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Ghost Dance and Religious Resistance

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1 Ghost Dance and Religious Resistance

2 Ghost Dance New religious movement Spiritual dance to regain life
Became part of many Native American belief systems

3 Basis: circle\round dance since prehistoric times
Trance, prophesying Last 5 days and 4 nights Occur every 6 weeks Moved from right to left → course of Sun No instruments

4 The Original Movement Began in 1870, Walker Lake Reservation, Nevada
Hawthorne Wodziwob – Gray Hair (Paiute) Preached God’s messages Spread to westward (Klamath, Miwok, Modoc, Yurok)

5 Second Movement 1890 – Jack Wilson – Wovoka Prophet of peace
New religion was termed as: ” Dance in a circle” → ”Spirit Dance” → ”Ghost Dance” Religion spread across much of western part (Cheyenne, Arapaho, Lakota (Sioux), Kiowa)

6 New form practiced among Nevada Paiute (1889)
Quickly reached California and Oklahoma Change in society and in ritual Contributed in Lakota resistance

7 Political influence 1890 – Smaller reservations
Individual lands – unable to farm Starvation People turned into Ghost Dance

8 US government banned Ghost Dance
Rituals continued Troops in South Dakota Arrest and death of Sitting Bull More violent resistance

9 Wounded Knee Massacre At least 153 dead Sioux

10 Ghost Dance disappeared
Led to Bourke Act (1906) Competent \ Incompetent Native Americans lost about 90 million acres of land About landless 1930s: land returned to tribal ownership Still low standard of living

11 Thank You For Your Attention!

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