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E-Licensing Service (Engineering) Date: 17/12/2012.

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1 E-Licensing Service (Engineering) Date: 17/12/2012

2 E-Licensing Introduction What is E-Licensing? List of services in the form of applications related to the Engineering Licensing, all found in the GCAA website.

3 E-Licensing Types of E-Services There are 12 E-Licensing Engineering services: -Initial Issuance -Renewal -Extension to include new category -Type rating endorsement -Limitation removal from basic category -Limitation removal from type rating

4 E-Licensing Types of E-Services Continue, type of E-Services: -Conversion of old GCAA license into new CAR66 -Replacement for damage/lost/change of info -Issuance based on foreign license -Temporary validation of foreign license(issuance) -Temporary validation of foreign license(extension) -Practical assessor approval

5 E-Licensing Phases Registration (1 st registration) -General (for engineers only) (for QA users, GCAA will provide user name and password) -E-mail notification for user name and password

6 E-Licensing Phases (continue,,) 2 nd Registration (specific) -Identify the organization -AMEL verification

7 E-Licensing Phases (continue,,) Application process -Initiated by engineer -Send to QA for  Review and recommendation or  Send back to initiator for more info or  Reject the application -Send to GCAA to complete the process

8 E-Licensing Flow Chart

9 E-Licensing Advantages -Improve the application process time -Accuracy of information -Minimize error -Paperless -Easy to track and retrieve applications

10 E-Licensing Implementation 31/12/2012 E-Licensing will be active 01/01/2013 GCAA will stop receiving manual applications However, on specific cases, the GCAA may allow manual applications due to unsuccessful attempts of E-Licensing service. (Note: prior permission from GCAA is required)

11 E-Licensing Contact Details Mohammad Al MarzouqiOthman Bin Abas +971 4 2111726 +971 4 2111591 Mohammad Bin DenanPaul Price +971 4 2111643+971 4 2111738 Ms. Wafa Salim Ms. Fatima Al Ali +971 4 2111521+971 4 2111597 Obaid Bin Hamdoon +971 4

12 Thank you

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