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Implementation of a Call center with queue and auto attendant.

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1 Implementation of a Call center with queue and auto attendant

2 Outline  Introduction  Flow chart  Demonstration  Changes made in the conf files  Conclusion

3 Introduction  Call center  Queues  Auto attendant  How it is different from IVR?  Why call center?

4 Auto attendant  It allows callers to automatically connect caller to the required extension which the caller wanted by pressing button.  Where as IVR (Interactive voice response) computer recognizes humans voice and also DTMF tones.

5 Flow chart

6 Demonstration

7 Changes made in conf files Unchanged files Rtp.conf Logger.conf Modules.conf

8 C hanges done to SIP.conf [0000FFFF0000](phones) ; create SIP device 0000FFFF0000 using phones template callerid="arun " ; set caller ID info for device mailbox=777 ; hard phone (Use MAC Address of Phone) [0000FFFF0001](phones) ; create SIP device 0000FFFF0001 using phones template callerid="arun1 " ; set caller ID info for device mailbox=778 ;

9  Changes made to extensions.conf Main part of our project worked with Extensions.conf file modified Auto attendant module DTMF by assigning the respective Queues Queue module in we added all the services to every part of Queue like “Add Queue, remove Queue, pause queue, unpause Queue”

10  Changes made in Queues Added Queue to each and every service of auto attendant. Assigned priority to each of queue of services.  [business office](StandardQueue)  member => SIP/0000FFFF0002,0,arun2 ; first preferred  member => SIP/0000FFFF0003,5,arun3 ; second preferred  member => SIP/0000FFFF0004,10,arun4 ; third preferred  member => SIP/0000FFFF0001,15,arun1 ; least preferred

11 Few features:  Direct pressing of ‘#’pound key the user is directed to main menu.  When the user enters invalid digit it plays invalid recording and then the main menu recording is played once again.

12 Thank you

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