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Conceptual Art & Visual Metaphor. Jasper Johns – Flag 1954-55.

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1 Conceptual Art & Visual Metaphor

2 Jasper Johns – Flag 1954-55

3 Joseph Kosuth One and Three Chairs

4 Christo and Jeanne-Claude Although their work is visually impressive and often controversial as a result of its scale, the artists have repeatedly denied that their projects contain any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic. The purpose of their art, they contend, is simply to create works of art or joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes. Art critic David Bourdon has described Christo's wrappings as a "revelation through concealment." [3] To his critics Christo replies, "I am an artist, and I have to have courage... Do you know that I don't have any artworks that exist? They all go away when they're finished. Only the preparatory drawings, and collages are left, giving my works an almost legendary character. I think it takes much greater courage to create things to be gone than to create things that will remaincontroversialaestheticlandscapes [3] Valley Curtain

5 1&ie=UTF- 8&ei=GU9vS6HvO8HL8Qarx9mBBg&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=7&ved=0CC4QsAQw Bg The Gates

6 Robert Rauschenberg White Painting (1951)

7 Erased DeKooning Drawing 1953 William DeKooning

8 Rauschenberg – Monogram 1959 Began 3D collages, which he called “combines” They consist of something made from other things that only exist because of the cultural times.

9 Yayio Kusama “Infinity Wall Mirrors”

10 Minimalist work came out of Conceptualism Cy Twombly – Inspired by Rauschenberg ADBF_enUS267US273&q=Eva+Hesse&um=1&ie=UTF- 8&ei=S_t7S4iqOYzRlAeSqIiiBQ&sa=X&oi=image_result_group& ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBcQsAQwAA Eva Hesse “Addendum” 1967


12 Visual Metaphor

13 Metaphors allow us compare or bring ideas together to form new meaning.


15 If you were asked to make a artwork which was related to the idea of summer. What would it look like?

16 Andrew Campbell

17 Conceptual Thought Assignment: “WINTER”

18 Some Artist’s Ideas of “Winter”


20 Is this a season? A time of day?

21 Are you tired of Winter?

22 How does it feel Emotionally? Tactilely? What does it smell like? Can you convey a smell visually? Will you convey “Winter” in just lines, texture, color? Will it be more literal?

23 Grandma Moses – Folk Art

24 Is it more a concept?

25 More Abstract?

26 A Study of your thoughts “Process”

27 Sarcastic?

28 Sketchbook: Sketchbook Assignment: Please write one page of your FIRST thoughts without interruption about the concept of “Winter” No talking during this exercise please!

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