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SYWTL PROJECT. Cheers! (Swimming makes us cheerful!)

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2 Cheers! (Swimming makes us cheerful!)

3 Greek God thinking……! (Swimming makes us feel like Gods! )

4 No comment….(Proud to be a swimmer)!

5 Paint fight! ( Swimming helps us express ourselves)!

6 I Have an idea! (Swimming makes us crazy! )

7 Yes, yes, thanks you my followers…! (Swimming helps us gain respect )

8 Oh no, we’re out of chocolates….again…! (Swimming makes us hungry )

9 Swimming was the cause that brought us closer and we became a team.

10 Swimming remind us of the sun, the sea, and the summer where we don’t have any worries and we are very contend.

11 Swimming makes us thinking more positive and more creative persons

12 Swimming makes us have greater sense of humor

13 Swimming for us is a way to escape from the boredom of the big city. A note of happiness in our life, a bright color in our dark life.

14 Swimming, it is not just a sport, but a good friend, it makes our life to worth, it gives a value, to be happy and not for other ways of “happiness”.

15 SYWTL (Swim your Way Through Life)  The SYWTL team met that first Monday of the Easter Holidays to draw something that expressed our feelings about Swimming. We had so many ideas that we got ones excited and decided to draw as much as possible and have as much as we could…..The pictures show the result….

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