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Your Meeting Will Begin Momentarily… 1. Work Support Strategies County Leadership Call and Webinar December 10, 2013

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1 Your Meeting Will Begin Momentarily… 1

2 Work Support Strategies County Leadership Call and Webinar December 10, 2013

3 Agenda NC FAST Updates Self-Assessment Professional Development Supervisor Training County Sharing County Query Questions/Concerns 3

4 NC FAST: Updates from Hard Launch 4 “The initial assessment looks good. We are still waiting for the appropriate opportunity to "convert" a case that was brought over from EIS, and we think we have a disability case to attempt this afternoon or tomorrow. A few bugs that were to be expected, but overall initial assessments are great. A little too early to break out the champagne, but much better than we had expected this morning at 7:00……Good job.” — David Atkinson, Carteret County DSS Director

5 Updates 5 Regional Meetings Survey for Directors Feb 27-28 Eastern Region Meeting - Atlantic Beach, NC March 20-21 Western Region Meeting - Asheville, NC Feedback? Leadership Summit March 24-26. Monday mid-day through Wednesday mid-day Koury Convention Center; Greensboro, NC WSS County Champions Three staff members per county Suggestions? Structure Must-Haves Sessions

6 Self-Assessment 6

7 7

8 Professional Development Read Articles and Books Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out Of The Box by the Arbinger Institute Network with Each Other Keep it Positive! Check out Relevant Websites: APHSA’s National Workgroup on Integration: View some Videos ePASS for MA: MA&feature=share&list=UULnptglMR-TF-k2YdNQSXZw&index=1 MA&feature=share&list=UULnptglMR-TF-k2YdNQSXZw&index=1 ePASS for SNAP: Idaho: 8

9 Supervisors – PAST and PRESENT 9 Often promoted from IMCs to Supervisors Great caseworkers Little Supervisor/Management training Few tools at disposal High degree of policy and system knowledge Feeling lost Overwhelmed Little training Limited system knowledge Want to help struggling staff Management time pressures are intense

10 Supervisors – FUTURE? 10 Workload Managers Staff Managers Leaders and Strategic Thinkers Cultivators of Internal Resources Well-Trained Data-Driven Knowledgeable on Where to Find Answers

11 Supervisor Tips: MBWA Too often we find ourselves not interacting with our staff face-to-face but managing them…. via email. Managing By Walking Around Watch and listen Try out their work Bring good news Ask Questions Point them to resources Don’t be critical What is the cost of staying in your office? What is the cost of getting out of your office?

12 Supervisor Tips: Experts Your value is not in knowing how to do everything Be the Expert….on finding the Expert. Superusers Trouble-shooters Policy experts Identify skills within your staff and work on develop capacity Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Manager / Supervisor Benefits: stress reduction, time management improvement, Employee Benefits: Professional development, confidence Organizational Benefits: improved efficiency, increased teamwork Be the decision-maker Ask questions 12

13 Supervisor Tips: Celebrate Wins 13 Celebrate small victories. This can help: Motivate your staff Unify the team Draws attention away from negativity Builds connection with employees Keep employee efforts from going unappreciated Reminds staff that positive outcomes are possible

14 Supervisor Tips: The Therapist is In 14 © Peanuts Realize there is an 80/20 rule and “dealing” with difficult staff is not enough. Instead, you want those difficult people to stop complaining, stop the workplace drama and stop draining everyone’s energy. Dedicate specific times for the sharing of concerns Generate a complaint-free zone Identify staff tendencies: Negotiate with whiners Seek input from complainers Don’t give in to drama queens Empathy is good, but don’t let it suck you in. Focus on the positive Remember your role, make a referral if needed © Peanuts

15 County Sharing 15

16 FNS Issuance Date Case Banking Approach Forsyth County DSS Shantele F. Williams Income Support Program Manager

17 Background Analyzed current business process related to case load ownership During transitions to NC Fast, found it inefficient to have case ownerships in managing case loads Case banking by issuance dates is effective for multiple reasons: 1. Managing what and when will be issued first 2. Vacancies for the county 3. Backlog issues

18 Reasoning NC FAST system allows any caseworker to work a case Allows any capable income maintenance caseworker to work cases based on issuance dates Ensures customers are receiving benefits timely Process is manageable for supervisors during shortages and vacancies

19 Process Run data warehouse report that incorporates:  Income Support Number  PDC Number  Case Ownership in NC FAST  Case Head Name, DOB and SSN  Certification Dates  Delivery Cycle Issuance dates

20 Process Round robin system of FNS caseworkers to answer phone calls, see customers and process changes All 20 FNS caseworkers will be on rotation Creates “no wrong door” approach for our customers.

21 Process Download CSDW report information to Excel  Sort by issuance dates and remove case ownership Assign cases to two different set of teams  Issues assigned issuance dates beginning with the 3rd, 5th, etc with a specific timeframe

22 Timeframes and Workload In December each team has 2 ½ days to process each issuance dates. Each issuance date has approximately 36-39 cases to process Ensures every customer that is due benefits on a specific issuance date receives benefits timely

23 Challenges Customers reporting Changes Phone calls about cases Customer visits to the Agency Learning Curve for Customers not associating a worker to their case Mind set change for Case workers ownership to customer’s cases

24 Desired Outcome Better Customer Service Case processed timely Meeting the goal of the no wrong door approach Customer centered approach


26 County Query 26

27 County Request We are working on strategizing how to further blend our economic services teams. We currently have an application and review team and are planning to merge those teams in the near future. What counties, similarly sized to ours (small to small-medium) could offer advice or suggestions? Thanks! 27

28 Contact Sheet Judy Lawrence DHHS Project Manager (336) 227-2063 Erin Henderlight PCG Project Manager (828) 214-3614 28 Shannon Montanez PCG Project Team (919) 576-2266

29 29 Public Consulting Group, Inc. 148 State Street, Tenth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 (617) 426-2026,

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