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By: Hailey M !

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1 By: Hailey M !

2 Main Menu WHO Was Involved? WHEN Did It Happen? WHERE Did It Happen? WHAT Happened? WHY Did It Happen? OTHER Information Bibliography

3 WHO Was Involved? Crispus Attucks first person shot in the massacre. Matthew Kilroy was a British soldier. Hugh Montgomery was a British soldier. John Adams stood up for his town. deshow/john-adams/john-adams- portrait.jpg MAIN MENU

4 WHERE Did It Happen? Boston, Massachusetts http://media- s/01/1c/12/7d/boston-massacre-site.jpg MAIN MENU

5 WHY Did It Happen? Town’s people didn’t like what the Redcoats where doing. A standing guard got in a fight with a colonist. Colonists got mad about the taxes. fs.jpg MAIN MENU

6 WHEN Did It Happen? March 5, 1770 It happened on a Monday. MAIN MENU

7 WHAT Happened? People called the Redcoats names. Even threatened them with clubs. Crispus Attucks got shot in the chest by Hugh Montgomery. Hugh Montgomery was a British leader. The Redcoats names were Matthew Kilroy and Hugh Montgomery, were found guilty of Manslaughter.. After year by year the Boston towns people had anniversary's for the men who died. American colonies been growing ever since Royal troops first appeared in Massachusetts. Boston Massacre was one of the events that started the Revolutionary war. MAIN MENU

8 OTHER Information Henrey Pelham drew a picture of the Boston Massacre. The coffins on the news sheet had carried the initials of all the three Americans who had died. John Adams didn’t want the British leaders in Boston; he wanted freedom for his whole country. Six soldiers were found not guilty of charges. They were branded on their thumbs. /projects/ftrials/bostonmassacre/ scene1a.jpg MAIN MENU

9 BIBLIOGRAPHY Works Cited Hakim, Joy. A History of US. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993. Print. Lucille, Penner Recht. The Liberty Tree. New York: Random House, 1998. Print. Martin, Kirby James. “Boston Massacre.” World Book Online. World Book Online Reference Center. Web. 3 Feb. 2011.. MAIN MENU

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