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Unit 3 The Fight for a Continent

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1 Unit 3 The Fight for a Continent
Lessons 1-6

2 Vocabulary To become like the people around you ally
A person or group that helps another for a common purpose The cruel killing of many people A struggle or disagreement A relationship in which people or groups compete for the same thing A written political agreement between two or more groups A law Something from the earth , such as wood or metal, that is changed so that people can use it ally rivalry massacre assimilate conflict raw material treaty act

3 The first European settlements in North America were:
1565 – St. Augustine (Spain) 1607 – Jamestown (England) 1608 – Quebec (France) 1624 – New Amsterdam (Netherlands)

4 “We need to protect our land claims and resources. What should we do
“We need to protect our land claims and resources! What should we do?” asked the European. “I know what to do! We’ll build a…” FORT

5 “How will we learn to hunt?” asked the English settlers.
My name is Squanto. I can teach you! WELCOME TO PLYMOUTH Home to the English Settlers

6 Some American Indians traded furs with the French and Dutch for
medicine horses metal items the new iPhone 5s

7 The American Indians taught the European colonists how to
use plants for medicine grow crops keep food from spoiling

8 King Philip’s War was fought between several. _ ____
King Philip’s War was fought between several _ ____ groups and the English Colonists in ______________. American Indian New England

9 What caused the Powhatan Wars?
The Powhatans realized the ___ wanted their in Virginia. English colonists land

10 The massacre in a Pequot village was caused by
The Spanish army English colonists and their American Indian allies French settlers The Iroquois

11 Which was the main goal of many treaties with the American Indians?
To find better homes for them To remove them from their land To force their children to go to school To force them to assimilate

12 Where do these events fall on the timeline?.
1830 1890 1820 1864 Wounded Knee Massacre Treaty of Doak’s Stand Trail of Tears Sand Creek Massacre

13 Why did a rivalry begin between the Lakota and the Ojibwa?
They both wanted land in the Great ________ region. The __________ had the advantage because of the ________ they had received from Europeans. Lakes Ojibwa guns

14 What caused the Wars? The Beaver Wars were caused by the __________ and the __________tribes fighting for control of the _______ trade. Iroquois Huron fur

15 All in favor of the Indian Removal Act say, “AYE!”
NEY Andrew Jackson John Ross John Marshall Sequoyah

16 In 1838, U.S. troops forced the Cherokee to move west on what became known as the
- n + l Trail Of off - f Tears - Sp T

17 Raw Materials Most Valued
Spain France England Silver and Gold Beaver Furs Tobacco

18 Tell one way in which the treaties with the American Indians were NOT always fair.
Many American Indians did not understand what they were signing because they did not __________ or ___________ English. speak read

19 The effect of the Lakota’s trading for European horses and weapons was that they became skilled _________ __________ and ____________. buffalo hunters warriors

20 Who was Sequoyah and what did he do?
Sequoyah was a Cherokee Indian that developed an ALPHABET for the Cherokee language.

21 ESSAY (make it REALLY good)
Between the founding of St. Augustine and the Trail of Tears, relationships between Europeans and the Native Americans varied. Give an example of how these two groups cooperated, a conflict between the two, and the overall relationship.

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