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1 Directive Management USDA FOREST SERVICE Pacific Southwest R5 Vallejo California.

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1 1 Directive Management USDA FOREST SERVICE Pacific Southwest R5 Vallejo California

2 2 CONSTITUTION Article I Legislative Branch Authorizes Congress to make laws Article II Executive Branch Authorizes President to execute laws Article III Judicial Branch Authorizes courts to interpret laws LAWS (U.S. Statutes and U.S. Code) EXECUTIVE ORDERS (Issued by President; codified in Title 3, Code of Federal Regulations (3 CFR)) LEGAL DECISIONS (Case Law) REGULATIONS (Issued by Federal agencies; published in Federal Register and codified in CFR) ADDITIONAL GOVERNMENT-WIDE GUIDANCE INTERNAL AGENCY POLICY AND PROCEDURES Department of Agriculture -Departmental Manual (DM) -Departmental Regulations (DR) -National Finance Center External Procedures Forest Service -Issues regulations at 36 CFR Chapter II, Parts 200-299 -Issues internal policies and procedures in Forest Service Manual (FSM) and Forest Service Handbooks (FSH) -Negotiates master agreement with union

3 3 36 CFR 200.4 TITLE 36--PARKS, FORESTS, AND PUBLIC PROPERTY CHAPTER II--FOREST SERVICE DEPARTMENT, OF AGRICULTURE PART 200--ORGANIZATION, FUNCTIONS, AND PROCEDURES Subpart B--Functions and Procedures Sec. 200.4 Administrative issuances. (1)Directives are issued through the Forest Service Directive System, which is comprised of the Forest Service Manual and related Forest Service Handbooks. The Directive System codifies the agency's policy, practice, and procedure affecting more than one unit and the delegations of continuing authority and assignment of continuing responsibilities; serves as the primary administrative basis for the internal management and control of all programs; and is the primary source of administrative direction to Forest Service employees. (2)In contrast to direction issued through the Directive System, guidance issued to one or more organizational units through letters and memoranda relate to decisions or interpretations on specific activities, cases, or incidents or to other matters of agency business, especially those matters of short-term duration or immediate interest.

4 4 1103 - POLICY 1b. The Directive System is the only place where Forest Service policy and procedures are issued. Direction issued via letters, bulletins, e-mails, telephone calls, and any other form outside of the Directive System framework does not constitute agency policy. See FSM 1107, exhibit 01 for key principles about Forest Service policy. See paragraph 7 of this section for exceptions to this policy. 7. In the event of an emergency or for reasons of safety, a line officer may issue immediate direction to employees, which should then be incorporated into the Directive System within 15 days for an interim directive or 30 days for an amendment or supplement (FSM 1107, ex. 01).

5 5 Components of Directive System Manual – provides all continuing, basic, board program direction needed by line officers and primary staff (1111.02) Handbooks – contain detailed procedures, standards, practices, and techniques needed primarily by technicians and specialists (1112)

6 6 Forest Service Policy & Direction

7 7 Purpose of the Directive System Provide clear instruction for all employees for consistent performance Code and store current continuing instructions that govern Forest Service programs and activities

8 8 Issuance Types (FSM 1113) Parent Material …… Issuing Unit may add to, revise, and remove Supplements ….……. Subordinate unit may issue (Region and Forest) Interim Directives.T emporary issuance 18 months, reissued only once

9 9 Supplements (FSM 1113.2) May be more restrictive but may not expand established authorities or relax restrictions Content and coding must conform to policies and standards governing whole directive system To conform the activities of the subordinate unit to directives issued by higher echelons

10 10 Interim Directives (FSM 1113.3) Promptly convey direction urgently needed for immediate use or needed more quickly than the material can be issued as amendment or supplement Meet statutory or court-ordered deadlines

11 11 Interim Directives (FSM 1113.3) continued Ensure employees promptly receive essential direction required to implement a new statute or program, to comply with court decision, or to effect a major policy change Transmit new instructions on a trial basis

12 12 Forms Must be referenced in a directive and have a signed FS 1300-28 on file Are a temporary document Cease to exist when the parent directive is removed

13 13 41 CFR requires currency of directive systems Field units must promptly conform their supplements and ID’s to revisions issued by the WO, or RO within 60 days of receipt of new direction General reviews shall be conducted at least once every 3-5 years Currency Reviews (FSM 1114)

14 14 Integrated Records Mgmt System Directives Forms Reports Correspondence Files Carry same basic codes and captions

15 15 FSM - Manual Basic Laws Regulations Delegation of Authority Standards/Procedure Line and Staff --> Administer Programs

16 16 FSM Structure & Coding SERIES: 1000 – Organization and Management TITLE: FSM 1900 – Planning CHAPTER: FSM 1920 – Land & Resource Mgmt Planning SECTION: FSM 1922 – Forest Planning

17 17 Number/Subject Structure 1000 – Org & Mgmt 2000 – NF Resource 3000 – S&PF 4000 – Research 5000 – Fire/Law Enforcement 6000 – Administrative 7000 – Engineering

18 18 Field Directive Manager:  Report to the approving line officer  Regional Foresters and their deputies/assistants,like wise for Forest Supervisors  Document completion  Establish a process  Alert authoring units Regional Forester, Forest Supervisor:  Ensure that responsible staffs conduct reviews and revise direction Responsibility for Currency

19 19 Zero Code 01Authority Laws, Regulations and Executive Orders 02Objective(s) Aim or goal of program or activity 03Policy Governing principle, plan or course of action 04Responsibility Delegates specific authority & assigns duties 05Definitions Defines terms necessary to understand text 06 07 08 May be used for subject-wide material 09Handbooks Lists Handbooks

20 20 FSH Coding --09.11Service-wide --09.21Region-wide --09.31External --09.41External --09.51Service-wide --09.61Service-wide

21 21 Page Posting Order for FSM SequenceLevel and Type of IssuanceColor 1Parent TextWhite 2Washington Office ID’sPink 3Region, Station, or Area Supplements Blue 4Region, Stations, or Area ID’sPink 5Forest SupplementsGreen 6Forest ID’sPink

22 22 Page Posting Order for FSH SequenceLevel and Type of IssuanceColor 1Parent TextWhite 2USDA SupplementsYellow 3Washington Office SupplementsBuff 4Washington Office ID’sPink 5Region, Station, or Area Supplements Blue 6Region ID’sPink 7Forest SupplementsGreen

23 23 FS 1100-2 Signatures Signature of Author, Supervisor, Forest Supervisor. Signatures where other staff/program areas involved. RF/Forest Supervisor signature required (See Delegation of Authority)

24 24 Create Master Folder Signed R5/FS 1100-2 (all signatures) Original Directive Label File

25 25 Questions ?

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