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Exclusively available under patent registration ADVANCED SECURITY VIA ELECTRONIC ENGRAVING (ASEE)

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1 Exclusively available under patent registration ADVANCED SECURITY VIA ELECTRONIC ENGRAVING (ASEE)

2  What is ASEE?  How it differ from present solutions?  ASEE exclusives  Sample  Benefits of ASEE  Applications  ASEE providers all over the world  ASEE users & recognitions CONTENTS

3  ASEE is an Advance Security via Electronic Engraving on identification cards, passports, etc WHAT IS ASEE?  ASEE engraves directly onto the surface of plastic cards making it virtually impossible to substitute the engraved information avoiding any kind of forgery

4  Quality: Due to highest resolution electronically engraved images makes any kind of forgery impossible  Speed: Quick issuance of high security Passports and Social security cards for the entire population of the whole country  Cost: Cost of issuance and the hardware required is minimal so as to make the whole thing very cost effective  Easy to recognize: ASEE’s engraved images can be recognized by naked eye, making the cost of hardware to detect forgery almost negligible ASEE EXCLUSIVES

5  Sample ASEE SAMPLE

6  Highly secured passports (making forgery impossible)  Issuance of National security cards  The resolution of the engraved image is as high as 11 dots/mm  It takes for only about 60 seconds to issue one card  Soft copies of engraved information can be shared via Central database  Excellent durability including water-resistance, high temperature/moisture-resistance & chemical resistance  Can be integrated with magnetic stripe cards, optical cards, IC chips cards and various thermal transfer systems  Can be combined with emboss, magnetic stripes, bar codes, hologram, covert characters, IC chips, etc  Engraved images can be verified quickly without requiring any equipment BENEFITS OF ASEE

7  CARDS  ID Cards of governmental organizations, institutions and bodies.  Corporate ID Cards.  Membership Cards of golf clubs, tennis clubs, customer cards, religions group and supporter’ s organization, etc.  Student ID Cards for all the schools.  Entrance Cards  Driving License and all the qualification certificates  Seal Registration Certificate  Metal Plates  Recognition Issuance of the Army  Noble Metal VIP Cards  Engraved Portrait Card  Special Synthetic Resin Papers  Securities ASEE APPLICATIONS

8  As of today apart from ASEE, only HELL (Germany) is providing the products by engraving  However only ASEE can provide engraving on especially developed Synthetic Resin Paper  In addition to this ASEE excel over in terms of quality, production speed & cost  Exclusives of ASEE:  The engraved image can express the light and shade as same as a photograph through a super exact technology of 1 ~ 50 μ m depth engraving.  In addition, a negative image can be turned into a positive image through alight from the bottom, positive image can also be turned into negative image through the turning over engraving method ASEE PROVIDERS

9  The Republic of Haiti and Egypt had already adopted this system & more than 10 countries all over the world recognized this system as a forgery proof high technology (Can we get the names of those 10 countries?)  Passed through a severe testing by ICAO in 1995 for the evaluation as a highly secured technology for prevention from forgery  Obtained an evaluation by the Department of Commerce of U.S.A. as an effective technology for preventing photograph replacement of the applicants ASEE USERS & RECOGNITIONS

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