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Mobile identity you really trust Liisa Lukin, Sertifitseerimiskeskus.

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1 Mobile identity you really trust Liisa Lukin, Sertifitseerimiskeskus


3 Our mission To guarantee that there are electronic ID’s on the market that both public and private sector can trust – Trust in an identity: who issues, who believes, who can fake, price of fake

4 Company backround The only provider of certification services in Estonia Running the core infrastructure for Estonian eID Established in February 2001 Currently 35+ employees SK is privately held company with 4 shareholders having 25% each: Major clients: Republic of Estonia, Trüb, Gemalto, Estonian banks and telecom operators, ealth sector Now also more focus on export

5 Usage of Estonian eID Population: 1,3 mln >410,000 active ID-card users >40,000 Mobile-ID users 10 mln transactions per month – Inc. ~1.5 mln Mobile-ID transactions Number of transactions per month: – ~25 for each eID user – ~38 for each Mobile-ID user SK is running the core infrastructure for Estonian eID

6 Mobile-ID provides a secure mechanism for subscribers to identify themselves to any service providers Subscribers are issued an SIM- card with a cryptographic certificate proving their identity The service provider uses the Mobile-ID to verify the identity of the subscriber Mobile-ID solution

7 Mobile-ID in Estonia On the market since 2007 as an alternative to ID card – Offical document from 2011 – All operators are supported SK was driving development and implementation of requirements Unique toolset to combine WPKI and PKI possibilities SK is offering the CA and TSP services – owner of the core infrastructure All service providers (public / private) support Mobile-ID for authentication and signing – Trust of issuance procedure

8 DEMO Secure authentication and digital signature in every pocket

9 BanksGovernmentPublic Servicese-ServicesWeb Sites SwedbankE-votingGateway to eEstonia, portal IIZI Insurance Broker Student information systems SEB BankEstonian Tax and Customs Board Document signing portalIf P&C Insurance Ltd E-Learning Development Centre Danske BankCenter of Registers and Information Systems Public transport ticketing system Electricity provider portals Tallinn University Student Information System NordeaEstonian Road Administration (Vehicle Register) eKool education information system Tele2 / EMT / ElisaApollo Book Shop e-shop LHV PankEstonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board Nasdaq OMX Estonian Securities Market Medicum - medical assistance Estonian University of Life Sciences KrediidipankPublic Procurement Register Unemployment Insurance Fund Lottery ticketsCompany loyalty card websites Tallinn Business Bank Health Information System GoSwift – information system for managing a common border queue Gas consumption portal e-auctions Source: Mobile-ID is trusted by:

10 No FunctionalityPKI Mobile-IDPIN calculatorOTP Works with any browser +++ Not vulnerable to key logger +++ Not vulnerable to man-in- the-middle attacks +-- Digital signing support +-- SSO solution +-- No additional hardware to carry +-- Based on PKI +-- Comparison to “regular” bank token:

11 Mobile-ID setup

12 Mobile-ID Service Provider Operates Mobile-ID Service Solution provided by SK Should be a party trusted by all service providers to provide identity verification services Provides Mobile-ID Service platform to all MNO-s in a country or region of operation Earns a fee for each identity verification transaction Certification Authority The entity that generates and signs the ID certificate for each user Could be an existing trusted CA in the country of operation CA services could be provided by SK Earns a fee for each certificate issued Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Issues the M-ID SIM with SIM Application provided by SK Earns a fee for each SIM issued, as well as a monthly M-ID subscription fee Acts as Registration Authority for CA Note: A single entity can fulfill multiple roles, e.g. MNO could also be the TSP and the CA. Mobile-ID solution role players

13 The subscriber has to purchase a Mobile-ID SIM The subscriber pays a monthly fee for the Mobile- ID service Each service provider pays a fee for each identity verification transaction CA receives money for every issued certificate Revenue model

14 Assumptions 1 million subscriber base Average 0.01 € per ID verification Subscriber pays 10 € for Mobile-ID SIM card with a 5 year certificate Subscriber pays 0.7 € per month subscription for the service DescriptionYear 1Year 2Year 3 M-ID active users67K97K127K Annual transaction volume10M20M30M TSP: Annual transaction revenue (€)100K200K300K MNO: Annual SIM revenue (€)670K300K MNO: Annual subscription revenue (€)562K814K1,066K Total revenue (€)1,332K1,314K1,666K Revenue example

15 Summary SK has technology and competence to serve or set up full Mobile-ID Service Solution SK is able to deliver with partners the full implementation or support customers with already existing partners

16 Contact Margus Arm Head of Sales and Marketing Thank You!

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