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Iowa DOT Update 2014 APWA Iowa Chapter Spring Conference John E. Dostart, P.E.

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1 Iowa DOT Update 2014 APWA Iowa Chapter Spring Conference John E. Dostart, P.E.

2 Electronic Contract Administration Purpose Develop an all-electronic system to administer an LPA construction contract from start to finish Scope Required for all Federal-aid, State-aid and FM funded contracts Optional for local let, locally funded

3 Electronic Contract Administration  Basic system requirements  Eliminates paper exchange between DOT and LPAs  Web-based with mobile apps  Integrates with existing DOT systems  Accessible with appropriate permissions for all parties (FHWA, DOT, LPA, contractors and subcontractors)  Enables electronic payment and reimbursement

4 Electronic Contract Administration  Committee Structure  Steering Committee  Subcommittees  Systems Requirements  Procurement  Testing and Development

5 Electronic Contract Administration  Status  Funding approved (DOT pays)  Committees established  Kick-off meeting held  Systems Requirements subcommittee met for first time  Systems requirements being drafted for further review

6 Electronic Contract Administration  Next Steps  Determine systems requirements  Request for Information  Request for Proposal  Select vendor and begin testing  Timeframes  Begin testing in 2014  Fully implement in 2015

7 Closure of Primary Highway Extensions  Iowa Code 321.348  Cities may not obstruct or close state highways in city limits without prior consent of the Iowa DOT, except in emergencies.  For non-emergency situations, a 10 day advance notice is required, if possible.  Coordinate planned closures with your local Iowa DOT maintenance garage.  Once approved contact the Iowa DOT’s Traffic Operation Center (TOC)  (515) 239-1440  TOC will:  Enter the Information on the 511 Map  Contact Iowa DOT Motor Carrier Services (MCS)  Inform the District Office.

8 MAP-21 Buy America Changes  Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century (MAP-21)  Public Law 112-141 signed into law on July 6, 2012.  Funded surface transportation programs through September 30, 2014  Section 1518 revised the Buy America (BA) requirements under Title 23 of the United States Code (23 USC 313) and Title 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations (23 CFR 635.410)  Comprehensive guidance is at:

9 MAP-21 Buy America Changes  Before MAP-21  Buy America (BA) applied only to work included in a Federal-aid construction contract  After MAP-21  BA applies to all contracts eligible for Federal-aid, within the scope of project, as defined by the NEPA document  Why the change?  Other States in past issued multiple contracts to build large bridges to avoid the Buy America requirements

10 MAP-21 Buy America Changes  What FHWA is doing?  Met with Congress to confirm intent of Section 1518  Conducted meeting webinars with State DOTs and Utilities to inform industry  Divisions are working with DOTs to incorporate requirements into utility agreements and contracts  Working on revising 23 CFR 635.410; Federal Register Notice forth coming

11 MAP-21 Buy America Changes  What is the Iowa DOT doing?  Revising processes and procedures to assure compliance on State and local projects – including:  Iowa DOT utility agreements and permits  I.M. 3.640, Utility Accommodation and Coordination  I.M. 3.650, Federal-aid Participation in Utility Relocations  I.M. 3.680, Federal-aid Projects Involving Railroads

12 MAP-21 Buy America Changes  What do you need to do? 1. Be aware that BA now also applies to any Fed-aid eligible utility relocation or railroad work caused by the project. 2. Include BA provisions in agreements for eligible utility or railroad work, regardless of whether Fed-aid is used or not. 3. Collect BA certifications from utilities and railroads for iron or steel incorporated in Fed-aid eligible work. 4. Keep these records as part of your Fed-aid project file.

13 Environmental Issues  Indiana Bat  Potential habitat areas changed - fewer counties included  Restricted dates for clearing expanded to Apr 1 – Sep 30  DOT will coordinate consultation with Federal agencies; but more info from LPAs will be required  New I.M. being developed - stay tuned for more info Andrew King, USFWS

14 Environmental Issues

15  Northern Long Eared Bat  Will be protected starting Oct 2014  Potential habitat includes all of Iowa  Details of procedures currently being worked on by State and Federal agencies  Requirements will likely be similar to the Indiana Bat, but will prohibit cutting all trees from April 1 to September 30 Al Hicks, New York Department of Environmental Conservation

16  Northern Long Eared Bat  NEPA must be approved before ROW is acquired  Habitat is not limited to only certain types of tree.  May also live under bridges and in other structures. Environmental Issues Steve Taylor; University of Illinois

17 Environmental Issues  Emerald Ash Borer  Has been confirmed in several counties  Entire state is now under quarantine  Living or dead Ash trees, logs, stumps, etc. cannot be moved across county lines  See Dec 9, 2013 e-mail from Local Systems titled, “Interim Standard Road Plans, Details, Notes and Tabulations” Iowa State University

18 Environmental Issues  Determination of Effect Form to assist in complying with Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act of 1973.  Before completing the form request a list of species and critical habitats that may be in the project area from:  US Fish and Wildlife  Iowa DNR   A new I.M. is being developed to address Environmental Issues.

19 Environmental Issues

20 Civil Rights Assessment  Recommendations affecting LPAs  Improve guidance on Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)  Appendix A of Standard Assurances  Include in consultant agreements  Include in local letting contracts  Improve guidance on DBE good faith efforts  Several I.M.s are being revised to address the recommendations

21 ADA Update  Clarifications from FHWA in Jul 2013  Resurfacing better defined  Includes mill & fill, micro surfacing, thin lift overlays  These are alterations that trigger installation or reconstruction of ramps  Iowa DOT Design Manual Section 12-A updated  Final Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) expected this year

22 Nighttime reflective gear  Effective Apr 2014, Std Specs Article 2528.03 L, 5 will be revised  Orange or strong yellow green pants or shin reflectors (gaiters) must be worn at night  Applies to all personnel working the highway right- of-way

23 I.M. Updates Federal-aid Project Development Guide I.M. 1.080 – ADA Requirements Section 5.3.1, Roadway and Bridges – Clarified that I.M.s are for non-Interstate and non-Primary roads and bridges. Removed examples of maintenance activities. They are listed in Section 12A-2 of the Design Manual (Iowa DOT and SUDAS) Section 5.4, Design Exceptions – Added a distinction between exceptions that require a formal design exception and ones that require a justification. Added hyperlinks to two documents that explain the definition of resurfacing. Section 5.4.1, Roadways and Bridges – Revised information on Design Exception Process and 3R Projects. Section 5.4.2, Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities – Bicycle and Pedestrian facilities do not require a formal design exception or a benefit-cost analysis.

24 I.M. Updates I.M. 2.050 – Procedure to Amend a County Secondary Road Construction Program and Budget I.M. 2.120, Attachment B – Intermediate Scour Assessment Flowchart Technical updates to preparing a county’s Secondary Road Construction Program and Budget. References to other attachments were deleted. I.M. 3.005 – Project Development Submittal Dates and Information I.M. 3.210 – Rural Design Office of Contracts Submittal Dates for LPA Projects was updated through the October 16, 2016, Letting. Changed values to reflect the 2011 AASHTO Green Book. Updated radius values slightly on all tables. Changes from HS-20 to HL-93 bridge design loading

25 I.M. Updates I.M. 3.214 – 3R GuidelinesI.M. 3.216 – Economic Analysis (Benefit-to-Cost Ratio) Changed the reference on Design Exceptions from I.M. 3.220 to I.M. 3.218. The Crash Reduction Factors are now based on the factors from the Crash Modification Factor Clearinghouse. Removed discussion on High Risk Rural Roads. The program was discontinued in MAP-21. Benefit/Cost Ratio is now calculated using the same method used for Traffic Safety Improvement Program (TSIP) projects. I.M. 3.218 – Design Exception Process I.M. 3.220 – Design Exception Information for Bridges Narrower than Approach Pavement Added 14 design elements to clarify which design elements will require a formal design exception. I.M. replaced by I.M. 3.218. Attachment A replaces Chart No. 4 – Design Exception Process

26 I.M. Update I.M. 3.640 – Utility Accommodation and Coordination I.M. 3.650 – Federal-aid Participation in Utility Relocations Updates related to MAP-21 Buy America Requirements Outlining when Buy America applies to utility relocations. Instructing LPAs to: Include Buy America provisions in their Federal-aid eligible utility relocation agreements Require certification from utility companies to document compliance Keep certifications in their project files Clarifying the review process for utility agreements when Federal-aid is requested.

27 I.M. Update I.M. 3.730 – Iowa DOT Letting Process The Engineer’s cost estimate will be referred to as the LPA’s cost estimate. The Office of Contracts estimate uses the LPAs estimate as a supporting document. The Office of Contracts estimate is used for the Federal-aid obligation. Time has been added to the Administering Office’s and LPA’s contract period review. Plans are no longer printed and mailed. The Office of Contracts will no longer make an award recommendation. The rejection threshold was reduced form 120% to 110% of the LPA’s estimate. Subcontractor requests will only be handled electronically. Attachment A flowchart is for pre-letting process. Attachment B flowchart is for post-letting process.

28 I.M. Update I.M. 3.760 – Public Interest Findings (PIF) Proprietary products information has been significantly revised to conform with current FHWA guidance. Public Interest Finding Request Form (Form 517030), has been developed to request a PIF. The person in responsible charge at the LPA must sign the certification on the new form. Projects with full oversight require FHWA’s approval.

29 Inactive Obligations  Inactive projects are those without activity (reimbursements processed) for 12 months or more  These are reviewed quarterly  Federal requirements tightening up  Any Federal-aid project with no activity for 9 months is subject to review  Send us a bill at least annually!  If the bonding company becomes involved, please call us.

30 Save the Date!  Federal-aid Overview Seminar May 12, 2014 In-person (Ames) or webinar

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