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ME 142 Engineering Computation I Fundamentals of Procedural Computer Programming.

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1 ME 142 Engineering Computation I Fundamentals of Procedural Computer Programming

2 Key Concepts Algorithm Development Flowcharting

3 Algorithm

4 What is an Algorithm?

5 Algorithm  A set of instructions for solving a problem  A step-by-step procedure for obtaining a solution to a given class of problems  Example: recipe

6 Algorithm  Most programs follow the following simplified algorithm: Input Process Output

7 Algorithm Example  Develop the algorithm to find the area of a rectangle: Input: Enter length, width Process: Multiply length times width to obtain area Area = length * width Output: Display area

8 Flowchart

9 What is a Flowchart?

10 Flowcharts  A flowchart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm. Steps of the algorithm are enclosed in boxes of various shapes. The flow of control is indicated by lines connecting the boxes. An arrow is placed on each line to indicate direction of flow.

11 Standard Flowcharting Symbols  Terminator box. Used to show both the start and stop of an algorithm.  Operation box. Used for computations, assignment statements, definitions, etc.  Input/Output box. Used to indicate items to be read or written by the algorithm.

12 Standard Flowcharting Symbols  Decision box. Used to pose questions in determining which branch to follow for the next instruction.  Connector circle. Used to connect parts of the flowchart from page to page, etc.

13 Flowcharting Example Area of a Rectangle Start Enter length, width area = length * width Display area Stop

14 Flowcharting Guidelines  Flowcharts are written to be a guide for writing actual code. The flowchart should have just enough detail for you to code from.  Think in terms of small, sequential operations What needs to be done What order, i.e., what must come first, etc

15 Start Read x I=1 P=1 P=P*I I=x? I=I+1 Display P Stop No Yes What does the following flowchart do?

16 Example Flowchart  Flowchart a student’s possible response to getting up for class following a late night study session

17 Review Questions

18 I-Clicker Question Algorithms The statement, Area = length * width, is an example of which of the following components of an algorithm: A.Input B.Process C.Output D.None of the Above

19 I-Clicker Question Flowcharts Which of the following flowchart symbols would be used to represent an IF statement in a program, where a decision must be made: A B CD

20 Homework Help ‘n Hints

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