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Land Empires vs. Maritime Empires

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1 Land Empires vs. Maritime Empires

2 Land Empires Control of huge lands & people
Requires large military investment Vulnerable to land & sea routes Requires massive infrastructure investment Superior technology used to suppress natives Expanded contact with imperial subjects Dependence on native collaborators

3 Maritime Empires Control of trade via limited ports
Production & shipment of commodities Colonization of limited territory Limited military confrontations & investments Exploitation of improved maritime technology Expanded exploration & control of distance areas Dependence on native collaborators

4 Comparing Empires Most maintained Absolutist rule (exception England and the Netherlands) All maintained and extended territories through gunpowder weaponry All dominated trade routes and gained revenue through protectionism Most were dominated by religion and were conflicted by religious pluralism Sugar, Spice and slave trade were fundamental to their economy. All will establish a policy of infrastructure building and religious zeal. All will contend with management of a multiethnic empire

5 Comparing Empires 1450-1750 Maritime were predomiantly Christian
Some were privately invested Maritime empires were exploitative and competitive “gunpowder” empires were ruled through Islamic forces Overland Empires lost monopoly of Indian Ocean trade after Battle of Lepanto Interaction with the “West” was generally through ports established by European interests (Calicut, Goa, Aden) By 17th century many Islamic Empires became fundamentally more conservative and increasingly more insular contributing to their declining commercial role.

6 Examples Can you name examples of each type of empire?
Why is maritime technology and empire building more influential than land-based empire building? What were some components of success of both? Failure of both?

7 Today’s Activity Directions:
Read about the Coffeehouse and the Evolution of its Story. How would you describe coffeehouses and their role in society?  Why were they feared by governments, but celebrated by individuals?  What elements do you recognize in 17th century Middle Eastern coffeehouses from European history and our contemporary society?

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