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Ames Contractor Council Meeting HSPD-12 Update August 1, 2007.

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1 Ames Contractor Council Meeting HSPD-12 Update August 1, 2007

2 Ames Contractor Council Meeting 2 Agenda Status on Contractor Background Investigations Engaging Site Managers in Completing remaining BIs Enrollment and Badge Issuance

3 Ames Contractor Council Meeting 3 HSPD-12 BI Status at ARC Where are we now? Variance represents ~800 non-respondents Total to Complete2150 Invited to eQIP1650 Completed1000 Still have a significant level of non-response to outstanding eQIP invitations

4 Ames Contractor Council Meeting 4 BI’s -- Completing the remainder Site managers will be engaged in ensuring the remaining BI actions are competed –Revised approach will be used for: Contracts that are part of last wave of 500 e-QIP invites Contracts in previous waves of e-QIP invites (1650)

5 Ames Contractor Council Meeting 5 BI’s -- Completing the remainder Revised Approach –Personnel Security Office (PSO) sending each site manager the complete PSO view of their contract (a listing of all employees) List will indicate which employees currently meet BI requirements and those who have been “invited” to e-QIP –Site Manager will be instructed to: Determine which employees have not completed the BI requirement Take immediate action to ensure remaining BI’s are completed Update the list to indicate which employees have completed the BI action (checkmark in the appropriate column) Periodically submit the updated listing back to the PSO, with a copy to the Acquisition Division Report any known inaccuracies to the PSO -- examples: –An employee who is known to have a BI from another assignment/agency »Important to identify agency, date, type of BI so PSO can verify –An employee who is believed to need a BI but the list does not indicate such –An employee who is missing from the list –A listed employee who no longer works for the employer –Contact information for employees with no contact information shown

6 Ames Contractor Council Meeting 6 Enrollment Ames will start the Enrollment process very soon –Current plan is to conduct Enrollment by contract –Each contract would be allotted a certain time period based on size of contract, processing rate and other considerations –Employees will self-schedule using a web application –Site managers will be engaged to ensure employees both schedule and keep their appointment The same list provided by the PSO to ensure BI actions are completed should be used by site managers to track enrollment progress –Only have enough time to make one pass through each contract –Employees who don’t schedule or keep an appointment without a legitimate reason will be processed only after other contracts and Civil Servants are completed This may be after October 27, 2007 and with much less enrollment capacity (i.e., long wait times)

7 Ames Contractor Council Meeting 7 New Badge Issuance Badge issuance will start a few weeks after Enrollment begins Details on Issuance process will be provided at the next ACC

8 Ames Contractor Council Meeting 8 Any Questions?

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