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ZIGBEE NOTICE BOARD Presented By: Yash Shah (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Zarna Parekh (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Hansal Shah (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Guided by : Prof.Ninad Mehendale.

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Presentation on theme: "ZIGBEE NOTICE BOARD Presented By: Yash Shah (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Zarna Parekh (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Hansal Shah (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Guided by : Prof.Ninad Mehendale."— Presentation transcript:

1 ZIGBEE NOTICE BOARD Presented By: Yash Shah (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Zarna Parekh (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Hansal Shah (D.J.S.C.O.E.) Guided by : Prof.Ninad Mehendale

2 Wireless board Message sent by the PC is transmitted through Xbee at free of cost and displayed on Graphic LCD. Range of Xbee is 300-400m. Abstract

3 Introduction Advanced hi-tech notice board. Information transmitted at a much faster rate. Interfacing a display with microcontroller and updating the data to be displayed using a zigbee module. Zigbee is a low power wireless technology.

4 What is ZigBee? ZigBee is a technology of data transfer in wireless networks. Zigbee is a PAN technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. ZigBee devices have the ability to form mesh networks between nodes, which can be expanded and multiplied in order to cover larger area. It has low energy consumption and is designed for multi-channel control systems, alarm systems, and lighting control. It also has various home and industry applications.

5 Characteristics of Zigbee Low power consumption Small size, light weight Ease of implementation Reliable data transfer Appropriate level Security Low cost Fast acquisition time Data rates of 250 kbps (@ 2.4GHz), 40 kbps (@915 MHz) and 20 kbps (@ 868MHz )

6 Standard Xbee Protocol Frequency: 2.4 GHz Power Output: 1mW Maximum Range: 90m RF data rate: 250 kbps

7 Working Of Hardware Microcontroller ATMEGA8 of 8KB memory. Crystal oscillator of 16MHz. Pull up resistor of 10 KΩ. Xbee module for reception and transmission of data. GLCD is used 128 x 64 pixels Transmitting via USB port to RS232 port connected to Xbee module Xbee is transmitting at PAN ID 31 and baud rate of 115200 to other Xbee.

8 Image Black & White 128 x 64 pixels Colour to Gray Scale Conversion Of Coloured To Black & White Image MATLAB program reads the image. If it is coloured, the image will be converted to Gray scale and eventually to Black & White. Gray Scale: 0-255 Greater than 128 = 1 Less than 128 = 0

9 Coloured to Black & White

10 Start Read data from Xbee Is any new data Refresh GLCD Stop No Yes Flowchart Of Microcontroller

11 Algorithm Of Microcontroller Start Read data from Xbee Checks if any new data is there If yes Refresh GLCD else read for new data from Xbee After refreshing the GLCD it will again check for new data and this process continues.

12 Start Read Image (B) Is image colour Convert to Black and White Convert to Gray Scale Flowchart Of MATLAB Programming A Yes No

13 Is size greater than or less than or equal to 128 x 64 A Enlarge Shrink Transmit to USB Com Port Is end of Program Stop B Less Equal Greater Yes No

14 Algorithm Of MATLAB Programming The program will read the image. Check whether the image is coloured. If yes, it will convert to Gray Scale and then to Black & White or else directly to Black & White. It then checks for the size, if it is greater than 128x64 it will shrink the image and if its less than 128x64 it will enlarge. The image is transmitted to USB COM port. It will check for the last image, if it is the last image it will end the program or else will read a new image

15 Advantages Low cost. Secured data. Wireless communication. Recovery of data after power failure. Energy efficient. Fast since only white and black

16 Disadvantages Limited range. Costly compared to black board. PC Dependant Small LCD size 128*64 Black and white only

17 Application At schools, colleges for displaying assignments. Public places, hospitals, government offices etc.



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