105 Benefit Issuance100 Security97 Recertification58 Performance44 Interfaces30 Sent to Development StatusCount% Sent to CQ66241% WRs261 Remaining40125% Error 100s 236 (613) Special Projects Deleting and entering tickets for ids that cannot be deleted in response to audit Providing all employees with queues for all offices in their region: Region II and Region III completed, Region IV started Analyzing monthly statistics

6 Help Desk Statistics – Weekly Ticket and Call Count Ticket Status11/711/1411/2111/2812/5 Accepted00000 Assigned944101815 Closed10100 In Progress14536949107 In Development Review1137513062146 New01000 Pending20142048 Reopened22429 Request Review13884 Resolved245210267127262 Sent to Development14123 Grand Total418411510268563

7 Help Desk Statistics – Top Issues Reported – 12/05/14

8 Tickets Resolved by Help Desk – Week Ending 12/05/14 Note: Tickets resolved include user errors and user coaching by Help Desk Agents.

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