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2 The history of Canada contains many moments that presented large challenges – learning to live together is not a finite process. Over the course of their history, Canadians have understood the benefits of social harmony, an essential element of Canadian society, and the result of the will of many people to share a land and prosper as one country.

3 The Cretaceous event, which included the extinction of the dinosaurs, is probably the most famous of all the mass extinctions the earth has seen. This mass extinction is often referred to as "the Ice Age".


5 In Canada, 'Indians' are know as 'Aboriginal People', 'Native People', or 'People of the First Nations'.

6 DISCOVERY OF CANADA BCE Hurons settled into Southern Ontario along the Eramosa River. They were concentrated between Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay.

7 John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy in 1450
John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy in His father was Julio Cabot, a seaman and a merchant. In 1461, when John was 11, his family moved to Venice John and Mattea got married. They had 3 sons. Sometime later John set off to look for a sponsor for his voyage.

8 John moved his family to Bristol, England so he could search for a sponsor. On March 5, 1496 King Henry VII gave John a charter giving him permission to sail North, East or West but not South because that is where the Spaniards were.

9 The English Come to North America

Cabot went ashore, probably on Cape Breton Island, and claimed Terre Nova in the name of King Henry VII. A small fish-processing village was set up at present-day St. John's, Newfoundland

Jacques Cartier's 1st Voyage to the New World in search of a passage to Cathay (the Orient). discovered and charted the Gulf of St. Lawrence. He met Iroquoian Chief Donnacona

12 The name 'Canada' was born. The name ('Kanata‘) was first used in maps and journals by Jacque Cartier. Jacques Cartier's 2nd Voyage He sailed into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and discovered the St. Lawrence River, and also discovered the Iroquoian villages of Stadacona and Hochelaga .

13 Canada's first tourists
Arrived in Newfoundland. Thirty gentlemen, under the charge of Richard Hore of London

14 Jacques Cartier's 3rd Voyage
1541 -in which he founded Charlesbourg-Royal at the mouth of the Cap Rouge River, the first attempted settlement in Canada. Jacques Cartier - Failure, Retirement & Suspension. Charlesbourg-Royal under seige kept by the Iroquoians

15 1600 to 1699 Settlement, Fur Trade & War
Began a rush by both French and English merchants to establish control over the fur trade in the New World. Trading companies, including the Hudson's Bay Company (which still exists today) spang up almost overnight and many towns grew up around them. For the first time in history, hostilities between England and France washed over into the colonies.

1598 Troilus marquis de la Roche, established a small colony on Sable Island Pierre Chauvin established a traiding post at Tadoussac, just for three years.

17 Samuel de Champlain's voyages
1603 Samuel de Champlain's first voyage under the authority of The Canada and Acadia Company to set up fur trade and to enforce a fur trade monopoly. Champlain's second voyage. Champlain encountered the warring Iroquois

18 Champlain - First Permanent Settlement in Canada
1605 Champlain founded Port-Royal (present-day Annapolis, Nova Scotia) which ultimately became the first permanent settlement in Canada. Also known as Acadia.

19 Champlain - Québec & Conspiracy
July 8 - Champlain founded Kebec, the name deriving from the Algonkin word for 'where the river narrows'. Spanish and Basque, conspired to murder Samuel de Champlain.

20 Étienne Brûlé was sent by Champlain to live among the Hurons as a 'truchement' ('embassador')
Nicolas du Vignau was sent to live among the Algonquins on the Ottawa River Champlain allied with the Natives north of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River against the Iroquois in the Battle of Ticonderoga.

21 July 19 - Louis Kirke attacked and took over Quebec in Britain's name. Champlain would work for the next 3 years to overturn the conquest of New France Sir Louis Kirke was made the first governor of Newfoundland.

22 The End of the Hurons Catholic militants, The Mystics, founded Ville Marie, led by Jérôme le Royer de la Dauversière and his wife, Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve (soldier and commander), and a nurse, Jeanne Mance With the coming of the 'White Man' came also White Man's diseases: Measles, Influenza, and Smallpox to name just a few. Thousands of Hurons died and, by 1649

23 1661 - King Louis XIV & War against the Iroquois.
Royal Province of Quebec . Jean Talon became Quebec's first intendant. Talon arrived with the Carignan-Salières Regiment and other representatives to the crown Governor Daniel de Remy de Courcelle, and the Commander of the troops, the Marquis of Tracy. Canada's first census, counting 3,215 non-native inhabitants

24 Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac became the Governor-General of New France. His first administration would last 10 years. Despite his haughtiness, accomplish much in New France before 1682. Laval became the first Bishop of Quebec.

25 English Invasion May - France and England declared war. English colonists in New York heard the news first and convinced their Iroquois allies to attack the French. Most French colonies were unfortified. Their vast expansion had not allowed them to defend them properly.

26 French Retaliation & King William's War
Following the Lachine Massacre, Frontenac ordered a retaliatory attack on Albany in the British colony of New York. This war, the first in the British and French colonies, would come to be known as King William's War.

27 Les Canadiens & British Surrender
France and England were at war yet again. Pierre le Moyne d'Iberville became the most famous 'Canadien', (colony-born soldier). The Treaty of Ryswick assured that all lands captured during the struggles between the English and French were returned.

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