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Quantities in Chemical Reactions SCH3U Rena, Shannon, Dani, Karen.

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1 Quantities in Chemical Reactions SCH3U Rena, Shannon, Dani, Karen

2  Big Ideas/Overall Expectations  Overarching Question and Unit Plan  Assessment of Learning  Activity 1 – Candy and Moles  STSE Blog  Activity 2 – Rube Goldberg Curriculum Review  Misconceptions Overview of Presentation

3  Relationships in chemical reactions can be described quantitatively  The efficiency of chemical reactions can be determined and optimized by applying an understanding of quantitative relationships in such reactions Big Ideas

4  D1. Analyze processes in the home, the workplace, and the environmental sector that use chemical quantities and calculations, and assess the importance of quantitative accuracy in industrial chemical processes  D2. Investigate quantitative relationships in chemical reactions, and solve related problems;  D3. Demonstrate an understanding of the mole concept and its significance to the quantitative analysis of chemical reactions Overall Expectations

5  How are quantitative descriptions of Avogadro’s number, the mole, and molar mass related and why are accurate calculations important to health care professionals, the environment and society? Overarching Question



8  STSE Culminating Summative Task  Inquiry-based Laboratory Report  Unit Test Evaluation

9 Activity 1: Candy and Moles…Yum!  Introduction to counting particles by mass  Introduction to the concept of the mole by creating our own unit of measurement  the “Hamster”  Good activity to use to introduce the unit and address the misconception of the mole

10 Connections to Local and Global Communities (STSE Blog)  Part 1 Why is it important to be quantitative in pharmacology? How is this reflected in your everyday life?  Part 2 Write a 250-word letter to the president of Merck Frosst outlining the antacid crisis and the solution that you developed. Make a recommendation on whether or not you think your solution will be effective and support your recommendation with evidence.  Part 3 Do you think there are implications of our increasing use of pharmaceuticals on health and/or environment? Explain. If so, what are some methods to remediate this impact? Provide an article and/or a video to support your claims.

11 Activity 2: Rube Goldberg Curriculum Review This unit contains many multi-step calculation questions that can be confusing for students who struggle to understand abstract mathematical concepts This Rube Goldberg activity helps students apply analogies and visual/kinesthetic cues to make connections within complex calculation questions Why is this activity appropriate for the Quantities in Chemical Reactions unit?

12 A typical can of cola contains 0.4 kg of sucrose, C 12 H 22 O 11. Determine the number of moles of sucrose present in 2 cans of cola. Activity 2: Rube Goldberg Curriculum Review Convert kg to g Convert g to mol using molar mass Multiply by 2 2. (In groups) Compare your flow chart with those made by your peers. Working together, create a final flowchart that combines everyone’s ideas. 1. (Individually) Make a flowchart outlining the steps required to solve this problem. 3. (In groups) Create a Rube Goldberg design (10 min) and perform it to the class. Feel free to use any available classroom props.

13 Students may have a variety of misconceptions about the concepts in this unit and may also lack certain mathematical skills required to solve calculation questions Misconceptions/Teacher Notes 2. Specific abstract concepts (mole, limiting reagent) require concrete, hands-on activities 1.Do not assume that students know how to use scientific notation 6.022 x 10 23 (Calculator) 3.Misconception that unit conversions change the amount of a chemical substance present E.g. 1 mol NaOH vs 40 g NaOH 4. New concepts rely heavily on prior knowledge (nomenclature, types of reactions, balancing equations

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