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Republic of the Sudan Ministry of Interior

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1 Republic of the Sudan Ministry of Interior
(The Sudan Civil Registration System) August

2 Sudan Overview

3 Sudan Overview One Million Square Miles of area
RED SEA One Million Square Miles of area 40 Million Population (More than 60% of the Population is under 24 Years of age) (35%) Urban Population A Federal System with (25) States. And as of today Peace between North and South. A gate way between North, East and Central Africa. NORTHERN ESTATE NAHR ELNIL STATE NORTHERN DARFUR KASSALA KHARTOUM NORTH KORDOFAN WEST DARFUR ELGEZIERA WHITE NILE EL GEDARIF SENNAR SOUTH DARFUR SOUTH KORDOFAN BLUE NILE UPPER NILE WEST BAHAR AL GAZAL WIHDA NORTH BAHAR AL GAZAL JUNGLI WARAB ELBUHAIRAT WEST EQUATORIA BAHR ELGABAL EAST EQUATORIA

4 Sudan Overview Sudan is a vast country, surrounded by nine different countries It is definitely a very unique situation, with this: Almost all the inhabitances near the stretching borders are nomadic tribes, who truly have no motivations towards the politically drawn borders Also we find a lot of Refugees and asylum seekers originate from the neighboring countries, due many different reasons 4

5 Strategy and Political Commitments

6 The Strategy With all above in mind, although the CRVS has started in Sudan in 1900 the Sudan since 1998 planned a very strict strategy to develop civil registration and vital statistic system. And in 2001 The first Law of Civil Rolls was issued, under which the duties of supervision and management were the Ministry of Interior act as leading agency. The Vision was to adopt the latest IT technologies available to fulfill and produce the most modern Civil registration system. The most important aspects of the message of the strategy were, compliance with the latest International standards and regulations, putting in mind the impact on Environmental constrains, Security issues, Social, Economical and Political prevailing situations. 6

7 Civil Rolls Objectives
To Improve the civil registration system that would provide more accurate and dependable evidence and information for the justice administration, public services, such as, issuance of national identification cards, passports and immigration administration , and updating public databases , like business and electoral databases with the support of information technology (IT) solution . 7

8 Civil Rolls System

9 The Civil Registration System (CRS)
The Government of Sudan, through the Ministry of Interior, has decided to implement a fully automated and centralized Civil Registration System according to the Civil Rolls Act The functional scope of the CRS covers the following: Registration processing for the citizens and families Capture all incidents and events: Birth, Marriage, Divorce and Death. Development & maintenance of secured centralized consolidated database/ data warehouse. Generation and issuance of National Identification Number and issuance of Citizenship Certificate to all Sudanese nationals, including those holding the old Nationalization Certificates Production and issuance of Citizen ID Cards 9

10 CRS is the Heart of the e-Government Systems
Other Applications and Systems National Identity Card System (NIDS) Automated Border Control System (ABCS) CRS الرقم الوطني National ID No. نظام الجواز الإلكتروني Advanced Passport System (APS) نظام البصمة Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) E-Government Outside world Web based Other MoI Applications مشروع شبكة الإتصالات CNS Data Backup, Warehousing & DRC Solutions 10

11 The Civil Registration System
Information capturing and Maintenance Interface with other national systems System security and controls Backup and disaster recovery handling MDRC MDRC MDRC 11

12 Civil Registration System Structure

13 Project schedule Outlines
CRS Components and schedule Outlines legalization Infrastructure Basic Registration Integration and updates 1998~2005 2002 ~ 2006 2005 ~2010 2010 ~ 2015 Civil rolls Law regulations of civil rolls 2005. Guides and orders For civil rolls. Establishment of the General Administration of Civil Rolls. Composition of the Advisory Council of the Civil Rolls. Building the operational structure Formation of Registration committees Development of the implementation plan. Project Finance. Registration of 20Million citizens. Building the main and other databases . Establishment of permanent centers ( 25 states and 7 localities of Khartoum state and the HQ. of the Civil Rolls. ) Registration of citizens events. Expansion in the issuance of ID cards and provide means of identification of citizens. Registration of 80% of citizens. Establishment of the Civil Registry Centers at the level of the rest of the 127 localities. Project schedule Outlines completed Under implementation Not implemented. (Depends on other stages).

14 Sample of Some CRS Activities
e-ID & Travel Documents factory Data Entry of old Paper Records CRS Secure Identity Documents CRS Main Data Centre

15 The CRS work activities
Accomplished Activities: Detailed system study and requirements analysis System design System development and test Setup of the main Data Centre Preparation of the CRS Network Preparation of the CRS sites Activities to be fulfilled before December 2010: Training of all relevant Client personnel System deployment and operation Security Systems and controls Id card production and personalization equipment Registration of One Million of the population. The following aspects are still to be finalized for the CRS: Facial recognition system Preparations of the Refugees system and commencing the registration process

16 Challenges and Conclusion

17 Challenges facing CRS implementation
The finance of capital and Operational Costs of the project. The urgency of implementation due to various pressures, such as the rapid economical change in Sudan, the continuous population movement, and the regional political conflicts The vast size of the Sudan and the stretched open borders The encouragement of the citizens to register Selection and proper training of the data entry agents Problems related to technical know how of IT in developing countries and the question of settlement and developing Information technology. 17

18 We are ready to share our R&D and experience
Conclusion The CRVS Project in Sudan fulfills the requirement of an integrated system that incorporates data acquisition, data verification, ID Card issuance and delivery to the applicant through biometric identification that meet the international standards. Technical assistant from an international sponsors ( UN, AU, ADB,…) is crucial factor for the successful implementation of Sudan CRVS. Financial is one of the limiting factors to implement the project successfully and timely. The CRS is mandatory to create a positive public image to ensure its overall success, and is the vehicle for Good Governance We are ready to share our R&D and experience

19 Thank You 19

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