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SASHTO Region Tammy C. Denning. What is new or proposed for the states of the SASHTO region?

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1 SASHTO Region Tammy C. Denning

2 What is new or proposed for the states of the SASHTO region?

3 Alabama Plans to become web based with a permitting system within the next 6 months and implement automated routing for routine issue permits. Attention has been focused on Detailed Bridge Analysis to shorten the turnaround time for superloads. Rules and regulations are being rewritten to reflect the recommendations from the AASHTO harmonization efforts. Also, adding language to the rules that will allow future changes for harmonization initiatives without requiring the Administrative Procedures Act.

4 Arkansas Statutory changes for size and weight: Permits can be issued to allow trailers up to 57’ in length provided the weight does not exceed 80,000 lbs. and all other dimensions are legal. Overweight permits may be issued up to 85,000 lbs. on state highways for animal feed going directly to livestock or poultry.

5 Florida Implemented a new automated routing system that does not require any additional information from the carriers.

6 Georgia In 2014, Georgia will be testing and implementing a new permitting software that will allow users to submit applications online and immediately receive a permit for a gross weight up to 150,000 lbs.

7 Kentucky Currently performing acceptance testing for a new software program with the goal of implementing automated routing in the future. Now, accepting permit applications greater than 15’6” high with a route survey regardless of the origin or destination.

8 Mississippi Movers have the authority to operate with electronic permits and only with the permit number. Phasing out the “write your own” permit books that are associated with some of the blanket permits. Reviewing the possibility of implementing a new permitting system.

9 North Carolina Permitting system has been enhanced with automated routing. Plans are to move forward with self-issuance for certain dimensions in the future. Permitted loads are authorized to travel one-mile off the permitted route of travel for fuel, food, rest, etc. when traveling on control access highways as long as certain guidelines are followed.

10 South Carolina An update to their on-line permitting system should be in place by the end of 2014. The upgrade will include the ability to generate a route to allow the self- issuance of single trip permits. No policy or rule changes.

11 Tennessee In 2013, Implemented auto-issuance for permits that meet certain criteria. Adopted SC&RA guidance for a permit amendment policy. Allowed for permit data to be viewed roadside for enforcement. The following changes have been submitted to the TDOT Commissioner for approval then must be passed by legislation: allow travel on Sunday and Good Friday, increase permit duration to 7 days, increase the requirement for over-length escorts to >90’, change brush stroke for letters on banner to 1 ½ inches, allow either red or florescent orange flags and increase the GVWR of escort vehicles to 18,000 lbs.

12 Virginia Effective January 1, 2014, prior to completing the exam required to obtain an escort vehicle operator certification or re- certification, all operators are must attend an 8-hour class.

13 West Virginia Routing As of May 15, 2013, all applications are required to be submitted through or Applicants must select routes and run an analysis. Only applications that fail the analysis or applications with dimensions greater than those allowed for self-issue will be processed by the Permit Office. This change has resulted in approximately 80% of the permits in West Virginia being self-issued. Holidays Good Friday is no longer a restricted travel holiday.

14 SASHTO is working as a team with AASHTO and the other regions to move forward with the harmonization efforts of Phase I and Phase II. Working to identify which states will need to make changes to conform with Phase I. Outreaching to obtain data from the states for Phase II.

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