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Supply Chain Management & IT Roles as its Enabler.

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1 Supply Chain Management & IT Roles as its Enabler

2 Overview of SCM Basic Supply Chain (APICS): Global network used to deliver products and services from raw material to end customers SCM: Design, plan, execute, control, and monitor of supply chain activities

3 Supply Chain Operations Reference SCOR Model: Reference model developed by SCC as cross-industri SCM standard Process in SCOR: ◦Plan ◦Source ◦Make ◦Deliver ◦Return Features of SCOR: Not static, focus on process

4 People Competency According to SCOR Novice Beginner Competent Proficient Expert

5 Types and Stages of Supply Chain Types of Supply Chain: ◦Vertical & Horizontal Integration Stages in Supply Chain ◦Multiple Dysfunction ◦Semifunctional Enterprise ◦Integrated Enterprise ◦Extended Enterprise

6 Supply Chain Stakeholders Supply Chain firms End customers Investors Lenders Community Government Employees

7 Values of Supply Chain Financial: ◦Gains must be equally distributed ◦Takes money to make money Social: ◦Deliver socially desired products/services ◦Avoiding/reducing negative environmental side effects ◦Integrating sustainability to the supply chain

8 Impact of Globalization on SCM Interdependence creating new opportunities Having to contend with new hurdles Equals dramatic change in SCM

9 SCM Strategy Customer Focus and Alignment Functional vs Innovative Products Forecast Driven Enterprise vs Demand Driven Enterprise

10 Changing Strategy – When and Why Changes in the market Business decision

11 Competitive Priorities Differentiation Niche Low Pricing Response to Demand

12 Roles of IT in SCM Computerized shipping and tracking Instant customer notifications

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