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Introduction to Alice Alice is named in honor of

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1 Introduction to Alice Alice is named in honor of
Note to Instructor: Slides may be used either in a traditional lecture format or with an Active Learning approach. If you are using an active learning approach, suggestions will appear in this "Notes" area on appropriate slides. Alice is named in honor of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

2 Alice A modern programming tool Animation Use the software from the CD
3-D graphics 3-D models of objects Animation Objects can be made to move around the virtual world (a video game or simulation implemented in 3-D) Use the software from the CD Can download latest version from the web

3 Kinds of Animations Two kinds of animations: Movie Interactive
Passive user watches the animation Interactive Active user clicks on mouse, types a key on keyboard … Actions of user are called events

4 What is a program? A set of instructions that tell the computer what to do In some programming languages, program statements can look quite complicated:

5 What is an ELEGANT program
The set of instructions are efficient and easy for the computer program to understand and they are efficient and easy for HUMANS to understand

6 FLOWCHARTS? Flowcharts are used to show the programming steps in picture form, the same way that storyboard sketches show the scenes in a movie

7 An example of a flowchart

8 Flowchart standard boxes

9 Flowchart - an example

10 ALICE Alice is an object-oriented program.
We drag and drop objects into our virtual world and we plan ahead how to make these objects interact with each other and with the user of our program.

11 Demo: Start with a new world
Open Alice as your teacher directs

12 Objects An "object" is How is an object unique?
any thing that can be identified as unique from other things How is an object unique? has a name has properties: width, height, color, location can perform actions (methods): associated actions it can perform tasks it can carry out


14 3 Dimensions, 6 Directions
A 3D object has 3 dimensions height, width, depth 6 degrees of freedom (directions of movement)

15 Demo: Saving a world Best solution:
Writing and testing an animation is an intense load on the computing system – a crash can occur. Best solution: save your world every 15 minutes locally (Or at least every half hour) also save to a backup system at the end of the class (for example to H drive) Active Learning: Demo how to save a world in your local system. Students save FirstWorld.a2w to their own account/flash key/ or other device.

16 Assignment See lab1 saved on your teacher’s webpage

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