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Carlena Mattiello: Spring 2011

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1 Carlena Mattiello: Spring 2011
Technical Writing and Information Design: A Reflection on the Learning Process

2 PROJECTS: A Gradual Progression
Project One: SCHEMATIC Project Two: MULTIMODAL Project Three: TECHNICAL REPORT Project Four: WEB SITE Information Design Through Hands-On Assignments

3 Project One: Schematic
1 Project One: Schematic sche·mat·ic    [skee-mat-ik, ski-] –adjective pertaining to or of the nature of a schema, diagram, or scheme; diagrammatic. Organization and Flow of Ideas and Information

4 Project One: Schematic
For the first assignment, we were required to use a schematic diagram to enhance our first project proposal. For Project One, I proposed the creation of an Avery training guide. I explored various programs that specialize in diagram/flowchart creation such as Omnigraffle; however, I used Microsoft Word to create my flowcharts. (See next page.)

5 Project One: Schematic (Continued)
I created these two flowcharts to present information to the reader in an organized manner.

6 The schematic taught me how to:
- explore new applications, - organize presented information, - write concisely for a target audience, and - remain on-point with my proposal.

7 Project Two: Multimodal
2 Project Two: Multimodal mul·ti·mod·al    [muhl-tee-mohd-l, muhl-tahy-] -adjective Characterized by several different modes of activity or occurrence. Project Enhancement and Using New Media

8 Project Two: Multimodal
For Project Two, we were required to use at least three unique interactive media tools to present information to our target audience. I created a Web site with embedded video, virtual photo galleries, poll, downloadable PDF files, and hyperlinks.

9 Project Two: Multimodal (Continued)
The Web site included an embedded video, which I created and uploaded to YouTube, in addition to interactive photo galleries.

10 Project Two: Multimodal (Continued)
The links above allowed users to download grammar worksheets as PDF files.

11 The multimodal project taught me to:
- adhere to design constraints, - consider user interaction, and - use new media applications.

12 Project Three: Technical Report
3 Project Three: Technical Report Technical Report: A document that describes the process, progress, or results of technical or scientific research or the state of a technical or scientific research problem. -Wikipedia Template Creation, Formatting, and Organization of Information

13 Project Three: Technical Report
While creating the technical report, I worked on creating my own template in Microsoft Word, which included formatting consistency and linking the Table of Contents with paragraphs and page numbering using the program’s menu options.

14 Project Three: Technical Report (Continued)
I used various Microsoft Word formatting options to create a template that would update itself as information was added.

15 Project Three: Technical Report
Finally, I learned how to create simple, yet visually attractive graphs using graphing software.

16 The technical report taught me to:
- research components of a technical report, - design a functional template, and - consider formatting consistency.

17 4 Project Four: Web Site HTML Coding, File Uploading, and Site Management

18 So far, I have been able to:
Project Four: Web Site I am currently completing Project Four: a Web site that focuses on Maryland’s blue crab culture and traditions. So far, I have been able to: Use TextEdit to prepare HTML code Upload files successfully to a server/host Successfully add photos and embed videos (linked to outside pages and those saved within files) Alter font size, type, and color Create simple tables Create bullets/lists/block text Link to interior/exterior pages

19 Project Four: Web Site (Continued)
I was able to use Filezilla to upload a set of organized files to a server that displays my Web site online.

20 The Web site taught me: - the basics of HTML coding, - to consider audience usability, - trial and error techniques, and - how to combine the design elements learned throughout the semester.

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