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Pre-requisites for roll-out

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1 Pre-requisites for roll-out
DBT in IAY Pre-requisites for roll-out

2 Debit account Only one debit account at state level
Account must be CPSMS registered Details to be entered in AwaasSoft Link given at state login Once finalized, information can not be changed in the system Give mobile and for receiving SMS / mail of daily financial reconciliation


4 Set Signatory level for FTO
Declare level and designation of officer for digitally signing the FTO Declare level and designation of officer for verification of first sign and second digital sign By default block Accountant is 1st signatory, BDO is 2nd signatory, can be changed by state login at the start of financial year Once declared this can not be changed at any point of time during financial year

5 Beneficiary account freezing and verification by PFMS
Before generating 1st order sheet, freeze beneficiary account from block login All frozen beneficiary accounts will be verified by PFMS Only PFMS verified beneficiary accounts will appear in order sheet for payment PFMS rejected beneficiary accounts will again have to updated and frozen


7 Signatory registration
All 1st and 2nd level signatories to register from block login Username pattern For 1st Signatory of block CG01001 username will be CG01001A For 2nd Signatory of block CG01001 username will be CG01001B Password will be sent to registered mobile no.


9 Signatory enrolment and activation
Registered signatories can login from any login screen with new credentials and enrol their DSCs If the Officer does not have a DSC already, same will have to be procured State MIS nodal officer can activate/de-activate any DSC from state login Once DSC is activated, signatory can login again to generate/ digitally sign the FTO in future






15 Roll Out Strategy Once above exercise is completed, payment of all houses sanctioned in to be made through AwaasSoft FMS Chandigarh login can be used for training and capacity building Do not use your state login for any test entry All exercises to be verified manually by the officer in-charge till the software implementation is not stabilized for that state

16 Issues in implementation - I
If FTO is not generated from block, software will have to be customized accordingly All registered DSCs along with the agency code of blocks will have be synchronised with PFMS before any account verification/payment Any change in signing authority at any level will have to be synchronised with PFMS Any customization in the software for any state will affect synchronisation with PFMS

17 Issues in implementation - II
DSC is now not issued by NIC. DSC procurement can be done through NICSI empanelled vendors if DSC is not available FMS Reports will be made available as and when data is available in database Suggestions may be given by state nodal officers regarding reporting format as well as FMS module

18 TO DO State Complete all mentioned exercises at earliest
Co-ordination with NIC and MoRD MoRD Co-ordination with PFMS for early responses Issuance of all necessary advisories Monitoring of state by state implementation on daily basis NIC Development of remaining modules, reports and resolving implementation issues

19 Thank You !

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