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U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River Incident Management Division.

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1 U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River Incident Management Division

2 Area of Responsibility

3 F/V Western JTMD

4 TYPICAL CASES: Mystery sheens Sunken vessels Grounded vessels Mystery drums Facility /releases Vsl discharges/releases Exercises Derelict vessels Japan Tsunami marine debris Marine Environmental Response The 16-person Incident Management Division at Sector Columbia River responds to all pollution threats along the Columbia River, and the coastlines and navigable waters of Oregon and southern Washington state.

5 Sector Columbia River IMD numbers Sector Columbia River has issued 15 Letters of Warning so far in 2014, and 9 Notice of Violations (about average). Since the last RRT, we have had 11 reports of Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris (a significant increase!). Feb 2014-present: 102 NRC reports (avg 1+ a day) 12 Mystery sheens 3 Sunken vessels 2 Grounded vessels 5 Mystery drums 3 Facility discharges/releases 5 Vessel discharges/releases 5 Exercises 6 Derelict vessels 11 reports Tsunami debris LAST RRT: LAST YEAR: 8084 1519 67 910 4 44 55 79 85 13

6 Derelict Vessel, Portland, Mar. 7 Summary 1207, Mar. 7: 26-foot vessel sunk at Willamette Cove next to BNSF RR Bridge in Portland in 22 feet of water. Est. discharge of 1- 2 gal diesel; IMD deemed product to be unrecoverable and issued vessel owner USCG Letter of Warning.

7 F/V Silver Girl, Warrenton, OR, March 9 Summary 0750, Mar 9: Clatsop County Sheriff reported F/V Silver Girl had significant sheen around it. IMD deployed and found two leaking drums on deck; vessel owner arrived, hired contractor to remove all pollutants; CG enforcement followed thru NOV issuance.

8 F/V JO MARIE, Brookings, Or., Jan. 20 10-12 CFVs navigate around sunken vsl each day for a week

9 Vehicle in water, Seaside, OR, April 2 Summary 1225, Apr. 2: Driver rolls vehicle off bridge in Seaside, OR, into the Necanicum River. Complex 2-day operation mitigates 15-gal discharge. Slight sheen observed; no sig. injuries, no sig. pollution, as car removed.

10 Barge ELAND, Nehalem, OR, April 11 Summary 1353, Apr. 11: Significant sheen reported in Nehalem River; vessel determined to be in EPA zone, but CG assisted with response. Owner quickly admitted to discharge from leak of crane on deck; deferred enforcement to EPA.

11 Vigor Shipyard Discharge, April 11 Summary 1327, Apr. 11: Est. 1-2 gal. discharge from hydraulic leak in winch of anchor system at facility. All pollution contained within boom that Vigor sets around each vessel. NOV issued.

12 Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Summary: 11 reports of JTMD received from April 29-May 16. None since! May 16: 3’ square plastic crate IVO Salishan Spit, Lincoln City, OR May 12: 20’foot vsl near Waldport, OR May 11: two 25’ skiffs near Cape Kiwanda, OR, covered in “invasive species” and removed by Tillamook Cnty May 11: 4’ container, Agate Beach, OR May 10: 18’ skiff spotted 38nm NW of Grays Hbr, WA, sig. marine growth May 10: 5 gal. box at Pacific City, OR May 10: 3’ cylinder at Cannon Bch, OR May 9: 20 gal. cylinder ashore on beach at Ocean City, WA. Disposed by DOE. 1 May: 2 30’ cylinders 35 nm west of Cascade Head, OR 29 April: 18’ vsl Ocean Shores, WA

13 F/V Western, Charleston, OR Summary: CG Station Coos Bay personnel hear report in early April that owner of 70’ F/V plans to scuttle it at sea on a possible trip from Coos Bay to Astoria, OR. On April 22, vsl is stripped at pier. IMD deploys for investigation …

14 F/V Western, Charleston, OR Summary: FIR; no pollutants; EPA statute on scuttling; mariner engagement!

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